Table of contents for Handbook of energy efficiency and renewable energy / edited by Frank Kreith and D. Yogi Goswami.

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1. Global Energy Systems
	D. Yogi Goswami
	Frank Kreith 
2. Energy Policy		
2.1 State and Federal Policies for Conservation and Renewable Energy			Christopher Namovicz		
2.2 International Policies for Conservation and Renewable Energy	
		Michael Durstewitz 		
		Gershon Grossman
		2.2.1 Europe			
		2.2.2 Germany			
		2.2.3 India				
		2.2.4 Israel				
		2.2.5 China				
		2.2.6 Japan				 
	2.3 Policies for Distributed Generation 		
		Jeff Bell 				
3. Economic Methods
	Walter Short 				
4. Social and Environmental Externality Costs 		
	Ari Rabl					
5. Distributed Generation and Demand Side Management	
	5.1 Distributed Generation Technologies through year 2025
		Aníbal T. De Almeida 		
	5.2 Integration of Distributed Generation into Grid 
		Aníbal T. De Almeida	 	
	5.3 Demand Side Management	
		Clark W. Gellings 
		Kelly E. Parmenter 
6. Future Generation Technologies			
	6.1 Fossil Fuel Generation Technologies through Year 2025 		
Tony Armor							
6.2 Nuclear Power Technologies through year 2025	
		Ken Kok 				
		Edwin A Harvego
7. Energy Supply, Demand, and Price Projections Through 2025 	 
	Andy S. Kydes 				
8. Transportation Systems		 	
	Beth E. Isler 
9. Risk Analysis and Energy Infrastructure Security
	9.1 Risk Analysis			 
		Bilal Ayyub	
9.2 Energy Infrastructure Security
		Massoud Amin 				
10. Electrical Energy Management in Buildings 		
	Craig B. Smith				
	Kelly E. Parmenter 
11. HVAC System Design & Control				
	David Claridge 		 
12. Energy Efficient Technologies
	Frank Kreith				
	12.1 Electric Motor Systems Efficiency			
		Aníbal T. De Almeida
		Steve E. Greenberg		
	12.2 Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies 							Barbara Atkinson 			
	12.3 Major Appliances and Space Conditioning Equipment
		James E. McMahon 	 	
	12.4 Heat Pumps					
		Katherine Johnson
13. Recuperators and Regenerators		 
	Ramesh K. Shah 		
14. Energy Management in Industry			
	Barney Capehart
15. Process Energy Efficiency: Pinch Technology	
	Ed Fouche 					
	Kelly E. Parmenter
16. Energy Audits for Buildings				
	Moncef Krarti
17. Cogeneration						
	W. Dan Turner
18. Energy Storage, Transmission and Distribution 	
	18.1 Energy Storage 				
		Roel Hammerschlag 	
	18.2 Advanced Concepts in Transmission and Distribution
		Robert Pratt		
19. Resource Availability
	19.1 Solar Radiation			
		David Renne 				
	19.2 Wind Energy			 		
		Dale Berg					
	19.3 Municipal Solid Waste	 	
		Marjorie A. Franklin 		
	19.4 Biomass				
		Robert C. Brown 				
20. Solar Thermal Energy Conversion		
	20.1 Active Solar Collectors 		
		Agami Reddy
		Hans Schweiger 
	20.2 Passive Solar Heating, Cooling & Daylighting		
		Jeffrey H. Morehouse 		
	20.3 Solar Cooling 
		Sanjay Vijayaraghavan
		D. Yogi Goswami
21. Solar Thermal Power 
		Manuel Romero-Alvarez 
22. Wind Energy Conversion		 		
Dale Berg	
23. Photovoltaics 
23.1 Photovoltaics Fundamentals, Technology and Applications		 
		Roger Messenger 		
	23.2 Thin Film PV Technology		
		Ayodhya N. Tiwari
	23.3 Concentrating PV technology
		Robert McConnell 
24. Waste-to-Energy Combustion 		
	Charles O. Velzy
25. Biomass Energy Conversion			
	25.1 Anaerobic Digestion
		Massoud Kayhanian
		G. Tchobanoglous			 
	25.2 Power Generation
		Robert C. Brown 		
	25.3 Bio-Fuels				
		Robert C. Brown 
26. Geothermal Energy 				
Kevin Kitz 	 
27. Hydrogen Technologies	
	S.A. Sherif 			
28. Fuel Cells		
	Xianguo Li		 

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