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Foreword ¿ Piotr Grodzinski, 
Section I. Nanotechnology and Cancer
Chapter 1. Introduction and Rationale for Nanotechnology in Cancer Therapy. F. Robertson and M. Ferrari. 
Chapter 2. Passive Targeting of Solid Tumors: Pathophysiological Principles and Physicochemical Aspects of Delivery Systems. S.M. Moghimi. 
Chapter 3. Active Targeting Strategies in Cancer with a Focus on Potential Nanotechnology Applications 
Chapter 4. Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Nanocarrier-Mediated Drug and Gene Delivery. Y. Higuchi, S. Kawakami, and M. Hashida 
Chapter 5. Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy. T.J. Harris, G. von Maltzahn, S.N. Bhatia 
Chapter 6. Neutron Capture Therapy of Cancer: Nanoparticles and High Molecular Weight Boron Delivery Agents. G. Wu, R.F. Barth, W. Yang, R. Lee, W. Tjarks, M.V. Backer, and J.M. Backer. 
Chapter 7. Preclinical Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles Intended for Cancer Therapeutics. A. Patri, M. Dobrovolskaia, S. Stern, and S. McNeil. 
Chapter 8. Nanotechnology: Regulatory Perspective for Drug Development in Cancer Therapeutics. N. Sadrieh and T.J. Miller 
Section II. Polymer Conjugates
Chapter 9. Polymeric Conjugates for Angiogenesis Targeted Tumor Imaging and Therapy. A. Mitra, A. Nan, B.R. Line, and H. Ghandehari. 
Chapter 10. Poly(L-glutamic acid): Efficient Carrier of Cancer Therapeutics and Diagnostics. G. Zhang, E. Jackson, S. Wallace, and C. Li. 
Chapter 11. Non-Invasive Visualization of In Vivo Drug Delivery of Paramagnetic Polymer Conjugates with MRI . Z.-R. Lu, Y. Wang, F. Ye, A. Vaidya and E.-K. Jeong 
Section III. Polymeric Nanoparticles
Chapter 12. Polymeric Nanoparticles for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery. T. Betancourt, A. Doiron, and L. Brannon-Peppas. 
Chapter 13. Long-circulating Polymeric Nanocarriers for Drug and Gene Delivery to Tumors. S. Kommareddy, D.B. Shenoy, and M.M. Amiji 
Chapter 14. Biodegradable PLGA/PLA Nanoparticles for Anticancer Therapy. S. K. Sahoo and V. Labhasetwar. 
Chapter 15. Poly(alkyl cyanoacrylate) Nanoparticles for Delivery of Anticancer Drugs. R.S.R. Murthy and L. Harivardan Reddy. 
Chapter 16. Aptamers and Cancer Nanotechnology. O.C. Farokhzad, S. Jon, and R. Langer. 
Section IV. Polymeric Micelles
Chapter 17. Polymeric Micelles for Formulation of Anticancer Drugs. H. Lee, P.-L. Soo, J. Liu, M. Butler, and C. Allen 
Chapter 18. PEO-Modified Poly(L-amino acid) Micelles for Drug Delivery. A. Lavasanifar, X.-B. Xiong, H.M. Aliabadi
Chapter 19. Hydrotropic Polymer Micellar for Cancer Therapeutics. S. C. Lee, K. M. Huh, T. Ooya, and K. Park 
Chapter 20. Tumor-targeted delivery of sparingly-soluble anticancer drugs with polymeric lipid-core immunomicelles. V.P. Torchilin. 
Chapter 21. Combined Cancer Therapy by Micellar-Encapsulated Drug and Ultrasound. N. Rapoport 
Chapter 22. Polymeric Micelles for Targeting Tumor pH. E.S. Lee and Y.H. Bae.
Chapter 23. cRGD-Encoded, MRI-Visible Polymeric Micelles for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery. J. Gao, N. Nasongkla, and C. Khemtong
Chapter 24. Targeted Antisense Oligonucleotide Micellar Delivery Systems. J.H. Jeong, S.H. Kim, T.G. Park 
Section V. Dendritic Nanocarriers
Chapter 25. Dendrimers in Drug and Gene Delivery. T. Kim and J.-S. Park 
Chapter 26. Dendritic Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy. A.V. Ambade, E. N. Savariar, and S. Thayumanavan 
Chapter 27. PEGylated Dendritic Nanoparticulate Carriers of Anticancer Drug. D. Bhadra, S. Bhadra, and N.K. Jain 
Chapter 28. Dendrimer Nanocomposites for Cancer Therapy. L.P. Balogh and M.K. Khan. 
Section VI. Liposomes
Chapter 29. Applications of Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems to Cancer Therapy. A. Gabizon 
Chapter 30. Positively-Charged Liposomes for Targeting Tumor Vasculature 
Chapter 31. Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP)-Modified Liposomal Nanocarriers for Intracellular Drug and Gene Delivery. V.P. Torchilin. 
Chapter 32. RGD-Modified Liposomes for Tumor Targeting. S.P. Vyas 
Chapter 33. Folate Receptor-Targeted Liposomes for Cancer Therapy. X.B. Zhao, N. Muthusamy, J.C. Byrd, R.J. Lee. 
Chapter 34. Nanoscale Drug Delivery Vehicles for Solid Tumors: A New Paradigm for Localized Drug Delivery Using Temperature Sensitive Liposomes. D. Needham and A. Ponce. 
Section VII. Other Lipid Nanostructures
Chapter 35. Nanoemulsions for Tumor Targeted Delivery. S. Tiwari and M. Amiji 
Chapter 36. Solid-Lipid Nanoparticles for Antitumor Drug Delivery. H. L. Wong, Y. Li, R. Bendayan, M. A. Rauth, and X. Y. Wu* 
Chapter 37. Lipoprotein Nanoparticles as Delivery Vehicles for Anti-cancer Therapy. A.G. Lacko, M. Nair, and W.J. McConathy 
Chapter 38. DQAsomes as Mitochondria-Targeted Nano-Carriers for Anticancer Drugs. S.-M. Cheng, S.V. Boddapati, G.G.M. D¿Souza and V. Weissig 

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