Table of contents for Career wisdom for college students : insights you won't get in class, on the Internet, or from your parents / Peter Vogt ; foreword by Doug Hardy.

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Foreword by Doug Hardy
Part I - Take a Look Around-a Real Look Around!
Introduction-Discover What's Really Out There
Look Inside
First Know Thyself-Now, Not Later
This Is a Test; This Is Only a Test
What Are You Good At? Ask Someone Else!
Career Choice Goes Beyond What You're Good at
Abilities and Skills ? Interests and Passions
It's Your Values That You Have to Live With
Don't Know What You Want? Then Start with the Opposite!
Look Outside
Career Information Is Just a Page or Two Away
Talk to People-That's "People," Not "Person"
You Don't Need to Talk to People in Person
Lurk and Learn: Internet Listservs Open Your Eyes to New Possibilities
Use Professional Associations to Explore Careers
The Hidden Treasures in Career Center Placement Statistics
Your School's Alums Will Probably Help You-but Only If You Ask!
Look with Patience and an Open Mind
Speed Kills-This Won't Be Fast
You Can Make a Career out of Almost Anything
The Healthiest Attitude: "I'm Not Lost; I'm Exploring!"
Treat Career Exploration Like a Trip to the Toy Store-Look Around! Browse!
When One Career Door Closes, Look for Others That Have Opened (or Could)
Part II - Be Careful of What You (Think You) "Know"!
Introduction-Think About How You Think
Confront Your Internal Beliefs
Think "What Will I Do First?" Instead of "What Will I Do with My Life?"
Question Your Sources as You Explore Career Options
Don't Let Old Assumptions Keep You from Newfound Happiness
Beware of Either/Or Thinking
Career Decision-Making Traps to Avoid
Confront Your External Influences
Geography Matters in Your Career Decision Making
Labor Market Forecasts-Handle with Care
Money, Status, and Power Aren't the Only Forms of Pay
It's Hard to Make Career Decisions When You're Dealing with Other Serious Issues
Confront Your Conclusions
You're Not the Only One Who's Struggling to Decide
Eliminate an Option Only If You've Thoroughly Investigated It
Part III - Build Your Skills and Experience Through Hands-on Activities
Introduction-Experience Leads to Skills; Skills Lead to Jobs
Focus on Action
At Some Point, Ya Gotta Stop Planning and Start Doing
Experience Isn't Optional; It's Essential
Internship Is Just One Name for Valuable Experience
Internships and Co-ops Give You a Competitive Advantage
You Can Get Paid for an Unpaid Internship
Starting at the Bottom Isn't a Sadistic Hazing Ritual
Focus on Skills
Develop the "Soft" Skills Employers Demand
Your "Moneymaker" Jobs Matter More Than You Think
Campus Activities Build Essential Skills That You May Overlook
Your Classroom Experiences Matter to Employers
Volunteer for Your Career
Identify the Skills You've Gained from Hobbies and Avocations
	Don't Take Your Technology Skills for Granted
Part IV - Land the Job You Really Want
Introduction-Think Like an Employer, Win the Job
Perfect Your Attitude
Entitlement Kills
"Give Me a Chance" Will Give You No Chance
Yes, You Do Have Contacts to Network with!
It's Not What You Know or Who You Know-It's Both
This Test Is Graded on a Curve
Focus Is Critical to Job Search Success
Perfect Your Approach
It's Never Too Early to Start Your Job Search
When in Doubt, Apply!
You Can Beat the Low-GPA Blues
Customized, Carefully Crafted Documents Win Interviews-and Jobs
Use Numbers to Give Context to Your Accomplishments
On-Campus Recruiters Aren't the Only Ones with Job Openings
Get Involved in a Professional Organization to Make Yourself Known
Why Is Networking So Effective? The Reasons Have Little to Do with You
Introverts Can Network Too
Perfect Your Presentation
Presentation Is Everything-Make Sure You Look Good, on Paper and in Person
Examples Beat Mere Words in Your Job Search
Portfolios: Portable Proof of Your Claims
	Practice Makes Perfect Where Interviewing Is Concerned
"Out-research" Your Competitors, Win the Job
Interviewing Is a Two-Way Street
The Power of a Simple Thank-You Note
All Sorts of Factors Impact Your Job Search Success (or Lack Thereof)
Epilogue-There's No Need to Go It Alone: Ten Reasons to Visit Your Campus Career Center
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