Table of contents for The foundations of remembering : essays in honor of Henry L. Roediger III / edited by James S. Nairne.

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Chapter 1	Roddy Roediger's Memory
	James S. Nairne
Chapter 2	Retrieval as a Self-Limiting Process: Part II
	Robert A. Bjork, Elizabeth L. Bjork, and Bethany J. Caughey
Chapter 3 	Are There 256 Different Kinds of Memory?
	Endel Tulving
Chapter 4	Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Mirror Effects: The Role of General Principles in 
Memory Research
	Robert L. Greene
Chapter 5	Signal-Detection Theory and the Neuroscience of Recognition Memory
	John T. Wixted
Chapter 6	Is Expanded Retrieval Practice a Superior Form of Spaced Retrieval? A 
Critical Review of the Extant Literature
	David A. Balota, Janet M. Duchek, and Jessica M. Logan
Chapter 7	A Brief History of Memory and Aging
	Aimee M. Surprenant, Tamra J. Bireta, and Lisa A. Farley
Chapter 8	Making Distinctiveness Models of Memory Distinct
	Ian Neath and Gordon D. A. Brown
Chapter 9	Unscrambling the Effects of Emotion and Distinctiveness on Memory
	Stephen R. Schmidt
Chapter 10	The Effects of Attention and Emotion on Memory for Context
	Fergus I. M. Craik and Nicholas B. Turk-Browne
Chapter 11	Putting Context in Context
	Krystal A. Klein, Richard M. Shiffrin, and Amy H. Criss
Chapter 12	The Effects of Familiarity on Reconstructing the Order of Information in 
Semantic and Episodic Memory
	Alice F. Healy, Thomas F. Cunningham, Kathleen M. Shea, and James A. Kole
Chapter 13	Attentional Requirements of Perceptual Implicit Memory
	Suparna Rajaram
Chapter 14	Spontaneous Retrieval in Perspective Memory
	Mark A. McDaniel and Gilles O. Einstein
Chapter 15	Individual Differences in Working Memory Capacity and Retrieval: A Cue-
Dependent Search Approach
	Nash Unsworth and Randall W. Engle
Chapter 16	Competition and Inhibition in Word Retrieval: Implications for Language 
and Memory Tasks
	Randi C. Martin and Kelly Biegler
Chapter 17	The Structure of Semantic and Phonological Networks and the Structure of a 
Social Network in Dreams
	Richard Schweickert
Chapter 18	Inducing False Memories Through Associated Lists: A Window Onto 
Everyday False Memories?
	Kathleen B. McDermott
Chapter 19	Semantic Relatedness of Effects on True and False Memories in Episodic 
Recognition: A Methodological and Empirical Review
	James H. Neely and Chi-Shing Tse
Chapter 20	The Cognitive Neuroscience of Implicit and False Memories: Perspectives on 
Processing Specificity
	Daniel L. Schacter, David A. Gallo, and Elizabeth A. Kensinger
Chapter 21	Toward Analyzing Cognitive Illusions: Past, Present and Future
	Matthew G. Rhodes and Larry J. Jacoby
Chapter 22 	Learning From Fictional Sources
	Elizabeth J. Marsh and Lisa K. Fazio
Chapter 23 	Memory Distortion: From Misinformation to Rich False Memory
	Elizabeth F. Loftus and Larry Cahill

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