Table of contents for Sustainability or collapse : an integrated history and future of people on earth / edited by R. Costanza, L.J. Graumlich, and W. Steffen ; Program Advisory Committee, R. Costanza ... [et al.].

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 Dahlem Workshops ix 
 List of Participants xiii 
 Foreword Hans Joachim Schellnhuber xvii 
 Section I Introduction 
 1 Sustainability or Collapse: Lessons from Integrating the History of 
 Humans and the Rest of Nature Robert Costanza, Lisa Graumlich, and Will 
 Steffen 3 
 2 Human¿Environment Interactions: Learning from the Past John A. Dearing 
 3 Assessing and Communicating Data Quality: Toward a System of Data 
 Quality Grading Robert Costanza 39 
 Section II The Millennial Timescale: Up to 10,000 Years Ago 
 4 The Rise and Fall of the Ancient Maya: A Case Study in Political Ecology 
 Vernon L. Scarborough 51 
 5 Climate, Complexity, and Problem Solving in the Roman Empire Joseph A. 
 Tainter and Carole L. Crumley 61 
 6 Integration of Climatic, Archaeological, and Historical Data: A Case 
 Study of the Khabur River Basin, Northeastern Syria Frank Hole 77 
 7 The Trajectory of Human Evolution in Australia: 10,000 B.P. to the 
 Present Timothy F. Flannery 89 
 8 Toward a Comparative Study of Hegemonic Deline in Global Systems: The 
 Complexity of Crisis and the Paradoxes of Differentiated Experience 
 Jonathan Friedman 95 
9 Group Report: Millennial Perspectives on the Dynamic Interaction of Climate, 
People, and Resources 115 
Charles L. Redman, Rapporteur
Carole L. Crumley, Fekri A. Hassan, Frank Hole, João Morais,
Frank Riedel, Vernon L. Scarborough, Joseph A. Tainter, Peter Turchin,
and Yoshinori Yasuda
Section III The Centennial Timescale: Up to 1000 Years Ago 
10 Revolutionary Weather: The Climatic and Economic Crisis of 1788¿1795 and the 
Discovery of El Niño 151 
Richard H. Grove 
11 The Lie of History: Nation-States and the Contradictions of Complex Societies 
Fekri A. Hassan 
12 Little Ice Age-type Impacts and the Mitigation of Social Vulnerability to 
Climate in the Swiss Canton of Bern prior to 1800 197 
Christian Pfister 
13 Information Processing and Its Role in the Rise of the European World System 
Sander E. van der Leeuw 
14 Group Report: Integrating Socioenvironmental Interactions over Centennial 
Timescales ¿ Needs and Issues 243 
John A. Dearing, Rapporteur Lisa J. Graumlich, Richard H. Grove, Arnulf Grübler, 
Helmut Haberl, Frank Hole, Christian Pfister, and Sander E. van der Leeuw 
Section IV The Decadal Timescale: Up to 100 Years Ago 
15 A Decadal Chronology of 20th-Century Changes in Earth¿s Natural Systems 277 
Nathan J. Mantua 
16 Social, Economic, and Political Forces in Environmental Change: Decadal Scale 
(1900 to 2000) 301 
John R. McNeill 
17 Integrated Human¿Environment Approaches of Land Degradation in Drylands 331 
Eric F. Lambin, Helmut Geist, James F. Reynolds, and 
D. Mark Stafford Smith 
18 Group Report: Decadal-scale Interactions of Humans and the Environment 
 Kathy A. Hibbard, Rapporteur Paul J. Crutzen, Eric F. Lambin, Diana M. 
 Liverman, Nathan J. Mantua, John R. McNeill, Bruno Messerli, and Will 
 Steffen 341 
 Section V: The Future 
 19 Scenarios: Guidance for an Uncertain and Complex World? Bert J. M. de 
 Vries 379 
 20 Evaluating Past Forecasts: Reflections on One Critique of The Limits to 
 Growth Dennis L. Meadows 399 
 21 Integrated Global Models Robert Costanza, Rik Leemans, Roelof M. J. 
 Boumans, and Erica Gaddis 417 
 22 Group Report: Future Scenarios of Human¿Environment Systems Marianne N. 
 Young and Rik Leemans, Rapporteurs Roelof M. J. Boumans, Robert Costanza, 
 Bert J. M. de Vries, John Finnigan, Uno Svedin, and Michael D. Young 447 
 List of Acronyms 471 
 Author Index 475 
 Name Index 477 
 Subject Index 485 

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