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	Table of Contents
List of Lists, Tests, Forms and Charts
Chapter 1: The Doctoral Facts of Life - The Beginning
	The Odds of Success!
	Winning the Game - Beating the Odds!
 	What a Dissertation Is
	The Dissertation Myths - "Once Upon a Time..."
 	 What a Dissertation Is Not
 	Determining Your Dissertation Personality Quotient
 	You Can Do It 
 	Understanding the Rite of Passage
 	Unlocking the Doctoral Gates
 	Setting the Date for Your Oral Defense and Graduation
 	The Fifty-Day or Twenty-five-Weekend, Two-Semester Dissertation Schedule
Chapter 2: Researching Your Committee - The Really Critical Research Project
 	Your Choice/Their Choice
 	The Role of the Dissertation Advisor
 	The Role of Dissertation Committee Members
 	The Non-Roles of the Advisor and Committee - Adjusting the Fantasy to the Reality
 	 The Good Advisor/Committee Test and Scoring Key
	 Researching the Pool of Advisors and Committee Members
 	 Selecting Your Advisor and Committee
 	 Care Instructions for Advisors and Committee Members
Chapter 3: Selecting a Dissertation Topic
 	The "Right Topic" Selection Criteria - Forget Interesting, Go for Tolerably Non-Boring
	To Experiment or Not to Experiment?
 	"Recommendations for Further Study" - A Gold Mine of Topics
 	Using Your Current Career to Facilitate Your Dissertation
 	Advancing Your Career Potential Quotient by Selecting the Right Topic
 	Selecting a Topic that Someone Else Wants Researched - Free Resources
Chapter 4: Spending Money and Using the 21st Century to Your Advantage
 	Dissertation Costs or the Longer it Takes the More it Costs
 	Word Processing, Form, and "Connie Comma"
 	You Are a Researcher - Use the Phone, Hop a Plane
 	The Statistical Guru - a First Stop
 	To Quit, to Take a Leave, to Take a Sabbatical, to Work?
 	Paid and Free Per Diem Assistants
 	Finding Someone to Pay You to Do Your Dissertation
 	The Editor
	 Remedial Action - When Your Advisor Moves or You Have to Move
 	 The Paid or Reliable Volunteer "Nudge"
Chapter 5: Designing Your Dissertation and Preparing the Prospectus and Proposal
 	 Designing the Dissertation
 	Are They Related or Are They Different, What is the Question? 
 	What Are You Not Going to Ask - Limiting the Study
	The General Design of the Study
	The What and How of Data Collection
 	 Determining How You Will Get the Answers
 	Getting the Answers - Decisions about Collecting Data
 	Analyzing Your Data - The Oversimplified Statistical Decision Guidelines
 	Determining How Your Conclusions Will Be Drawn
 Why Do It - Building the Rationale
 	Preparing the Initial Proposal Prospectus 
 	The Proposal Format
 	Planning the Advisor/Advisee Proposal Interaction
Chapter 6: Writing the Dissertation - Twenty Workdays to Go!
 	 Getting Organized for the Final Push
 	 Planning the Final Attack - You Can Do More Than One Thing at A Time
 	Twenty Days to Done!
	Touching Base with the University, Your Advisor, Your Committee
 	Getting Step-by-Step Advisor and Committee Approval - Surprises Are for Birthdays
Chapter 7: Defending The Dissertation - Two Hours To Doctor!
	Variations on the Theme	
	The Successful Defense
 	Predicting the Questions to be asked in the Defense
 	Preparing the Answers for Your Defense
 	A Last Look at the Competition
 	The Final Preparation
 	The Defense - Listen, Respond, Shut-Up
Chapter 8: Celebrating, the Last Revision, Post-Partum Depression
 	 Celebrating the Blessed Event
 	The Last Revision
 	Post-Partum Depression 
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