Table of contents for A lean guide to transforming healthcare : how to implement lean principles in hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and other healthcare organizations / Tom Zidel.

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List of Illustrations		xi
Preface		xiii
Acknowledgements		xviii
Introduction		xix
Chapter 1 Lean Principles		
A History of Lean and the Toyota Production System		
Categorizing Operations		
Working vs. Adding Value		
Becoming Lean	
Prerequisite to Launching the Lean Initiative		
Chapter 2 Time for Action		
The need for change	
Preparing for the Lean transformation	
Project selection		
The Decision to Hire a Consultant		
The Transformation Process	
Chapter 3 A Lean Road Map	
Know your destination		
Strategy Deployment		
The Value Stream		
Develop a work plan		
Create flow		
	Standard work		
	Unobstructed throughput	
Proceed with caution	
Lean organizational roles	
Chapter 4 Value Stream Mapping		
Value Stream Mapping Defined		
	Takt Time		
	Cycle Time	
	Changeover Time			
VSM Symbols			
Drawing a Map of the Current State		
Drawing the Future State Map		
The Value Stream Work Plan			
Chapter 5 Standard Work	
Definitions				Work Sequence	
	SWIP				Curtain	
Step 1. Evaluating the current situation		
	Standard Work Sheet	
	Time Observation Sheet				Combination Sheet				Percent Load Chart			Step 2. Identifying areas of opportunity		
Step 3. Modifying the existing process	
	Five Whys	
Step 4. Substantiating & Enumerating Improvements	
Step 5. Standardizing		Conclusion	
Chapter 6 5S	
The First S - Seiri - Organize - Sort			
	Red Tag Strategy			
The Second S - Seiton - Orderliness - Straighten		
	Visual Controls			
The Third S - Seiso - Cleanliness - Scrub	
The Fourth S - Seiketsu - Standardize - Stabilize		
The Fifth S - Shitsuki - Discipline - Sustain	
Keys to Success with 5S	
Chapter 7 Mistake Proofing			 
Define the Mistake or Defect	
Red Flags			Root Cause Analysis	
	Cause & Effect Diagram		
Generating Ideas			Affinity Diagram			Prioritization Matrix			Developing the Device or Method			Mistake Proofing Worksheet	
Chapter 8 Quick Changeover	
What is Changeover Time			Process for Changeover Analysis			Preparation Time			Loading and Unloading Time			Alignment and Adjustment Time			Securing time			Conclusion	
Chapter 9 Six Sigma	
Six Sigma Rationale	
Six Sigma Statistical Definition	
Six Sigma the Methodology	
Chapter 10 Conducting a Lean Event	
Event Planning				Scope				Dates				Event Objectives				Selecting a Team Leader				Organizing the Team			
Process Information			Current Situation and Problems			Kicking-off the Lean Event			Conducting the Event			The Final Presentation		
Chapter 11 IV Admixtire Lean Event
Yale New Haven Hospital	
Pharmacy Department - IV Admixture Lean Event	
The Team	
The Problem Statement	
Evaluate the Current Situation		
	Calculating Takt Time		
Identify Areas of Opportunity		
Modify the Existing Process		
Substantiate and Enumerate Improvements	
Implement Standard Work		
Chapter 12 Becoming Lean	
Service and Product Groups		
A Lean Mentality			A Never Ending Journey				Impetus to Engage 			
Glossary of Terms			
Appendix: Outpatient Blood Draw Example for 
Value Stream Mapping

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Efficiency, Organizational.
Health Care Reform -- methods.