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Energy Alternatives: Opposing Viewpoints
Why Consider Opposing Viewpoints?
<head n="1">Chapter 1: Are Alternative Energy Sources Necessary?
Chapter Preface
1. The World Is Running Out of Oil
Matthew Simmons, interviewed by Amanda Griscom Little
2. The World Is Not Running Out of Oil
Daniel Yergin
3. A Transition to Renewable Energy Sources Is Necessary
David Goodstein
4. A Transition to Renewable Energy Sources Is Not Feasible
Paul Roberts
5. Alternative Energy Sources Are Necessary to Reduce U.S. Dependence on Foreign Oil
Institute for the Analysis of Global Security
6. Replacing Foreign Oil Imports with Alternatives Would Be
Justin Fox
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<head n="1">Chapter 2: Is Nuclear Power a Viable Energy Alternative?
Chapter Preface
1. Nuclear Power Is the Energy of the Future
John Ritch
2. Nuclear Power Is Not the Energy of the Future
Helen Caldicott
3. Nuclear Power Is a Safe Alternative to Fossil Fuels
Patrick Moore
4. Nuclear Power Is Not a Safe Alternative to Fossil Fuels
Harvey Blatt
5. Nuclear Waste Can Be Handled Safely
Matthew L. Wald
6. Nuclear Waste Cannot Be Handled Safely
Mary Olson
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<head n="1">Chapter 3: What Renewable Energy Sources Should Be 
Chapter Preface
1. Solar Power Can Help Fuel the Future
Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association
2. Solar Power Is an Impractical Energy Source
Michael Fox
3. Wind Power Should Be Pursued
Jim Motavalli
4. The Drawbacks of Wind Power Far Outweigh the Benefits
Eric Rosenbloom
5. Biomass Is a Proven Renewable Energy Resource
U.S. Department of Energy
6. Geothermal Energy Is a Promising Alternative Energy Source
National Geothermal Collaborative
7. Developing a Variety of Renewables Can Best Solve the Energy
National Economic Council
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<head n="1">Chapter 4: Should Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Be
Chapter Preface
1. Hydrogen Can Replace Petroleum-Based Automotive Fuels
Tom Nicholls
2. Hydrogen Is Impractical as an Automotive Fuel
David Keith and Alexander G. Farrell
3. Alternatives to Fossil Fuels Are the Long-Term Energy Solution
David Friedman
4. Biofuels Are Clean and Affordable Alternatives
Vivaj V. Vaitheeswaran
5. Plasma Technology Can Improve Fuel Efficiency
Kevin Roark
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