Table of contents for Everything bird : what kids really want to know about birds / by Cherie Winner.

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What Makes a Bird a Bird?		
Why do ostriches and penguins have wings if they don't fly?		
How do birds fly?		
If birds don't have teeth, how do they chew their food?		
Are really big beaks heavy, like the toucan's?	
How many kinds of birds are there?		
Why do birds go extinct? Can't they just fly away from their problems?		
Were birds around in the time of dinosaurs?		
Are flamingoes the only birds that have backward knees?		
Can an owl really turn its head all the way around?		
What do birds eat?		
Why are vultures so ugly?		
How do birds know to fly south in fall?		 
How far do birds migrate? How long does it take them?		
Are birds smart?		
How many different sounds can one bird make?		
Why are cardinals red?		
Do all birds make nests?		
How many chicks do mother and father birds have every year?
How can cowbirds raise so many babies?
Most birds take good care of their babies, don't they?	
What is an owl pellet?
Do woodpeckers ever get a headache from hammering on wood?		
Why is bird poop so runny?		
How many feathers does a bird have?		
Why do birds pick at their feathers?		
Where can I see the most different kinds of birds?
How do I bring more birds to my own yard?		
Do birds make good pets?
What's the coolest thing birds do?	
Weird Bird Names

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