Table of contents for Gut-eating bugs : maggots reveal the time of death! / by Danielle Denega.

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Forensic 411							7
Take this quiz to test your knowledge about forensic entomology.
The Big Six: Frequently Used Terms					8
Stop! Before you buzz on to the rest of this book, learn the definition of entomologist. And 
learn how to speak like one!
Flying High									10
Each insect has its own life cycle. Check out the life cycle of the common blowfly, the 
most popular bug on the body.
Using Bugs to Solve a Mystery						12
Find out how entomologists study bugs and figure out when a person died.
Who's Who on the Forensic Team						14
Forensic entomologists work as part of a team to help determine how and when victims 
CASE #1: The Case of the Sunken Car					15
A woman disappears. Her body is found in a car at the bottom of a river. Can aquatic 
bugs tell investigators how long she has been there?
CASE #2: The Case of the Cabin Massacre				27
The bodies of an entire family are found in a cabin in the woods. How can insects help 
determine who killed them?
CASE #3: The Case of the Hikers in the Grand Canyon			35
Two hikers are found dead in the Grand Canyon. Will insects be able to tell the story of 
what happened to them?
Rewind									42
Each of these cases is very different. But, each forensic entomologist's investigation 
followed similar scientific processes.
Forensic Field Guide								43
Okay, you're almost an expert now. But, how will you do on this quiz?
Forensic Flashback								44
How did people figure out that bugs could be used to help solve mysteries?
Ripped from the Headlines							46
Read all about it! Forensic entomology is in the news!
Bugging Out									48
Flies. Maggots. Beetles. Get up close and personal with the different types of bugs that 
are found on dead bodies.
In the Forensics Lab								50
Forensic entomologists work with some crazy gadgets-and some simple things, too.
Help Wanted: Forensic Entomologist					52	
Is forensic entomology something you could do or would it bug you out? Get more 
information about getting into this field.
Resources									56
Dictionary									59
Index										62
Author's Note								64
Bugging Out
These icons mark the steps of a forensic entomologist's investigation. 
[state the question icon]: Identify the question that needs to be answered.
[gathering and analyzing information icon]: Gather and analyze information to help 
answer the question.
[make conclusions icon]: Make conclusions based on the information and evidence.
And look for these, too!
[go to icon]: Send you to other pages to find out more information.
[word clue icon]: Help you understand a difficult word.
[forensic fact icon]: Provide more information. 

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