Table of contents for The world system and the Earth system : global socio-environmental change and sustainability since the Neolithic / edited by Alf Hornborg and Carole Crumley.

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Alf Hornborg 
Introduction: Conceptualizing Socio-Ecological Systems
Part I. Modeling Socio-Ecological Systems: General Perspectives
1. Carole L. Crumley 
Historical Ecology: Integrated Thinking at Multiple Temporal and Spatial Scales
2. Frank Oldfield 
Towards Developing Synergistic Linkages between the Biophysical and the Cultural: A Palaeo-Environmental Perspective
3. John A. Dearing 
Integration of World and Earth Systems: Heritage and Foresight
4. Thomas Abel 
World-Systems as Complex Human Ecosystems
5. Thomas D. Hall DePauw & Peter Turchin 
Lessons from Population Ecology for World-Systems Analyses of Long-Distance Synchrony
6. Jonathan Friedman 
Sustainable Unsustainability: Toward a Comparative Study of Hegemonic Decline in Global Systems
Part II. Case Studies of Socio-Environmental Change in Prehistory
7. Bj¿rn E. Berglund 
Agrarian Landscape Development in North-western Europe since the Neolithic:
Cultural and Climatic Factors Behind a Regional/Continental Pattern
8. Karin Holmgren & Helena ¿berg 
Climate Change in Southern and Eastern Africa during the Past Millennium and its Implications for Societal Development
9. Chris Chase-Dunn, Thomas D. Hall & Peter Turchin 
World-Systems in the Biogeosphere: Urbanization, State Formation, and Climate Change since the Iron Age
10. Kristian Kristiansen 
Eurasian Transformations: Mobility, Ecological Change, and the Transmission of Social Institutions in the Third and Second Millennium BC
11. William R. Thompson 
Climate, Water, and Political-Economic Crises in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
12. George Modelski 
Ages of Reorganization 
13. Betty J. Meggers 
 Sustainable Intensive Exploitation of Amazonia: Cultural, Environmental, and Geopolitical Perspectives
 14. Alf Hornborg 
 Regional Integration and Ecology in Prehistoric Amazonia: Toward a System Perspective
Part III. Is the World System Sustainable? Attempts toward an Integrated Socio-Ecological Perspective.
15. Emilio F. Moran 
The Human-Environment Nexus: Progress in the Past Decade in the Integrated Analysis of Human and Biophysical Factors
16. Bert J.M. de Vries 
In Search of Sustainability: What Can We Learn from the Past?
17. Susan C. Stonich & Daniel S. Mandell
Political Ecology and Sustainability Science: Opportunity and Challenge
18. Thomas Malm 
No Island is an "Island": Some Perspectives on Human Ecology and Development in Oceania
19. Alfred W. Crosby
Infectious Diseases as Ecological and Historical Phenomena, with Special Reference to the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19
20. Nina Eisenmenger & Stefan Giljum 
Evidence from Societal Metabolism Studies for Ecological Unequal Trade
 21. Andre Gunder Frank 
Entropy Generation and Displacement: The Nineteenth-Century Multi-Lateral Network of World Trade

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