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Foreword by _____________
Preface by Jerry Hicks
PART I: Introduction
 My Path to the Abraham Experience, by Jerry Hicks 3
 A Steady Stream of Religious Groups
 A Ouija Board Spells the Alphabet
 Think and Grow Rich?
 Seth Speaks of Creating Your Reality
 Esther's Fears Were Resolved, by Esther Hicks
 Esther and Jerry Meet Theo
 Sheila "Channels" Theo
 Should I Meditate? 
 Something Began Breathing Esther
 Esther's Nose Spells the Alphabet
 Abraham Begins to Type the Alphabet
 The Typist Becomes the Speaker
 The Delicious Abraham Experiences Evolves
 Jerry Has a Conversation with Abraham
 Abraham Describes Selves as Teachers
 You Have an Inner Being
 We Do Not Want to Alter Your Beliefs
 You are Valuable to All-That-Is
 An Introduction to Being Well-Being
 The Universal Laws: Defined
PART II: The Law of Attraction 
 The Universal Law of Attraction: Defined
 Giving Thought to It Is Inviting It
 My Thoughts Have Magnetic Power
 My Inner Being Communicates Through Emotion
 My Omnipresent Emotional Guidance System?
 What If I Want It to Happen Quicker?
 How Do I Want to See Myself?
 Welcome, Little One, to Planet Earth
 Is My "Reality" Really All That Real?
 How Can I Increase My Magnetic Power?
 Abraham's Creative Workshop Process
 I Am Now in My Creative Workshop
 Are Not All Laws Universal Laws?
 How Do I Best Utilize the Law of Attraction?
 Can I Instantly Reverse My Creative Momentum?
 How Can a Person Overcome a Disappointment?
 What Causes Worldwide Waves of Unwanted Events?
 Can Attention to Medical Procedures Attract More?
 Should I Seek the Cause of My Negative Emotions?
 An Example of Bridging an Unwanted Belief
 Are My Thoughts in My Dreams, Creating?
 Must I Take Their Good and Their Bad?
 Should I "Resist Not, Evil"?
 How Do I Find Out What I Really Want?
 I Wanted Blue and Yellow, but Got Green
 How Does the Victim Attract the Robber?
 Then I Decided to Improve My Life
 What's Behind Our Religious and Racial Prejudices?
 Do "Likes Attract" or Do "Opposites Attract"?
 When What Felt Good Now Feels Bad
 Is Everything Composed of Thought?
 I Want More Joy, Happiness, and Harmony
 Isn't It Selfish to Want More Joy?
 Which Is More Moral, Giving or Receiving?
 What If Everyone Got Everything They Wanted?
 How Can I Assist Those Feeling Pain?
 Is Setting the Joyous Example the Key?
 Can I Think Negative Yet Feel Positive?
 What Are Some Words to Enhance Being Well-Being?
 What Is the Measure of Our Success?
PART III: The Science of Deliberate Creation 
 The Law of Deliberate Creation: Defined
 I Invited It by Giving It Thought
 My Inner Being Is Communicating with Me
 Every Emotion Feels Good or Feels Bad
 I Can Trust My Guidance from Within
 How Am I Getting What I'm Getting?
 I Am the Sole Creator of My Experience
 Magnetically, I Attract Thoughts in Vibrational Harmony
 As We're Thinking and Speaking, We're Creating
 The Delicate Balance Between Wanting and Allowing
 How Does It Feel, Good or Bad?
 An Exercise to Assist in Deliberate Creation
 Thoughts Evoking Great Emotion Manifest Quickly
 A Summary of the Deliberate Creation Process
 Attention to What-Is Only Creates More What-Is
 Appreciation of It Attracts It to Me
 Will Universal Laws Work Without My Belief?
 How Do I Not Get What I Don't Want?
 This Civilized Society Seems Short on Joy
 I Want to Want with More Passion
 Can Past-Life Beliefs Affect My Todays?
 Could I Release Counterproductive Beliefs?
 Can My Negative Expectation Affect Another's Well-Being?
 Can I Undo Past Programming by Others?
 My Point of Power Is Right Now?
 How Did the First Negative Thing Occur?
 Is Imagination Not the Same as Visualization?
 Is Being Patient Not a Positive Virtue?
 I Want to Take a Quantum Leap
 Aren't the Grander Things Harder to Manifest?
 Can I Prove These Principles to Others?
 Why the Need to Justify One's Worthiness?
 How Does Action, or Work, Fit into Abraham's Recipe?
 I Am Prepaving My Future Circumstances
 How the Universe Fulfills Our Diverse Desires
 How Does Physical Life Differ from the Non-Physical?
 What Prevents Every Unwanted Thought from Manifesting?
 Shouldn't I Visualize the Means of Manifestations?
 Am I Too Specific in My Desires?
 Can I Erase Any Disadvantageous Past Thoughts?
 How Could One Reverse a Downward Spiral?
 How about When Two Compete for the Same Trophy?
 If I Can Imagine It, It's Realistic
 Could We Use These Principles for "Evil"?
 Is There More Power in Group Co-creating?
 What If They Don't Want Me to Succeed?
 How Do I Use My Momentum's Flow for Growth?
PART IV: The Art of Allowing 
 Letting the Well-Being In
 The Law of Allowing: Defined
 Shouldn't I Protect Myself from Others' Thoughts?
 We Are Not Vulnerable to the Behaviors of Others
 The Rules of the Game of Life
 Life Experiences, Not Words, Bring Our Knowing
 Rather Than Monitor Thoughts, I'll Feel Feelings
 When I'm Tolerating Others, I'm Not Allowing
 Am I Seeking Solutions, or Observing Problems?
 I Uplift, Through My Example of Well-Being
 The Subtle Difference Between Wanting and Needing
 I Can Create Deliberately, Intentionally, and Joyfully
 How Can I Know Right from Wrong?
 But What about When I Observe Others Committing Wrongs?
 Will Ignoring the Unwanted Allow the Wanted?
 Do We All Want to Allow Joyousness?
 But What about When Others Are Having Negative Experiences?
 I'll Only Look for What I Want
 A Selective Sifter as a Selective Attractor
 Our Past, Present, and Future as One
 Must I Allow the Injustices I Witness?
 My Attention to Unwanted Creates More Unwanted
 Does the Law of Allowing Affect My Health?
 Allowing, from Extreme Poverty to Financial Well-Being
 Allowing; Relationships, and the Art of Selfishness
 Their Disapproval of Me Is Their Lack
 But What about When One is Violating Another's Rights?
 There Is Not a Shortage of Anything
 Is There Value in Losing One's Life?
 I Am the Culmination of Many Lifetimes
 Why Don't I Remember My Past Lives?
 But What about When Sexuality Becomes a Violent Experience?
 What Is My Expectancy Around This Issue?
 I Am Prepaving My Future Right Now
 But What about the Innocent Little Child?
 Shouldn't Others Fulfill Their Agreements with Me?
 I Will Never Get It Wrong . . . or Done
PART V: Segment Intending 
 The Magical Process of Segment Intending
 These Times Are the Best of Times
 The Purpose and Value of Segment Intending
 Your Society Offers Much Stimulation of Thought
 From Confusion to Clarity to Deliberate Creation
 Dividing My Days into Segments of Intention
 I Operate and Create on Many Levels
 Thoughts Thought Today Are Prepaving My Future
 I Can Prepave Life or Live by Default
 As I Am Feeling, I Am Attracting
 What Is It That I Now Want?
 Example of a Day of Segment Intending
 For Segment Intending, Carry a Small Notebook
 Isn't There Some Goal to Be Achieved?
 Can the Goal of Happiness Be Important Enough?
 How Can We Recognize That We're Having Growth?
 What's a Valid Measure of Our Success?
 Can Segment Intending Speed Up Our Manifestations?
 Meditations, Workshops, and the Segment Intending Processes?
 How Can I Consciously Begin Feeling Happy?
 But What about When Those Around Me Are Unhappy?
 Can I Segment Intend Around Unplanned Interruptions?
 Could Segment Intending Expand My Usable Time?
 Why Isn't Everyone Creating Life on Purpose?
 How Important to Our Experience is Wanting?
 Why Do Most Settle for So Little?
 Speak to Us of Prioritizing Our Intentions
 How Detailed Must My Creative Intentions Be?
 Must I Regularly Repeat My Segment Intentions?
 Could This Segment-Intending Process Hinder My Spontaneous Reactions?
 The Delicate Balance Between Belief and Desire
 When Does Segment Intending Lead to Work?
 Which Is the Best Choice of Action?
 How Long Should I Wait for Manifestation?
 Can I Use Segment Intending to Co-create?
 How Can I Convey My Intent More Precisely?
 Can One Have Prosperity Without Working for It?
 When the Job Offers Rained, They Poured!
 Why Are Baby Adoptions Followed by Pregnancies?
 Where Does Competition Fit into the Intentions Picture?
 Would Strengthening My Willpower Be An Advantage?
 Why Do Most Beings Stop Experiencing Growth?
 How to Avoid Influence from Our Beliefs and Habits?
 Is It Ever Okay to State What Isn't Wanted?
 Is There Any Value in Researching Our Negative Thoughts?
 What about When Others Don't Consider My Desires Realistic?
 "Have It All In 60 Days?" How?
 Now You Understand
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