Table of contents for Presidentialism, parliamentarism, and democracy / Jose Antonio Cheibub.

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List of Figures and Tables
 Explaining Presidential Instability
 The Pitfalls of Presidentialism: The Linzian View
 What Kills Presidential Democracies? A Summary
2:Presidential, Parliamentary, and Mixed Democracies
 Democracies and Dictatorships
 Presidential, Parliamentary, and Mixed Democracies
 A Note About Mixed Systems
 Appendix 2.1: Classification of Democratic Forms of Government
 Appendix 2.2: Government Formation and Assembly Dissolution in
 Three Mixed Constitutions -- Weimar (1919), Iceland (1949),
 and France (1958)
3:Are the Incentives for Coalition Formation Different in
 Parliamentary and Presidential Democracies?
 Coalition Formation in Parliamentary and Presidential Democracies
 Appendix 3.1: Government Legislative Support in Parliamentary Democracies
 Appendix 3.2: Coalition Formation under Presidentialism
4:Are Coalitions Rare in Presidential Democracies?
 Observing Coalition Governments
 Coalition Governments in Democratic Regimes
 Does the Failure to Form Government Coalitions Spell Disaster
 for Democracies?
 Strong Presidents and Democratic Performance
 Appendix 4.1: Frequency of Coalition and Majority Governments
 Computed on the Basis of Situations and Country-Years
5:Party Discipline and Form of Government
 Regime Type and Party Discipline
 Centralization of the Decision-Making Process
 Studying Party Discipline across Systems
6:What Makes Presidential Democracies Fragile?
 Income, Growth, Size, and Location
 Military--Presidential Nexus
 Why a Military--Presidential Nexus?
 Is the Military--Presidential Nexus About "Latin America"?
 Appendix 6.1: Coding "Military Legacy"
Appendix: Definition and Sources of Variables

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