Table of contents for Ear, nose, and throat disorders sourcebook : basic consumer health information about disorders of the ears, hearing loss, vestibular disorders, nasal and sinus problems, throat and vocal cord disorders, and otolaryngologic cancers, including facts about ear infections and injuries, genetic and congenital deafness, sensorineural hearing disorders, tinnitus, vertigo, mãaeniâaere disease, rhinitis, sinusitis, snoring, sore throats, hoarseness, and more; along with reports on current research initiatives, a glossary of related medical terms, and a directory of sources for further help and information / edited by Sandra J. Judd.

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Table of Contents
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Part I: Disorders of the Ears
Chapter 1¿Looking at the Ears
Section 1.1¿How Do We Hear?
Section 1.2¿Ear Examination
Chapter 2¿The Pinna (External Ear)
Section 2.1¿Small Ear (Microtia)
Section 2.2¿Cauliflower Ear
Section 2.3¿Otoplasty (Ear Plastic Surgery)
Chapter3¿Ear Infections
Section 3.1¿Swimmer's Ear
Section 3.2¿Otitis Media
Section 3.3¿Chronic Middle Ear Infection
Section 3.4¿Mastoiditis
Section 3.5¿Ear Tubes
Section 3.6¿Alternative Treatments for Ear Infections
Chapter 4¿Ear Injuries
Section 4.1¿Perforated Eardrum
Section 4.2¿Tympanoplasty: Surgical Repair of the Perforated Eardrum
Section 4.3¿Barotrauma
Section 4.4¿Ears and Altitude
Section 4.5¿Ear Emergencies
Chapter 5¿Ear Secretions and Growths
Section 5.1¿Earwax (Cerumen)
Section 5.2¿Benign Ear Cyst or Tumor
Section 5.3¿Otosclerosis
Section 5.4¿Cholesteatoma
Part II: Hearing Disorders
Chapter 6¿Hearing Loss: The Basics
Section 6.1¿Types of Hearing Loss
Section 6.2¿Mechanism Underlying Stereocilia Self-Renewal Discovered
Section 6.3¿Statistics about Hearing Disorders, Ear Infections, and Deafness
Chapter 7¿Diagnosing Hearing Loss
Section 7.1¿Hearing Testing
Section 7.2¿Newborn Hearing Screening
Section 7.3¿Hearing Loss Quick Test
Chapter 8¿Genetic and Congenital Deafness
Section 8.1¿Congenital Deafness: An Overview
Section 8.2¿Usher Syndrome
Section 8.3¿Waardenburg Syndrome
Section 8.4¿Other Types of Syndromic Deafness
Section 8.5¿Otospondylomegaepiphyseal Dysplasia
Section 8.6¿Nonsyndromic Deafness
Section 8.7¿Research Advances in Genetic Hearing Loss
Chapter 9¿Sensorineural Hearing Disorders
Section 9.1¿Auditory Neuropathy
Section 9.2¿Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease
Section 9.3¿Presbycusis: Age-Related Hearing Loss
Section 9.4¿Hyperacusis
Section 9.5¿Sudden Deafness
Chapter 10¿Ototoxicity
Chapter 11¿Tinnitus
Section 11.1¿Facts about Tinnitus
Section 11.2¿Tinnitus Research
Chapter 12¿Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Section 12.1¿Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: An Overview
Section 12.2¿Frequently Asked Questions about Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention
Section 12.3¿Hearing Protection
Section 12.4¿Risk to Hearing from Personal Stereo Systems
Chapter 13¿Bone Disorders Can Lead to Hearing Loss
Chapter 14¿Electronic Hearing Devices
Section 14.1¿Hearing Aids
Section 14.2¿Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids
Section 14.3¿Cochlear Implants
Section 14.4¿Risk of Bacterial Meningitis in Children with Cochlear Implants
Chapter 15¿Communicating with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Section 15.1¿American Sign Language
Section 15.2¿Assistive Listening Devices
Section 15.3¿Captions for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Viewers
Section 15.4¿Better Communication with People Who Are Hard of Hearing
Part III: Vestibular Disorders
Chapter 16¿Vestibular Disorders: An Overview
Section 16.1¿Vestibular (Balance) Disorders
Section 16.2¿Pediatric Vestibular Disorders
Section 16.3¿Presbyastasis
Section 16.4¿Allergies and Vestibular Disorders
Section 16.5¿Vestibular Testing
Section 16.6¿Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)
Chapter 17¿Vestibular Schwannoma
Chapter 18¿Bilateral Vestibulopathy
Chapter 19¿Vestibular Neuritis and Labyrinthitis
Chapter 20¿Vertigo
Section 20.1¿Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
Section 20.2¿Epileptic Vertigo
Section 20.3¿Vestibular Migraine
Section 20.4¿Post-Traumatic Vertigo
Section 20.5¿Mal de Debarquement
Chapter 21¿Dizziness and Motion Sickness
Chapter 22¿Ménière Disease
Chapter 23¿Perilymph Fistula
Part IV: Disorders of the Nose and Sinuses
Chapter 24¿Introduction to the Nose and Sinuses
Section 24.1¿Anatomy of the Nose
Section 24.2¿How the Sinuses Work
Section 24.3¿Diagnostic Tests of the Nose and Sinuses
Chapter 25¿Your Stuffy Nose
Section 25.1¿The Common Cold
Section 25.2¿Sneezing
Section 25.3¿Rhinitis
Section 25.4¿Post-Nasal Drip
Chapter 26¿Your Allergic Nose
Chapter 27¿Common Nasal Concerns
Section 27.1¿Deviated Septum
Section 27.2¿Nasal Polyps
Section 27.3¿Nosebleeds
Section 27.4¿Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction
Section 27.5¿Rhinoplasty
Chapter 28¿Sinus Problems
Section 28.1¿Sinusitis
Section 28.2¿Sinus Headache
Section 28.3¿Sinus Surgery
Chapter 29¿Snoring and Sleep Apnea
Section 29.1¿Snoring
Section 29.2¿Sleep Apnea
Chapter 30¿Smell and Taste Disorders
Section 30.1¿Smell Disorders
Section 30.2¿Taste Disorders
Section 30.3¿Statistics on Taste and Smell
Part V: Disorders of the Throat and Vocal Cords
Chapter 31¿Sore Throat
Section 31.1¿What Causes a Sore Throat?
Section 31.2¿Strep Throat
Section 31.3¿Strep Throat Test
Section 31.4¿Epiglottitis
Chapter 32¿Tonsils and Adenoids
Section 32.1¿Tonsils and Tonsillectomies
Section 32.2¿Adenoids and Adenoidectomies
Chapter 33¿Laryngeal Problems
Section 33.1¿Laryngitis
Section 33.2¿Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Reflux Laryngitis
Section 33.3¿Laryngeal Papillomatosis
Chapter 34¿Swallowing Problems
Section 34.1¿Dysphagia
Section 34.2¿Achalasia
Chapter 35¿Voice and Vocal Cord Disorders
Section 35.1¿Hoarseness
Section 35.2¿Spasmodic Dysphonia
Section 35.3¿Vocal Fold Nodules, Polyps, and Cysts
Section 35.4¿Vocal Cord Dysfunction (Paradoxical Vocal Cord Movement)
Section 35.5¿Vocal Cord Paralysis
Section 35.6¿Disorders of Vocal Abuse and Misuse
Section 35.7¿Taking Care of Your Voice
Section 35.8¿Statistics on Voice Disorders
Part VI: Cancers of the Ears, Nose, and Throat
Chapter 36¿Head and Neck Cancer: Questions and Answers
Chapter 37¿Oropharyngeal Cancer
Chapter 38¿Nasopharyngeal Cancer
Chapter 39¿Paranasal Sinus and Nasal Cavity Cancer
Chapter 40¿What You Need to Know about Esophageal Cancer
Chapter 41¿Hypopharyngeal Cancer
Chapter 42¿What You Need to Know about Cancer of the Larynx
Chapter 43¿Recent Research in Cancer of the Ear, Nose, and Throat
Part VII: Additional Help and Information
Chapter 44¿Glossary of Terms Related to the Ears, Nose, and Throat
Chapter 45¿Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders: Resources for Information and Support

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