Table of contents for The scripture on great peace : the Taiping jing and the beginnings of Daoism / [translated by] Barbara Hendrischke.

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Preface	00
Conventions	00
Introduction	1
Section 41. How to Distinguish between Poor and Rich	000
Section 42. One Man and Two Women	000
Section 43. How to Promote the Good and Halt the Wicked	000
Section 44. How to Preserve the Three Essentials	000
Section 45. The Three Needs and the Method of [Dealing with] Auspicious and Ominous 
Events	000
Section 46. You Must Not Serve the Dead More Than the Living	000
Section 47. How to Verify the Trustworthiness of Texts and Writings	000
Section 48. An Explanation of the Reception and Transmission [of Evil] in Five Situations
Section 50. An Explanation of the Master's Declaration	000
Section 51. The True Contract	000
Section 52. How to Work Hard to Do Good	000
Section 53. How to Distinguish between Root and Branches	000
Section 54. How to Enjoy Giving Life Wins Favor with Heaven	000
Section 55. How to Classify Old Texts and Give a Title to the Book	000
Section 56. How the Nine Groups of Men Disperse Calamities Inherited from Former 
Kings	000
Section 57. How to Examine What Is True and What Is False Dao	000
Section 58. On the Four Ways of Conduct and on [the Relationship between Root and 
Branches	000
Section 59. Big and Small Reproaches	000
Section 60. How Books Illustrate [Rule by] Punishment and [by] Virtue	000
Section 61. On Digging Up Soil and Publishing Books	000
Section 62. Dao is Priceless and Overcomes Yi and Di Barbarians	000
Section 63. Officials, Sons, and Disciples of Outstanding Goodness Find Ways for Their 
Lord, Father, and Master to Become Transcendent	000
Section 64. How to Subdue Others by Means of Dao and Not by Means of Severity
Section 65. Threefold Cooperation and Interaction	000
Section 66. On the Need to Study What Is True	000
Appendix: The Composition of the TPJ	000
Notes	000
Abbreviations	000
Bibliography	000

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