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Table of Contents
Introduction: The Not-So-Wicked Witch
SECTION I: Monologs for Girls
The Not-So-Wicked Witch
Shopping Compulsive Cinderella
The Disgruntled Tooth Fairy
I¿m Not a Sea Witch! I¿m Just on a Diet.
Sneaky Snow White
Dorothy, The Ungrateful
Goldilocks, Crime Scene Investigator
I¿m-Not-A-Blonde Gretel
Sleeping Like a Log (and loving it!) Beauty
Desperate Housewife: Mrs. Claus
The Princess and the Pea-Brained Queen
Thumbelina, Small but Sassy
The Forgetful Fairy Godmother
Scissor Happy Rapunzel
The Beastly Beauty
Starstruck Little Bo Peep
The-Just-as-Pretty Stepsister 
Boy Crazy Little Miss Muffet
Stamp Collecting Old Mother Hubbard
Card Carrying Pocahontas
Secret Agent Little Red Riding Hood
Dust Dealin¿ Tinkie
Dog Lovin¿ Mary
The Not-So-Forgetful Anastasia
Crown Breaking Jill
National Pop Star: Rejected and in Denial
Kitten with Stolen Mitten
Living Large Barbie
The Little Con Girl
Angela the Disgruntled Babysitter
Runaway Bride: Mrs. Frankenstein
Funky Friday Forever
Mary Boppins
Mary the Matchmaker
Indignant Patsy Pig
Wendy Lou the Whiner
Pippi Longhair¿s Bad Hair Day
Mrs. Snack Man, Former Atkins Spokesperson
Princess Liona, Divorce Court Defendant
Dora¿s Dating Service
Queen Without Heart
The Hopping Mad Little Red Hen
Goosey Not Loosey
Ho Hum Heidi
Alice in La La Land
Princess Lei ¿ Caught on Tape!
Pansy Beautyhair ¿ Series of Unfortunate Dates
 Cruella DeMille, Pet Rescuer	
Frozen Faced Ice Princess
Not-So-Humble Heroine 
SECTION II: Monologs for Guys
The Clueless Leprechaun
The Paranoid Boogeyman
Randolph the Dead-Nosed Reindeer
The Ugly Duckling
The Lonely Captain Hook
Pig Genius: The Third Little Pig
The Completely Sane Emperor
Pinnochio and the Crooked Cricket
Not-So-Jolly Santa Claus
The Frog Prince of the Bachelor Pad
The Unwelcome Giant
The Fed Up Genie
Overtime Elf
Tootin¿ Jack and the Beans
The Big Bad Wolf and His Sick Sense of Humor
Patch the Dragon
Trading Spaces Tarzan
The Boy Who Cried Wolf
The Easter Chicken
Arachnophobic Arachnid Man
Acrophobic Super Duper Man
Iron Pumping Sockeye
Aladdin¿s Real Wish
Hemophobic Count Dracula
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Separated at Birth
Jack Sprat Could Get No Fat!
Jimmy the Unlucky Cricket
Sorcerer¿s Apprentice ¿ A.K.A. The Big Guy¿s Servant
Psychotic Dr. Bill
Bernie the Color-Crazed Dinosaur
Frosty, Former Snowball
Ghost Huntin¿ Dustbuster
Stuck-in-a-Rut Snack Man
Humpty Dumpty: Assassinated.
The Not-So Prince Charming
Chicken Little, the Prankster
Bachelor Beast
Cupid Cares A Less
Hunchback of a Picky Dame
From Zero to Zorro
Big Feet + Hairy Back = No Girl
Disillusioned Sandman
Billy the MAN
Piggy Pen¿s Phobia
Kasper the Seeing Ghost
Larry Plotter, Ophthalmologist Wannabe
Chuckie from the Chocolate Factory¿Six Months Later!
Extra Terrestrial
Advice from King Wrong
Robbin¿ the Woods
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