Table of contents for Illusions of security : global surveillance and democracy in the post-9/11 world / by Maureen Webb.

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Prologue: Monia's Children
Chapter One: The Cautionary Tale of Maher Arar 
Chapter Two: The Tip of an Iceberg: The President's Secret Spying 
Chapter Three: The New Mantra: Pre-Emption of Risk 
Chapter Four: The New Mantra and the Agenda for Mass, Globalized Registration 
and Surveillance 
Chapter Five: Biometric Registration of Alien Populations
1. 	Mass Detentions of Muslim Immigrants and Registration through NSEERS
2. 	US VISIT and the E.U. Visa Information System
		a) 	Biometric Visas
		b) 	Linkage of Biometric Information to a Global Web of Databases
		c) 	U.S. Acquisition of Domestic and Foreign Databases
d) The Template for the Global System of Mass Registration and Surveillance 
Chapter Six: Biometric Registration of Citizens and the Creation of a Global 
Identification System
1.	Biometric Passports
		a) 	Policy Laundering; Referral to ICAO
		b) 	The Model: Carte Blanche
		c) 	RFID Chips
		d) 	Biometric Passports and the Democratic Deficit
		e) 	Flawed Technology and Assumptions
		f) 	Expansion to Other Transportation Systems
		g) 	Institutionalizing "Non-Personhood"
Chapter Seven: The Creation of an Infrastructure for the Global Surveillance of 
	1.	U.S. Demands for Sharing Passenger Name Records
	2.	The Deals Made
	3.	PNR and the Democratic Deficit; Another Referral to ICAO
	4.	Expansion to Other Transportation Systems
 Chapter Eight: The Creation of an Infrastructure for the Surveillance of Electronic 
Communications and Financial Transactions Globally and Domestically
	1.	"Building in Surveillance" and the Convention on Cybercrime
	2.	Mandatory Data Retention
	3. 	Expansion of ECHELON
	4.	Mandatory Information-Gathering and Reporting for Financial Transactions
Chapter Nine: Deep Integration and the Loss of Sovereign Checks and Balances
Chapter Ten: The Corporate Security Complex 
Chapter Eleven: The Expropriation of the Democratic Commons
Chapter Twelve: A Loss of Moral Compass; Rendition, Torture, Death
The Global Gulag 
a) Detention Centers Used by the U.S.
b) The Practice of Rendition
c) Disappearance
d) The Assertion of a Legal Black Hole and Authority to Torture 
e) Torture Committed by U.S. Personnel
f) The Plan to Build Permanent Prisons Outside the U.S.
g) The Participation of Other Western Democracies
		h)	New License for Brutal Regimes
Chapter Thirteen: Illusions of Security
Chapter Fourteen: Resisting the Registration and Surveillance Agenda
1. Pockets of Resistance 
a) NGOs
b) Democratic Institutions
c) Courts
2. The Future is in Our Hands 
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