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Blueprints Clinical Cases Medicine, 2e
Table of Contents
I. Shortness of Breath	
Case 1		Acute Shortness of Breath in a Young Woman 
Case 2		Very Short of Breath
Case 3		Chronic Shortness of Breath
Case 4		Hypertensive, Short of Breath, and Dizzy
Case 5		Fever and Shortness of Breath
Case 6		Young Woman with Dyspnea
Case 7		White Lungs
Case 8	Fever, Sweats, and Painful Cough 
Case 9	Fever, Productive Cough, Shortness of Breath
Case 10	Shortness of Breath and Palpitations
Case 11	Shortness of Breath and Fever 
II. Chest Pain	
Case 12	Chest Pain, Shortness of Breath
Case 13	Chest, Hip, and Knee Pain
Case 14	Sever Back Pain
Case 15	Syncopal Episode
Case 16	Left Shoulder Pain (title similar to New Case 10)
Case 17	Chest Pain in Middle-aged Man 
III. Abdominal Pain	
Case 18	Burning Chest Pain
Case 19	Tarry, Smelly Stools, and Hematemesis
Case 20	Fever, Right Upper Quadrant Pain
Case 21	Diarrhea on the Plane
Case 22	Fever, Diarrhea, and Abdominal Cramping in a Young Man
Case 23	41-Year Old Man with Abdominal Pain
Case 24	Hurts to Eat
Case 25	Gnawing Epigastric Pain, Nausea, and Vomiting 
Case 26	Comatose
Case 27	Fever, Swollen Abdomen, Drowsy, and Yellow
Case 28	Fever, Abdominal Pain, and Foot Drop
Case 29	Abdominal Pain, Confusion, and Fever 
Case 30	Abdominal Pain and Fever 
IV. Hormonal and Electrolyte Imbalance	
Case 31	Young Woman, Breathing Hard, with Sunken Cheeks
Case 32	Feeling Slow
Case 33	Electrolytes and Malignancy
Case 34	Dizziness
Case 35	Controlling Blood Sugar
Case 36	Jittery 
Case 37	Confusion and Lethargy 
V. Preventive Medicine	
Case 38	Health Maintenance
Case 39	Calculating Cholesterol
Case 40	Reaction of TB
VI. Head Symptoms
Case 41	Headache, Fever
Case 42	Stuffy Nose
Case 43	Head Pain, Nausea, and Vision Changes
Case 44	Facial Droop 
VII. Blood Issues
Case 45	Bleeding Gums
Case 46	Fatigue and Nosebleed
Case 47	Abnormal Lab Values in a Man with an Abscess
Case 48	Feverish, Bleeding, and Confused
Case 49	High Fever, Rash and Sore Throat
VIII. Swelling, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Issues
Case 50	Swollen After a Sore Throat
Case 51	Painful, Swollen Knee
Case 52	Sore Wrist
Case 53	Swollen Legs and Puffy Eyelids in a 35-Year-Old Woman
Case 54	Left Leg Swelling in a 68-Year-Old Man 
Case 55	Leg Pain 
Case 56	Swollen, Painful Joints
Case 57	Uremia
Case 58	Rash 
Case 59	Fever and Rash After a Camping Trip 
Case 60 	Left Shoulder Pain in a 38-Year-Old Man 
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