Table of contents for Abysmal : a critique of cartographic reason / Gunnar Olsson.

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Desires non-suppressed
	Living forwards and understanding backwards
	Like Ludwig Wittgenstein
	The present is present
	What does it mean to be human
	When they had not yet been called by a name
	To understand means to be immersed in language
	A mission no agent can refuse
	The order is given, the order shall be executed
	Throughout this prelude
	Too much for one bite
When above
	In the map of maps
	Through the utterance of my mouth shall I determine your destinies
	Measuring out and marking in
And below
	Points and lines
	An Oceanick impulse
	Latitude and longitude
	Claudius Ptolemaeus
	Lines and labels
	Cosmas Indicopleustes
	John Philoponus
	Hypostasis is an infra-thin line
	The Tabernacle
Mappae Mundi Medievalis
	The mappae mundi
	The Ebstorfer Karte
	Squaring the circle
	In my interpretation
	A fascinating document
	But what do they look like
Saussurean Bar
	The sign is a map
	Like the power it signifies, the sign never sits still
	The nucleus of the sign is invisible
A = B
	The question of identity and existence
	Naming is a tricky business
	The meaning of the sign is difference deferred
	In the ballet
Quod Erat
	Geometry is a form of rhetoric
	In the fireworks of rhetoric
	The pivot of power
	The map of semiosis
	Geography is a form of imagination
	Let it be said again
	An object with or without its presence
	The Republic is a map
	Things can be seen, ideas can be thought
	Seemingly topsy-turvy
	This point
	To translate is to convey an idea from one art form to another
	To consecrate an image
	Always the need of a place to go to
	Dürer¿s print
	Mapping the Republic
	The meeting place
	Transcending these propositions
	At the time of the Armory show
	In the western canon
	These details minutely true
	The scar
	The story of how God first summoned and then tested Abr(ah)am
	My covenant
	It is through Isaac
	The tension between trust and verification
	Aristotle¿s Laws of Thought
	Guarded by Satan
	Aristotle¿s Laws of Thought and Moses¿ Laws of Submission
	I am he, he and I are one
	I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts
	A fleeting Signifier and a capturing screen
	With the tip of his finger
	After this, Herr Goldschmidt
	Fine stories these are
	The question
	The map itself
	The starry heavens above me and the moral law within me
	What makes themselves manifest
	In the absolute position of a thing
	The Kantian Island of Truth
	The typical cave-dweller
	The lines of power and limits of language
	In the deep vaults of the castle
Mission impossible
	From the beginning
	The limits of the oikumene
	The parallel lines
	The history of Being
	The word ¿power¿
	The mapmaker¿s question
	As Plato¿s sun is setting
	The first map
	Much is changing
	Enkidu¿s eyes
	Place him in the care of the watches of the night
	Once back in the city
	The great gods in council
	Must I too die
	How was it that you found life
	The circle is closed
	The second map
	Genesis 25¿36
	Jacob left Beersheba
	To carry to heaven without death
	Deliver me
	Will and valor
	The Book of Job
	Cursing the day of his birth
	Establishing the boundaries between the humans and the utterly 
	The defense was signed
	Therefore in dust and ashes I repent
	The questions multiply
	The third map
	The theory of proper names and definite descriptions
	Oedipus¿ map takes the form of an equation
	The ambiguous must not be trusted
	Zero is the measure of the damned
	In the struggle between ultimates
	The last map
	Jesus Christ of Nicaea
	Triangulation at work
	Such is the map of maps
	A spy in every village
	The border line shifted
	John of Damascus
	A rotten cross I consign to the fire
	In a limit and of a limit
	The light of light
	Not made by human hands
	Coming back to haunt its self
	Midnight mass in preparation
	In the wake of modernity
	Such spaces are worlds in themselves
	Have another apple, my dear
	Family resemblances, incestuous parallels
	Wisdom-loving philosophers and food-loving workers
	I too share Socrates¿ belief
	If there were no imagination
	With that remark constantly in mind
	The vanishing fix-point
	The projection of perspective
	The mappa of the picture plane
	Appearance and apparition
	The point of the point
	The first week of the ninth month of the third millennium
	A crystal palace
	Mappa Mundi Universalis
	Five years later
	And thus it is
Proper names
(In)definite descriptions

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