Table of contents for Folktales of the Jews / Dov Noy, consulting editor ; Ellen Frankel, series editor ; translated by Leonard J. Schramm ; illustrations by Ira Shander.

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1. The Tenth for the Minyan (IFA 16408)
2. The Wedding Attended by the Patriarchs (IFA6471)
3. Hebron Purim (IFA 17063) 
4. The Miracle of the Torah Scrolls (IFA 15346)
5. The Adventures of Raphael Meyuhas (IFA 15348)
6. A Story about My Great-Grandfather (IFA 8807)
7. The Sanctification of the Lord's Name (IFA 8419) 
8. Our Teacher Moses and the King of Spain (IFA 13110)
9. Maimonides and the Study of Medicine (IFA 4905)
10. Why Maimonides Is Buried in Tiberias (IFA 549)
11. The Merchant and Rabbi Meir Ba¿al ha-Nes (IFA 8391)
12. The Coin from the Collection Box of Rabbi Meir Ba¿al ha-Nes (IFA 9158)
13. Sol Hachuel of Tangier (IFA 14964)
14. The Awesome Tale of Rabbi Kalonymos (IFA 16405)
15. A Blood Libel in Jerusalem (IFA 15347)
16. The Ba¿al Shem Tov and the Sorcerer (IFA 863)
17. On Passover (IFA 7000)
18. Hakham Eliyahu Is Born Through the Special Virtues of the Cave of the 
Prophet Elijah (IFA 2830)
19. The Two Orphans of Istanbul (IFA 17068)
20. Three Hairs from Elijah's Beard (IFA 2420)
21. The Man Who Unintentionally Made His Fortune from the Devil (IFA 2605)
22. The Gilgul (IFA 2634)
23. The Prince's Gilgul (IFA 2644)
24. A Letter from Morocco to the Western Wall (IFA 556)
25. Rabbi Jacob the Storyteller, or the Power of Repentance (IFA 2623)
26. The Immigration Pangs of Rabbi Chilibon Franco of Rhodes (IFA 13405)
27. How the New Immigrant Doychon Torres Got Rid of the Cheese He Brought with 
Him without a Kashrut Certificate (IFA 13404)
Moral Tales
28. God Loves the Heart (IFA 10089)
29. The Honest Merchant (IFA 6295)
30.The Rich Man Who Avoided Giving Charity but Later Mended His Ways 
 (IFA 2604)
31. The Pregnant King (IFA 14043)
32. The Rich Man and His Two Sons (IFA 4441)
33. Noah¿s Daughter (IFA 660)
34. The Angel Who Descended to Put the World in Order (IFA 19910)
35. Satan's Son (IFA 16395)
36. The Astrologer-King and the Rabbi (IFA 10086)
37. A Bear Makes a Poor Musician Rich but Is Insulted by the Musician¿s Wife (IFA 
38. An Old Man's Advice Makes a Poor Man Rich ( IFA 3576) 
39. Half a Friend (IFA 16403) 
40. The Man Who Knew All Animals, Diamonds, and People's Character (IFA 6402) 
41. This, Too, Shall Pass (IFA 4425)
42. Letters from the Angel of Death (IFA 9704)
43. There Is No Escaping Heaven's Decree (IFA 10084)
44.What Heaven Ordains Must Surely Take Place (IFA 6591)
45. The Rabbi's Son and the King's Daughter (IFA 4735)
46. The King's Wise Daughter (IFA 12549)
47. The Trained Cat and the Rabbi's Wise Daughter (IFA 7602)
48. The Rabbi's Son and the Priest (IFA 10085)
49. King Abdul-Aziz, the Jewish Builder, and the Wicked Painter (IFA 3977)
50. The Miracle of Tu b'Shevat (IFA 10103)
51.The Old Woman and the Wind (IFA 10101)
52. King Solomon's Judgment (IFA 11093)
53. Anything to Find Favor with a Woman (IFA 2254)
54. King Solomon, His Ethiopian Wife and Her Lover (IFA 2666) 
55. The Miser Mohel and the Demon (IFA 9182)
56. The Miraculous Circumcision (IFA 10087)
57. The Disciples' Envy of the Rabbi's Son (IFA 4904)
Humorous Tales
58. The Story of the Baklava (IFA 13) 
59. A Porter Saves Maimonides' Life (IFA 5503)
60. Blinder than a Blind Man (IFA 12727) 
(A General Note about Djuha Tales)
61. Djuha Helps His Mother (IFA 12729)
62. Djuha's Face (IFA 12548)
63. Why Djuha Never got Married (IFA 12726)
64. Djuha Plays Dead (IFA 12551)
65. Camel Seeds (IFA 12724)
66. Djuha Counts the Donkeys (IFA 12552)
67. Djuha and the Mules (IFA 8509)
68. A Recipe for Fish. (IFA12716)
69. A Fair Division (IFA 9240
70. A Bad Man¿s Desserts (IFA 332)
71. The Rabbi and the Priest (IFA 14039) 

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Jews -- Folklore.
Legends, Jewish.
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Tales -- History and criticism.
Sephardim -- Folklore.