Table of contents for 50 model rocket projects for the evil genius / Gavin D. J. Harper.

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Chapter 1 History of Rocketry
Chapter 2 Rocket Science
	Project 1: Making Blackpowder
	Project 2: Demonstrating Different Rates of Reaction with a Film Can Rocket
	Project 3: How Does the Quantity of Propellant Affect the Distance Travelled
Project 4: Build Your Own Hydrogen Fuelled Rocket
Chapter 3 The Model Rocketeer¿s Workshop
	Project 5: Build A Model Rocket Support Jig & Stand
	Project 6: Build A Wind Tunnel
	Project 7: Flow Visualisation Techniques
Chapter 4 Designing Model Rockets
Chapter 5 Constructing Model Rockets
Project 8: Building Your First Model Rocket
Project 9: Building a Series Staged Rocket
Project 10: Build Your Own Parallel Staged Rocket
Project 11: Build Your Own Boost Glider
Project 12: Build Your Own Payload Carrying Rocket
Project 13: Build Your Own U.F.O (Style 1)
Project 14: Build Your Own U.F.O (Style 2)
Project 15: Build Your Own U.F.O (Style 3)
Chapter 6 Recovery Systems
Project 16: Build Your Own Night Tracer Rocket
Project 17: Build Your Own EL Inverter
Project 18: Creating a Strobe Beacon Rocket
Chapter 7 Launching Model Rockets
Project 19: Simple Launch Controller
Project 20: Advanced Launch COntroller
Project 21: Arming Your Rocket Motor for Launch
Project 22: Build a Rod Launcher
Project 23: Build a Gantry Launcher
Project 24: Build a Rail Launcher
Project 25: Launching Your First Model Rocket
Project 26: Advanced Launch Techniques
Chapter 8 Rocket Math
Project 27: How Fast? How Far? ¿ Getting to grips with some basic maths for Physics
Project 28: Calculating How High Your Rocket Went
Project 29: A Simple Tracker
Project 30: Calculating How High Your Rocket Went From An Aerial Photograph
Project 31: Calculating How Big An Objects on The Ground Are
Project 32: Calculating the Measurements for a Boat Tail Transition
Project 33: Calculating How Stable Your Rocket Is
Project 34: Recovery Device Calculation
Chapter 9 Build a Model Rocket Camera Payload
Project 35: Build a Model Rocket Camera Payload
Chapter 10 Model Rocket Movie Cameras
Project 36: Build a Model Rocket Video Camera Payload Method I
Project 37: Build a Model Rocket Video Camera Payload Method II
Chapter 11 Rocket Mail	
Project 38 :Rocket Mail
Chapter 12 Build Your Own Flight Computer
Project 39: Flight Computer Project 1: Add An Optical Sensor
Project 40: Flight Computer Project 2: Detect Thrust
Project 41: Flight Computer Project 3: Detect Rotation
Project 42: Flight Computer Project 4: Monitor Your Exhaust Temperature
Project 43: Flight Computer Project 5: Sample Alien Atmospheres
Project 44: Flight Computer Project 6: Use The Split Stage Timer
Project 45: Flight Computer Project 7: How Blue Is The Sky
Project 46:Flight Computer Project 8: Freefall detection for Recovery System Triggering 
Project 47 Flight Computer Project 9: Model Rocket Altimeter
Chapter 13 Educating with Model Rocketry
Project 48: Educating With Model Rocketry
Chapter 14 Model Rocketry Clubs
Project 49: Starting a Model Rocketry Club
Project 50: Space Exploration Merit Badge
Appendix A Model Rocket Safety
Appendix B International Listing of Model Rocket Clubs

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