Table of contents for The God delusion / Richard Dawkins.

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Preface	5
Chapter 1. A deeply religious nonbeliever.	13
"Respect"	22
Chapter 2. The God Hypothesis	32
Polytheism	33
Monotheism	39
Secularism, the Founding Fathers and the religion of America	41
The Poverty of Agnosticism	49
The Great Prayer Experiment	66
The Neville Chamberlain School of Evolutionists	71
Little Green Men	74
Chapter 3. Arguments for God's Existence	81
Thomas Aquinas's 'Proofs'	81
The Ontological Argument and other a priori arguments	84
The Argument from Beauty	90
The Argument from Personal 'Experience'	92
The Argument from Scripture	98
The Argument from Admired Role Models	103
Pascal's Wager	110
Bayesian arguments	112
Chapter 4. Why there almost certainly is no God	118
The Ultimate Boeing 747	118
Natural Selection as a Consciousness-Raiser	120
Irreducible Complexity	124
The worship of gaps	132
The Anthropic Principle: Planetary Version	142
The Anthropic Principle: Cosmological Version	151
An Interlude at Cambridge	162
Chapter 5. The Roots of Religion	170
The Darwinian Imperative	170
Direct advantages of religion	175
Group Selection	178
Religion as a byproduct of something else	181
Psychologically primed for religion	190
Tread softly, because you tread on my memes	204
Cargo Cults	217
Chapter 6. The Roots of Morality: why are we good?	224
Does our moral sense have a Darwinian origin?	227
A case study in the roots of morality	237
If there is no God, why be good?	242
Chapter 7. The "Good" Book and the changing moral Zeitgeist	251
The Old Testament	252
Is the New Testament any better?	266
Love thy neighbour	271
The Moral Zeitgeist	281
What about Hitler and Stalin? Weren't they atheists?	291
Chapter 8. What's Wrong with Religion? Why be so hostile?	299
Fundamentalism and the subversion of science	300
The Dark Side of Absolutism	304
Faith and Homosexuality	307
Faith and the sanctity of human life	311
The Great Beethoven Fallacy	319
How 'moderation' in faith fosters fanaticism	323
Chapter 9. Religion and childhood	331
Physical and Mental Abuse	336
In defence of children	347
An educational scandal	353
Consciousness-raising again	359
Religious education as a part of literary culture	363
Chapter 10. A much needed gap?	367
Binker	367
Consolation	372
Inspiration	383
The Mother of All Burkas	384
List of Books cited or recommended	401
Notes	409

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