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Table of Contents
Foreword by Christian Ostermann, Director, Cold War International History Project
Introduction											1
Chapter 1: The End of World War II and the Descent of the Iron Curtain		3
Introduction											5
The Yalta Summit ¿ 1945									9
Protocol of the Proceedings of the Crimea Conference
The Potsdam Agreement ¿ 1945 								16
Protocol of the Proceedings of the Potsdam Conference
America¿s Policy of Soviet ¿Containment¿ ¿ 1946						22
Excerpts from ¿The Long Telegram,¿ of George F. Kennan
Churchill¿s ¿Iron Curtain¿ Speech ¿ 1946	 						27
The Text of a Speech Delivered at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri
Soviet Ambassador Novikov Assesses the Americans ¿ 1946				29
An Excerpt from a Telegram from the Soviet Embassy in Washington, DC,
 to the Kremlin in Moscow 
Chapter 2: The Marshall Plan and the Berlin Airlift					41
Introduction 											43
The Truman Doctrine ¿ 1947									47
Excerpts from President Truman¿s Address before a Joint Session of Congress 
The Marshall Plan ¿ 1947									52
Excerpts from George C. Marshall¿s Harvard University Commencement Address
Soviet Reaction to the Marshall Plan ¿ 1947							55
Andrei Vyshinsky¿s Speech to the United Nations General Assembly
An American Commander Recalls the Berlin Airlift ¿ 1948-49				57
An Excerpt from ¿Inside the Berlin Airlift,¿ by T. Ross Milton
The Formation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ¿ 1949			63
The Text of the NATO Treaty
Chapter 3: The Korean War									67
Introduction 											69
Truman Sends American Troops into Korea ¿ 1950						73
The Text of a Public Statement by President Truman
Herbert Hoover¿s ¿Fortress America¿ Speech ¿ 1950					74
Excerpts from a National Radio Broadcast
Stalin Praises North Korea for Challenging the ¿Imperialist Yoke¿ ¿ 1950			79
Telegram from Joseph Stalin to Kim Il Sung
A Crushing Blow at Inchon ¿ 1950								80
Telegram from Kim Il Sung and Pak Hon-Yong to Joseph Stalin
An American Soldier Recalls China¿s Entry into the Korean War ¿ 1950			83
An Interview from No Bugles, No Drums: An Oral History of the Korean War
Eisenhower¿s ¿¿I Shall Go to Korea¿¿ Speech ¿ 1952 					86
A Speech from the Presidential Campaign of Dwight Eisenhower
Chapter 4: McCarthyism and the ¿Red Menace¿						93
Introduction 											95
J. Edgar Hoover Warns of Communist Infiltration in the United States ¿ 1947		99
Excerpts from Hoover¿s Testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee
Joseph McCarthy¿s Speech on Communists in the State Department ¿ 1950		103
Excerpts from McCarthy¿s Famous Speech in Wheeling, West Virginia 
McCarthy Urges Truman to Help Root Out Communists ¿ 1950				108
A Letter from Joseph McCarthy to President Harry S. Truman
¿The Greatest Asset the Kremlin Has Is Senator McCarthy¿ ¿ 1950				110
Excerpts from President Truman¿s Comments Made During a Press Conference 
at Key West, Florida 
The Sentencing of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg ¿ 1951					112
Judge Irving Kaufman¿s Comments Upon Imposing the 
Death Sentence on the Rosenbergs
¿The Black Silence of Fear¿ ¿ 1952								115	
An Excerpt from an Article by Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas
Lillian Hellman Defies the House Un-American Activities Committee ¿ 1952 		118
The Text of Hellman¿s Letter to the HUAC
¿Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?¿ ¿ 1954						119
An Excerpt from the Army-McCarthy Hearings
The Censuring of Joseph McCarthy ¿ 1954							127
The Text of the U.S. Senate Resolution of Condemnation of Senator McCarthy
Chapter 5: Behind the Curtain 								129
Introduction 											131
The Warsaw Pact ¿ 1955									135
The Text of the ¿Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance¿ 
Life in a Romanian Prison ¿ 1955								138
An Excerpt from The Silent Escape by Lena Constante
Khrushchev Denounces Stalin ¿ 1956							140
Excerpts from Premier Nikita Khruschev¿s Address to the Twentieth 
Party Congress of the USSR
The Last Message of Imre Nagy ¿ 1956							143
The Text of Prime Minister Nagy¿s Final Radio Broadcast to the Hungarian People
A Russian Journalist Recalls the U.S.-Soviet Propaganda Wars				144
Excerpts from an Interview for the PBS Series ¿Red Files¿
Chapter 6: The Cold War Heats Up								151
Introduction 											153
Gamal Abdel Nasser Comments on the Suez Crisis ¿ 1956					157
A Speech by Egyptian President Nasser
The Eisenhower Doctrine ¿ 1957								159
The Text of President Dwight Eisenhower¿s Address on the Middle East
 to a Joint Session of Congress
America Reacts to the Soviet Sputnik Launch ¿ 1957					165
Excerpts from a News Conference Held by U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles
Deterrence and Survival in the Nuclear Age ¿ 1957						168
Excerpts from the Gaither Report
Eisenhower Warns the Soviets About Militarization of Space ¿ 1958			173
An Excerpt from a Letter from President Dwight Eisenhower
Premier Khrushchev Comments on the U.S.-Soviet Rivalry in Space			174
An Excerpt from a Letter from Nikita Khrushchev to President Eisenhower
Premier Khrushchev Assesses the State of the World ¿ 1960				176
Excerpts from Nikita Khrushchev¿s Address to the United Nations General Assembly
Patrice Lumumba¿s Last Statement ¿ 1960							183
An Excerpt from a Message Smuggled Out of Prison before His Execution
Kennedy Pledges to Defend World Liberty ¿ 1961						185
Excerpts from President John F. Kennedy¿s Inaugural Address
President Kennedy Speaks on the ¿Berlin Crisis¿ ¿ 1961					188
The Text of John F. Kennedy¿s Televised Speech to the Nation
Chapter 7: Mutual Assured Destruction							195
Introduction 											197
¿NSC-68¿ ¿ 1950										201
Excerpts from a Secret National Security Council Report on Soviet and 
American Military Capabilities
The U-2 Spy Plane Affair ¿ 1960								210
The Text of a Soviet Telegram Detailing the Capture of an American U-2 
Reconnaissance Plane
The Strategy of ¿Massive Retaliation¿ ¿ 1954						215
Excerpts from a Speech by U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles 
President Eisenhower Decries the Military-Industrial Complex ¿ 1961			218
Excerpts from Dwight Eisenhower¿s Farewell Address to the American People
A Call to Victory in the Cold War ¿ 1961							220
Excerpts from a Speech by U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater
 ¿The Strategy of Peace¿ ¿ 1963								221
Excerpts from President Kennedy¿s Address at The American University 
¿Mutual Deterrence¿ Explained ¿ 1967							225
Excerpts from a Speech by U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara
The Soviet Justification for the Invasion of Czechoslovakia ¿ 1968				227
Excerpt from Pravda¿s ¿Sovereignty and International Duties of Socialist Countries¿ 
Chapter 8: The Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis					231
Introduction 											233
Assessing the Bay of Pigs Catastrophe ¿ 1961						237
Excerpts From the CIA ¿Inspector General¿s Survey of the Cuban Operation¿
Khrushchev Scolds Kennedy on Cuba ¿ 1961						240
Excerpts from Correspondence from Premier Nikita Khrushchev 
to President John F. Kennedy
President Kennedy Describes the Cuban Missile Crisis ¿ 1962				246
The Text of John F. Kennedy¿s Nationally Televised Address to the American People
Fidel Castro Decries the American ¿Imperialists¿ ¿ 1962					252
The Text of Correspondence from Castro to Soviet Premier Khrushchev
The Kennedy-Khrushchev Letters ¿ 1962							253
The Text of Correspondence between President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev at the Height of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Backdoor Diplomacy during the Cuban Missile Crisis ¿ 1962				263
The Text of a Memorandum from Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy to
 Secretary of State Dean Rusk
Premier Khrushchev Withdraws Soviet Missiles from Cuba ¿ 1962				265
The Text of a Message from Nikita Khrushchev to President John F. Kennedy, 
Delivered over Radio Moscow 
¿Placing Ourselves in the Other Country¿s Shoes¿ ¿ 1962					269
An Excerpt from Robert F. Kennedy¿s Thirteen Days: A Memoir of the 
Cuban Missile Crisis
Chapter 9: The Vietnam War								273
Introduction 											275
Vietnam¿s Declaration of Independence ¿ 1945						281
The Text of the Declaration of Independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam,
 Delivered by Ho Chi Minh
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution ¿ 1964								284
The Text of the U.S. Congressional Resolution Authorizing U.S. 
Military Involvement in Vietnam
¿Aggression from the North¿ ¿ 1965								285
U.S. State Department ¿White Paper¿ on Vietnam
Walter Cronkite Assesses the ¿Stalemate¿ in Vietnam ¿ 1968				288
The Text of an Editorial Broadcast on CBS Television
Lyndon B. Johnson Announces His Decision Not to Seek Re-election ¿ 1968		290
The Text of a Speech on Limiting the War in Vietnam and Not Seeking Re-election
Flying Into and Over the War in Vietnam ¿ 1968						295
Excerpt from Dispatches, by Michael Herr
Correspondence between Richard Nixon and Ho Chi Minh ¿ 1969				301
The Text of Letters Exchanged Just Before President Ho¿s Death 
Nixon¿s ¿Silent Majority¿ Speech ¿ 1969							303
The Text of a Nationally Televised Speech Delivered by President Richard Nixon
The Fall of Saigon ¿ 1975									311
¿After the Crusade¿ by Tobias Wolff
Chapter 10: Détente and ¿the China Card¿							315
Introduction 											317
China¿s Cultural Revolution ¿ 1966								321
The Text of a News Article Published in the Peking Review
Andrei Gromyko Assesses Soviet-American Relations During the Vietnam Era ¿ 1967	325
An Excerpt from a Foreign Policy Memorandum by the Soviet Foreign Minister 
 ¿War Between Russia and China: A Communist Nightmare¿ ¿ 1969			329
An Excerpt from a State Department Memo on Rising Sino-Soviet Tensions
Kissinger¿s Secret Trip to China ¿ 1971							331
Excerpts from a Memorandum from Henry Kissinger to President Richard Nixon
The Basic Treaty ¿ 1972									336
The Text of the Treaty Establishing Diplomatic Relations Between East Germany
 and West Germany 
The Helsinki Accords ¿ 1975									339
President Gerald Ford¿s Address in Helsinki Before the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
The Charter 77 Manifesto ¿ 1977								343
The Text of an Announcement by Czech Dissidents 
Anatoly Dobrynin Comments on Worsening U.S.-Soviet Relations ¿ 1978			348
Excerpts from a Letter from the Soviet Ambassador to the Kremlin 
American Reaction to the Soviet Afghan Invasion ¿ 1979					352
Excerpts from a Memorandum by National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski
Chapter 11: Proxy Wars 									355
Introduction 											357
America Targets the Chilean President Salvador Allende ¿ 1970 				361
An Excerpt from a Memorandum from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger
to President Richard Nixon 
Recalling the Overthrow of Salvador Allende ¿ 1973					365
An Excerpt from Pinochet and Me: A Chilean Anti-Memoir, by Marc Cooper
The Church Committee Report on CIA Covert Action ¿ 1975				374
An Excerpt from ¿Alleged Assassination Plots Involving Foreign Leaders¿ 
A Soviet Journalist Examines the Soviet Failure in Afghanistan ¿ 1979-1989		377
Excerpts from an Interview for the PBS Series ¿Red Files¿
The Case for U.S. Intervention in Central America ¿ 1984					379
An Excerpt from a Nationally Televised Address by Ronald Reagan 
Death of a Salvadoran Church Worker ¿ 1985 						382
The Text of an Article Published in Sojourners 
President Reagan Assesses the Sandinistas ¿ 1985						384
Excerpts from a Speech Delivered at a Fundraising Dinner
 for the Nicaragua Refugee Fund
Americas Watch Condemns U.S. Policies in Nicaragua ¿ 1985				389
An Excerpt from Human Rights in Nicaragua: Reagan, Rhetoric, and Reality
Aldrich Ames, American Spy for the Soviets ¿ 1985-1994					393
The Text of CIA Director John Deutch¿s Statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
Chapter 12: Reagan and Gorbachev: From Star Wars to Perestroika			399
Introduction 											401
President Reagan Describes the Soviet Union as an ¿Evil Empire¿ ¿ 1983			409
Excerpts from a Speech to the National Association of Evangelicals
Kremlin Fears of an American Nuclear Strike ¿ 1983					411
Excerpts from In Confidence, by Anatoly Dobrynin
President Reagan Condemns the Soviet Attack on a Korean Jetliner ¿ 1983		414
Reagan¿s Remarks to Reporters 
Reagan Assesses the Geneva Summit with Gorbachev ¿ 1985				416
The Text of Nationally Televised Address before a Joint Session of Congress
Searching for a Way Out of Afghanistan ¿ 1986						420
Excerpts from the Transcript of a Soviet Politburo Meeting 
¿Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall!¿ ¿ 1987						422
Excerpts from Ronald Reagan¿s Speech at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin
Mikhail Gorbachev Describes a New Soviet World Vision ¿ 1988				427	
The Text of Gorbachev¿s Speech to the United Nations General Assembly
Chapter 13: The Collapse of the Soviet Empire						437
Introduction 											439
Solidarity and the Pope¿s Visit to Poland ¿ 1987						445
An Excerpt from The Struggle and the Triumph: An Autobiography, by Lech Walesa
At President Gorbachev¿s Side ¿ 1988-1989							449
Excerpts from the Diary of Gorbachev Aide Anatoly Chernyaev
America Monitors Events in China¿s Tiananmen Square ¿ 1989				450
Excerpts from a U.S. State Department Intelligence Summary 
The Fall of the Berlin Wall ¿ 1989 								451
The Text of ¿Deutschland, Deutschland,¿ by CNN Journalist Bettina Lüscher
Vaclev Havel Leads the Velvet Revolution ¿ 1989						454
The Text of the Declaration of the Civic Forum 
Romania After the Fall of the Ceausescu Regime ¿ 1989					457
An Excerpt from The Hole in the Flag, by Andrei Codrescu
Ten Minutes to Midnight ¿ 1990								460
The Text of an Editorial Published by the Board of Directors of the 
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 
Gorbachev¿s Farewell Address to the Soviet Citizens ¿ 1991				462
The Text of a Nationally Televised Address 
Gorbachev Exits the Kremlin ¿ 1991								466
Excerpts from Memoirs, by Mikhail Gorbachev
Chapter 14: Russia and the World in the Post-Cold War Era				469
Introduction 											471
Ronald Reagan Reflects on the End of the Cold War ¿ 1990					473
Text of a Speech Delivered at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri
Gorbachev Reflects on the End of the Cold War ¿ 2002					478
An Excerpt from Conversations with Gorbachev, by Mikhail Gorbachev
 and Zdenek Mlynar
The Legacy of Soviet Rule in Uzbekistan ¿ 2001						481
An Excerpt from Chasing the Sea by Tom Bissell
Post-Cold War Life in Reunified Germany ¿ 2002						484
An Excerpt from After the Wall by Jana Hensel
President Vladimir Putin Assesses the State of Russia ¿ 2005				488
An Excerpt from the Text of Speech to the Russian Federal Assembly 
Russia¿s Status in the New Millennium: An American Perspective ¿ 2005			495
An Excerpt from ¿Russia,¿ a Congressional Research Service Issue Brief for Congress
Leading Figures of the Cold War 
Cold War Terms
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