Table of contents for Population genetics, linguistics, and culture history in the Southwest Pacific / edited by Jonathan Scott Friedlaender.

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Table of Contents
Part One. The Framework.
Chapter 1. Introduction (Jonathan S. Friedlaender). 
Chapter 2. Island Melanesian Pasts - A view from Archaeology (Glenn Summerhayes).
Chapter 3. Recent Research on the Historical Relationships of the Papuan Languages: or, What does Linguistics Say about the Prehistory of Melanesia?
 (Andrew Pawley).
Part Two. Core Studies in Northern Island Melanesia
Chapter 4. Mitochondrial DNA Variation in Northern Island Melanesia (Jonathan S Friedlaender, Francoise R. Friedlaender, Jason A. Hodgson, Stacy McGrath, Matthew Stoltz, George Koki, Theodore G. Schurr, D. Andrew Merriwether).
Chapter 5. Y Chromosome Variation in Island Melanesia (Laura Scheinfeldt, Francoise R. Friedlaender, Jonathan S. Friedlaender, Krista Latham, George Koki, Tatiana Karafet, Michael Hammer, Joseph Lorenz).
Chapter 6. Pigmentation and Candidate Gene Variation in Northern Island Melanesia (Heather Norton, George Koki, Jonathan Friedlaender).
Chapter 7. The Distribution of an Insertion/Deletion Polymorphism on Chromosome 22 (Renato Robledo)
Chapter 8. The Languages of Island Melanesia (Eva Lindström, Angela Terrill, Ger Reesink, Michael Dunn).
Chapter 9. Inferring Prehistory from Genetic, Linguistic, and Geographic Variation (Keith Hunley, Michael Dunn, Eva Lindström, Ger Reesink, Angela Terrill, Heather Norton, Laura Scheinfeldt, Françoise R. Friedlaender, D. Andrew Merriwether, George Koki, Jonathan S. Friedlaender).
Part Three. Related Studies in Regional Phylogenetics
Chapter 10. Animal Translocations, Genetic Variation and the Human Settlement of the Pacific (Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith).
Chapter 11. Viral Phylogeny and Human Migration in the Southwest Pacific (Jill Czarnecki, Jonathan S. Friedlaender, Gerald Stoner).
Chapter 12. Origin of Plant Exploitation in Near Oceania: A Review (Robin Allaby). 
Chapter 13. Extraordinary Population Structure Among the Baining of New Britain (Jason Wilder and Michael F. Hammer).
Chapter 14. Allotype Variation in the Southwest Pacific (Moses S. Schanfield, Frank. B. Austin, Peter. B. Booth, D. Carlton. Gajdusek, Richard. W. Hornabrook, Keith. P. W. McAdams, Jan. J. Saave, Susan. W. Serjeantson, Graeme. W. Woodfield).
Chapter 15. Neutral and Malaria Selected Polymorphisms of the Pacific (J. Koji Lum).
Chapter 16. Conclusion (Jonathan S Friedlaender).

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