Table of contents for The encyclopedia of infant and toddler activities / edited by Kathy Charner, Maureen Murphy, and Charlie Clark.

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Table of Contents
Infants and Toddlers
	Terrific Today
	Welcome Bulletin Board
	Arrival Ideas
Younger Toddlers
	Matching Photos
	Welcome Song 
	Greeting the Children
Older Toddlers
	Good Morning Flowers
	Name Necklace
	Animal Adventure
	Whooo's Here Today?
Infants and Toddlers
	Wishy Washy Time
Younger Toddlers
	The Cleanup Race
	Sing and Clean
	Cleanup Song
	Clean Up Our Room
	Yankee Doodle Cleanup
Older Toddlers
	Cleanup Fun
	Crayon Catcher
	Sweeping Floors
	Do You Know It's Cleanup Time?
Younger Toddlers
	Younger Toddlers
	Lost and Found Song
Older Toddlers
	Putting on a Coat or Jacket
	Back and Forth
	Baby Found
	How Things Work
	Mirror Games
	Listen Softly
Infants and Toddlers
	Guess Which Hand
	Body Parts Verse
	Discovery Bottles
	Where Did It Go?
	Mirror, Mirror, Who's That Face?
Younger Toddlers
	Instrument Fun
	Bubble Sculptures
	On/Off, In/Out, Up/Down
	Dump It Out and Fill It Up
	Clothespin Drop
	Color Search
	Sounds Abound
Older Toddlers
	Snow in the Night
	Rhythm Sticks
	Tap Like Me		
	Who Lives Here?
	Who Says "Moo?"
	Animal Pairs
	Function Junction
	Ping Pong Chute
	Move Like the Animals
	Something's Different
	Just Like This
	Let's Make a Pizza 
	Sorting the Groceries
	Coffee Filter Flowers
	Spring Flowers
	Picture Hide
Dramatic Play
Infants and Toddlers
	Pots and Pans Band
Younger Toddlers
	Pet Day
	Oh, My Baby
Older Toddlers
	Farm Play
	On the Go
	My Special Place
	Bear Cave
	The Hare and the Tortoise
	Calendar Collection
	Story Circle Dress Up
	The Three Bears
	The Flower Shop
	Let's Have a Tea Party!
Fine and Gross Motor
	Opening Hands
	Prone Play
	Early Cycling
	Kick Back
	Bouncing Ball
	Bumpy Lumpy Locomotion
	Stacking Cups
	In and Out
	Eye Follow-Ups
	Find the Toy
	Get Me
	Obstacle Course
Infants and Toddlers
	Balls, Balls, Balls! 
	Bat the Ball
	Magic Surprise
	Wall Puzzles
	Saucer Spin
	Classroom Maze
Younger Toddlers
	Ball Roll
	Scientists at Play
	Sock Balls
	Squeezing Sponges
	Tear It Up!
	Ball Bop
	Velcro Blocks
	Cereal Pour
	Walking Fingers
	Walking the Shapes
	Beanbag Fun
	Hammering Golf Tee
	Butterfly Catchers
	Clear View Dump and Fill
	Balance Beam for Toddlers
	Happy Trails
	In and Out the Box Game
Older Toddlers
	It's Eggciting!
	Birthday Gifts!
	Box Car Painting
	Butterfly Collection
	Feeding Frenzy
	Weighty Block Building
	Lacing Shapes
	Laundry Time!
	My Own Road
	Painting Like Mom or Dad
	Cooked Playdough 
	Personal Sculpture
	Playdough Cutting
	Practice Makes Perfect
	Scoop Out the Ice Cubes
	Tong Time
	The Flop Dance
	Toddler Squeeze Painting
	Tire Roll
	Torn Paper Collage
	Color Walk
	Alligator Swamp
Fingerplays, Songs, and Rhymes
	Where, Oh, Where?
	Stars Shining
	Eskimo Kisses
Infants and Toddlers
	Autumn Leaves Song
	Baby's Little Nose
	Snow Action Rhymes
	Where, Oh, Where?
Younger Toddlers
	Willow Tree
	Tiny Worm
	Police Officer 
	Where Is My Knee?
	Sharing Song
Older Toddlers
	Hat Song
	Giddy Up
	Jack in the Box
	Mary Wore Her Red Dress
	What Are We Doing?		
	Puppet Sing-Along 
Younger Toddlers
	Hiding in the Doggie Patch
Older Toddlers
	Puzzle Races
	Me Bingo
	Fishing for Friends
	Photo Finish
	Musical Lily Pads 
	Find That Sound!
	Pizza Pie!
General Tips
	Visit From the Big Kids
Infants and Toddlers
	Storage Solutions 
	Information Sheet
	Long Distance
	Sketching Scenes
	Milk Carton Blocks
	Consistent Routine
Younger Toddlers
	A Wee Bit of Home
	Pictures, Pictures, Pictures
	Walk Rope
	Older Toddlers
	Shoebox Train
	Song Basket
	Themes, Holidays, Special Days
	Where Is It?
	Echo Me, Echo You
	Routine Conversation
	Infant Cues
	Always Talking
Infants and Toddlers
	Name Games
	Picture Wall
	Rhyming Names
	Movement Words
Younger Toddlers
	Teacher-Made Picture Book
Older Toddlers
	Munching Mouth
	Yo-Ho: A-Spying We Go
	We're Looking Everywhere
	Pack 'N Go
	All About the Picture
	Discuss the Book
Infants and Toddlers
	Family Faces
	Read Along
Younger Toddlers
	My ABC Book
	Story Time
Older Toddlers
	Tell Me About Your Work
	Color Shopping
	Shape or Color Book
	Cozy Library
	Caps for Sale Block Story
	ABC Ticket
	Block Music Stories
	Sequence Book
Younger Toddlers
	The Sorting Game
Older Toddlers
	Eraser Patterns
	Sorting Game
	Bow Color Sort
	Button Sorting
	Matching Shapes
	Sock Match
	Matching Squares
	Day and Night
	One Fish, Two Fish
	Pet Patterns
	Laundry Sorting
	Match 'Em Up
Infants and Toddlers
	Relaxed Environment
Younger Toddlers
	Babies to Bed Naptime Poem
	Naptime Calmer
	Naptime Story
Older Toddlers
	Have a Good Nap
	What's Up There?
	Wiggle Out		
	Cowboys Snooze
	Waking Up
Outdoor Play
	Outdoor Time
Younger Toddlers
	Explore a Tree
	No Mess Painting
Older Toddlers
	Large Ball Art Roll
	Inside-Out Day
	Nature Hide and Seek
	Stop and Go Signs
	Transition With the Red Caboose
	Laundry Day
	Birdseed Fun
Older Toddlers
	Cricket Song
	Match the Animal to Its Home
	Let's Make a Zoo	
	Beach Fossils
	The Green Grows All Around
	Flotation Experiment
	Feeling Feet
	High and Low Swing
	Bouncy Bounce
	Flashlight Watch
	My Own Sounds
	I Can Make It Move
	On the Move
	Gentle Strokes
	Texture Blanket
	Texture Crawl
	Baby Mirror
Infants and Toddlers
	I Can Feel It
	Let's Dance
Younger Toddlers
	Family Mobiles
	Roll the Baby
	Sticky Pictures
	Texture Rub
	Bubble Wrap Prints
	Mirror Dance
	Cotton Balls in a Bag
	Sensory Books
	Texture Treasure
	Sensory Exploration Bottles
Older Toddlers
	Sponge Shapes
	Texture Box
	Clean Mud
	Tube Horns
	Here Come the Drums!
	Animal Hunt
	Body Wraps
	Flannel Board Fun
	It Looked Like Spilt Milk
	Magical Rubbings
	Musical Lines
	It Feels Sticky
	Sock Smell
Infants and Toddlers
	Meal Song
	Finger Foods
Younger Toddlers
	Magic Pudding
Older Toddlers
	Funny Face Food
	Vegetable People
	Teaching Colors
	Making Shakes
	Food Inspection
	Apple Smile Snack 
	Snack Time Placemats
	Baby Faces Book
	Mirror Face
Infants and Toddlers
	Describing Emotions
Younger Toddlers
Older Toddlers
	Friendship Chain
	How Do You Feel Today?
	Look What I Can Do
	Silly Shoe Mix-Up
	Thankfulness Cornucopia
	I Keep My Hands to Myself
	King or Queen for the Week
Younger Toddlers
	If You're Listening
	The Power of Light
	Off We Go!
Older Toddlers
	Transition Warnings
	Jump to Lunch
	Pointing and Naming
	Drum Beat Gathering
	The Magic Wand
	Yes or No?
Working With Families
Infants and Toddlers
	A Precious Valentine's Day Gift
	Classroom Camera
	Getting to Know You...
Younger Toddlers
	Summer Activity Calendars
Older Toddlers
	My Family
	Good Goodbyes
	Mail for Children
	Family Paper Bag Story

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Early childhood education -- Activity programs.
Creative activities and seat work.
Infants -- Recreation.
Toddlers -- Recreation.