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of Contents
Top Ten Reasons to Practice Your German
Part 1: The Article
The Attributive Adjective
Three Genders and Four Cases
Cases in Action
A Unique Group of Modifiers
Agreement with Nouns
Possessive Adjectives, Negation, and ¿ein-words¿
Characteristics of Adjectives
Commonplace Usage
Part 2: The Noun
The Class with No Endings: Class I
The Class with ¿e: Class II
The Class with ¿er: Class III
The Declension with No Modification
The ¿Combo-Declension,¿ or Mixed Declension
Unclassified Nouns
Essential Elements of Nouns
Nouns as Specific Things
Masculine, Feminine, and Neuter Nouns
Compound Nouns
The Nominative Case in Action
The Genitive Case in Action
The Dative Case in Action
The Accusative Case in Action
Part 3: The Pronoun
Pronouns: Gender
Pronominal Compounds
Reflexive Pronouns
Verbs, Pronouns, and the Dative Case
Pronouns: Reciprocal
Possessive Pronouns
Demonstrative Pronouns
Asking Questions
Asking ¿What Kind of . . . ?¿
Referring to Antecedents
Three Classes of Pronouns
Part 4: Prepositions, Adverbs, and Conjunctions
Seven Important Prepositions Requiring the Accusative
Eight Important Prepositions Requiring the Dative
Nine Important Two-Way Prepositions
Five Important Prepositions Requiring the Genitive
Three Important Prepositions Requiring zu + Infinitive
Common Contractions of Prepositions with Definite Articles
Adverbial Constructions
Coordinating Conjunctions
Subordinating Conjunctions
Dependent Clauses
The Three ¿Whens¿
Inverted Word Connections
Part 5: The Adjective
Adjectives with and without Endings
Unpreceded Adjectives
Declining Weak Adjectives: Adjectives Preceded by ¿der-words¿
Mixed Adjectives Adjectives Preceded by ¿ein-words¿
Adjectives as Nouns
Adjectives vs. Adverbs
Comparative Phrases
Adjectives vs. Adverbs: Irregularity
The Comparative and the Superlative
The Cardinal Numbers
Telling Time
Part 6: Verbs: Section A
Three Irregular Verbs
Two Major Groups of Verbs
Direct Objects or No Direct Objects?
Rules for haben or sein
Tenses in Action
Two Kinds of Prefixes
Six Verbs on Their Own
Part 7: Verbs: Section B
Is the Infinitive Required?
Idiomatic Verbs in Action
Wissen (¿to know¿) and Lassen (¿to let¿)
Construction of Passive Verbs
Possibility and Uncertainty
Possibility in Action
Two Conditional Tenses
Appendix A: Answer Key
Appendix B: Verb Tables

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