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Series Editor's Foreword
Part I: YA RA Suggestions for Success
1.	Practice a "YA Attitude" toward Teens
	A/ 	Serve Patrons with Commitment and Enthusiasm
 A/ 	Cultivate a Non Judgmental Attitude 
 A/ 	Develop a Respectful Attitude 
 A/ 	 Offer Steady Accessibility 
 A/ 	Know the Library's YA Books and Materials. 
 A/ 	Read YA Literature. 
 A/	 Remember your Teen Emotions and Experiences 
 A/ 	Understand Today's Teen Trends 
 A/	 Learn how to Understand and Discuss a Book's Appeal
 A/	 Hone your skills with Reader's Advisory Tools
2.	 Develop Useful Teen Reader's Advisory Practices
 A/	Read YA Books to Recognize Patron Appeal 
 A/	Create a "Reader's Corner" 
 A/	Market the Collection in YA Area. 
 A/	Booktalk YA Books. 
 A/	Present Independent Programs and Contests 
 A/	Promote Books. Using the Internet 
 A/	Launch and Maintain a Teen Book Discussion Group. 
 A/	Develop a Comprehensive Reader's Advisory Interview. 
 A/	Learn to do Reader's Advisory on the Run. 
 A/	Teach Teens how to Utilize the Catalog and Online RA Tools.
3.	 Explore the Young Adult Literature Scene
 A/	Characteristics 
 A/	Trends 
 A/	School Reading Assignments 
 A/	Core Young Adult Authors
 A/	Teen Authors
 A/	Most Challenged Young Adult Authors
4. 	Key Book Honors for YA Literature
 A/	The Alex Award
 A/	The Mildred L. Batchelder Award
 A/	The Margaret Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award 
 A/	The National Book Award
 A/	The John Newbery Award
 A/	Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
 A/	The Printz Award
 A/	Teens Top Ten
 A/	Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults
 A/	Top Ten Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers
 A/	Young Adult Canadian Book Award
5.	Recommended YA RA Resources 
 A/	Choosing the Right Resource	
 B/	Indexes
 B/	Plot Summaries
 B/	Characteristics of Authors
 B/	Best and Representative Titles of Authors
 B/	Point of View
 B/	Genre
 B/	Similar Titles 
 B/	Recommended Audience
 B/	Appeal
 		B/	Indicates Internal or External Journeys
 A/	Print Resources
 B/	Teen Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests 
 B/	A Core Collection for Young Adults
 B/	What Do I Read Next for YA
 B/	101 Radical Reads
 B/	The World's Best Thin Books 
 B/	Best Books for Middle and Junior High Readers
B/	Popular Series Reading for Middle School and 
Teen Readers
 B/	High/Low Handbook
 B/	100 More Popular Young Adult Authors
 B/	Teen Reading Connections
 A/ 	Review Journals
 B/	VOYA Voice of Youth Advocates
 B/	School Library Journal
 B/	YALS Young Adult Library Services
 B/	Teacher Librarian
 B/	Horn Book
 B/	Kirkus
 B/	ALAN Review
 B/	Booklist 
 B/	Kliatt
 B/	Library Media Connection
 A/ 	Electronic Resources
 B/	Novelist
		B/	YALSA-BK Discussion List
		B/	Best Books for Young Adults
		B/	Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers
		B/	Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults
		B/	Best of the Best
		B/	Reading Rants
		B/	Adbooks Discussion List
		B/	Genrefluent
 B/	Favorite Teenage Angst Books
 A/	Booklists Online
 B/	Berkeley Public Library 
 B/	Boston Public Library
 B/	 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
 B/	Fresno County Public Library
 B/	Hennepin County Public Library
 B/	Kalamazoo Public Library 
 B/	King County Library System
 B/	Mid-Continent Public Library
 B/	New York Public Library
 B/	Pasadena Public Library 
 B/	Plymouth District Library
 B/	Santa Clara County Public Library
 B/	Springfield City Library
	A/	"Readers as Resources"
		B/	Amazon Online
		B/	Smart Girl
		B/	Miss Thang Reads
		B/	Barnes and Noble Online
		B/	Y Read
		B/	Teenreads
Part II: 	The Subject and Genre Booklists: A to Z
6.	 Adventure
	 A/ Classic Adventure
 A/ On the Water
 A/ Pirates/Swashbucklers 
 A/ Runaways	
 A/ Survival
	A/ Traveling Teens 
	A/ Unexpected Heroes
 B/	 Resources: Additional Titles
7.	The Arts
 A/	Books to Movies
 A/	 Librarians in Movies
 A/	Music, Song, and Dance
 A/	Painting and Graffiti
 A/	Photography and Filmmaking
 A/	Theatre and Plays
 A/	Writing
8.	Families
	A/	Absent Parents
	A/	Abusive/dysfunctional families
	A/	Adoption
	A/	Fathers
	A/	Grandparents 
 A/	Mothers
	A/	Orphans
	A/	Parents 
 A/	Siblings
 A/	Teen Fathers
 A/	Teen Mothers
9.	 Fantasy
	A/	 Fantasy Awards
	A/	Classic Fantasy
	A/	Dragons
	A/	Fairies/Trolls/Elves
	A/	Gaming
	A/	King Arthur
	A/	Magic
	A/	Magical Realism
	A/	Talking Animals 
	A/	Urban Fantasy
 A/	Wizards
 B/ Resources: Additional Titles 
10.	 Format as Content
 A/ Diary/Journal Novels- Boy Journalist
	A/	Diary/Journal Novels- Girl Journalist 
 A/	E-mail/Snail Mail Novels 
	A/	Graphic Novels - Fantasy and Science Fiction
	A/	Graphic Novels- Manga Series 
 A/	Graphic Novels- Superheroes Series 
 A/ 	Graphic Novels- Too good to miss 
 A/ 	Mixed Documents 
	A/ 	Points of View: Multiple, Alternating, Second Person
 A/ 	Picture Books Teens Will Like
 A/ 	Sort Classics under 200 Pages
	A/ 	Short Novels under 150 Pages
	A/	 Short Story Collections
	A/ 	Verse Novels
		B	Resources: Additional Titles
11.	 History: Prehistory to 1899
	A/ 	Historical Fiction Award
	A/ 	Prehistoric to 475 AD
 A/ 	The Middle Ages / 476 - 1499/ A.D. 
	A/ 	The Renaissance / 1500-1700/A.D. 
	A/ 	Pioneer/Frontier Life
	A/ 	Colonial America 
 A/	 Salem Witch Trials
	A/	 Revolutionary War
	A/	 Pre Civil War
	A/	 Civil War
	A/	 Post Civil War
		B/ 	Resources: Additional Titles
12.	History: 1900 to Present 
	A/	 1900- WWI
	A/ 	Great Depression / Pre WWII
	A/ 	Holocaust
	A/ 	1950s / Post WWII
	A/ 	1960s/ Civil Rights Movement
	A/ 	1970s/ Vietnam War
	A/ 	1980s -1990s
		B/ Resources: Additional Titles
13. 	Horror
 A/ 	Classic Horror
 A/ 	Dead Narrators
	A/ 	Demons and Possession 
	A/ 	Ghosts
	A/ 	Gruesome 
	A/ 	Monsters
 A/ 	Occult and Supernatural
	A/ 	Scary Stories
 A/ 	Vampires
	A/ 	Werewolves
	A/ 	Witches
			B/	 Resources: Additional Titles
14.	 Love, Sex, and Romance 
 A/	Classic Love, Sex, and Romance
 A/ 	Bisexual/ Transgendered/ Questioning Teens 
 A/ 	Dating/ Crush
	A/ 	Dating Violence/Rape 
	A/ 	First Love
	A/ 	Gay Guys
	A/ 	Lesbian Girls
	A/ 	Unplanned Pregnancy/Abortion
		B/ 	Resources: Additional Romance Titles
15.	Mental Illness and Physical Disability
	A/ 	Alcohol Abuse/Addiction- Parents
	A/ 	Alcohol Abuse/Addiction- Teens
 A/ 	Anger
 A/ 	Autism
	A/ 	Body Image/Eating Disorders
	A/ 	Drug Abuse/Addiction
	A/ 	Female Circumcision
	A/ 	Mental Illness
	A/ 	Physical Disabilities
	A/ 	Physical Illness- AIDS
	A/ 	Physical Illness- Cancer
	A/ 	Physical Illness- Miscellaneous
16.	 Multicultural
 A/ 	Multicultural Awards
 A/ 	Africa as a Setting 
 A/ 	African American Characters
 A/ 	Asia as a Setting 
 A/ 	Asian American Characters
 A/ 	Australia/New Zealand as a Setting		
 A/ 	Central America/Caribbean/Mexico/South America as a Setting
 A/ 	Europe as a Setting
 A/	 Hispanic American Characters
 A/	 Immigrants/Refugees as Characters
 A/ 	India as a Setting 
 A/ 	Native American Characters 
 A/ 	Southeast Asia as a Setting
 B/	 Resources: Additional Titles
17.	 Mystery and Suspense
	A/ 	Mystery Awards
	A/ 	Classic Mystery
 A/ 	A Case of Murder 
 A/ 	Disappearance/Kidnapping 
 A/ 	Supernatural 
	A/	 Suspense 
	A/ 	Teen Detectives 
	A/ 	Wrongly Accused 
 B/	 Resources: Additional Titles
18. 	Repeated Plots and Recycled Characters
	A/ 	Bible Stories Retold
	A/ 	Fairy Tales Retold
 A/ 	Greek Mythology
	A/	 Shakespeare Themes- Romeo and Juliet
	A/	 More Shakespeare Themes 
B/ Resources: Additional Titles
19.	Religion and Spirituality
 A/ 	Amish
 A/ 	Christianity 
 A/ 	Christmas 
	A/ 	Eastern Religions 
 A/ 	Islam
	A/ 	Judaism
	A/ 	Last Days/ End of the World/ Apocalypse
	A/	Latter Day Saints	/ Mormons
 A/ 	Negative Portrayals of Clergy / Church 
 A/ 	Spiritual Seekers / Faith
20.	Schools / Teachers
	A/	Alternative/Boarding Schools
 A/ 	Bullying/Harassment- Boys
 A/	 Bullying/Harassment- Girls
 A/ 	Peer Pressure/Conformity
 A/ 	Prom
 A/ 	School Violence
 A/ 	Teachers
21.	Science Fiction
	A/ 	Science Fiction Award
	A/ 	Science Fiction Classics
 A/	 Aliens
	A/ 	Clones/Genetic Engineering
	A/ 	Computers/Internet/Cyberpunk
	A/	 Dystopia
	A/ 	Robots/Cyborgs
	A/ 	Science Gone Wrong
 A/	 Space Travel
 A/ 	Time Travel
 	B/ 	Resources: Additional Titles
22.	Social Issues
 A/ 	Abuse
	A/ 	Activism/Politics
 A/ 	Censorship
 A/ 	Crime and Detention
	A/ 	Death and Grief
 A/ 	Friendship
 A/ 	Gangs
 A/ 	Homelessness
	A/ 	Racism/Prejudice
	A/ 	Suicide
23.	Sports
	A/ 	Baseball / Softball
	A/ 	Basketball 
 A/ 	Boxing and Wrestling 
 A/	 Football
 A/ 	Girls in Sports
 A/ 	Hockey, Skiing, Skating
 A/ 	Miscellaneous Sports 
 A/ 	Running/Track
 A/ 	Soccer 
 A/ 	Swimming
		B/ Resources: Additional Titles
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