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Special Thanks
From the Authors
Patrick Jones
Patricia Taylor
Maureen Hartman
Part I-Tips That Work
Foreword to Part I By Gail Giles
1. Who are Reluctant Readers?
1.1 Who are Reluctant Teen Readers?
1.2 What are the Characteristics of Dependent Readers?
1.3 Some people equate reluctant readers with male readers. Why is 
 that and is it true?
1.4 Are there specific reasons that girls in particular don?t choose to 
1.5 Can an Honor student be a reluctant reader?
2. Why are They Reluctant to Read?
2.1 Why Should Teens Read for Pleasure?
2.2 Why Don?t Teens Like to Read?
2.2a Survey
2.2b Teens Speak Out
2.2c Interview
2.2d Findings
2.2e Research Reports
2.3 What are the Other Factors that Explain why Many Teens Choose Not to Read for Pleasure?
2.4 What are the Four Levels of Reading?
3. How Can We Help?
3.1 What?s the Single Most important Thing About Working with 
 Reluctant Teen Readers?
3.2 What are the ten top techniques for teachers?which librarians 
 can support?that work with reluctant readers?
3.3 How do We Guide Reluctant Teen Readers Through Required 
3.4 What are Top Techniques for Librarians that Work with 
 Reluctant Teen Readers?
3.5 Is the Accelerated Reader a Good or Bad Thing in Promoting 
 Reluctant Readers?
3.6 Should libraries plan programs such as summer reading clubs, 
 which offer incentives for reading?
3.7 What role can/should parents play in moving reluctant readers?
3.8 Are there any counter productive strategies that librarians or 
 teachers engage in when trying to reach reluctant readers? In 
 other words, what doesn?t work?
3.9 How do we engage reluctant readers to talk with 
 teachers/librarians about their reading?
3.10 How can teachers/librarians use tools like Novelist to encourage 
 reluctant readers?
4. What Kinds of Books Work?
4.1 What Will Reluctant Readers Read?
4.2 Ten Reasons that Young Adults Like NonFiction
4.3 Ten Reasons that Young Adults Like Fiction
4.4 What are Qualities in a Book that will Hook Many Reluctant 
4.5 What?s the role of intellectual freedom?
4.6 Does a Thin One Always Mean an Easy Book for Reluctant 
4.7 Why Don?t any Teens-Not Just Reluctant Readers?Read the 
4.8 What Classic Titles are Accessible to Even the Most Reluctant of 
4.9 What?s the pull of Harry Potter? Did Rowling really hook non-
 readers and, if so, how?
4.10 How do we motivate reluctant readers up the ladder from easy reading to the more challenging material?
Voices from the field
Part II-Titles That Work
Foreword to Part III by Mel Glenn
Turnaround Titles?57 Varieties of Great Reading Experiences
Mystery, Action and Suspense
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Journals and Letters
Realistic Problems
Short Stories
Fiction Series
Books that Read Like Magazines
Celebrities and Famous Folk
Their Own Voices?Poetry and Writing by Teenagers
Changing Bodies
True Stories
Art and Drawing
Crafts and DIY Projects
Selected Nonfiction Series
Graphic Novels and Comics
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Teen Social Issues
Other Lists
Best Books and Best Quick Picks from YALSA
The Perfect Tens List
Book/Movie Connections
Best New Adult Fiction Books for Reluctant Teen Readers
Best Literature Books for Reluctant Readers
Best Young Adult Literature for Reluctant Readers
Best Forty Magazines for Reluctant Readers
Best Twenty-Five Comic Books for Reluctant Readers
Best Twenty-Five Books for Struggling Middle School 
Best 100 Books for Boys of All Ages 
Twenty Children?s Books for Reluctant Readers
Part III-Tools That Work
Booktalking 101
Four Basic Booktalk Styles
Sample Booktalks-50 Greatest Hits
Reading Survey
Afterword by Alex Flinn
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