Table of contents for 50 military leaders that changed the world / by William Weir.

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 I King of the Four Corners of the Earth: Sargon of Akkad
 II The World Turned Upside Down: The Captains of the Sea Peoples
 III The Shepherd King: Cyrus the Great
 IV The Art of War: Sun Tzu
 V The King Who Would be God: Alexander the Great
 VI East Meets West: Chandragupta Maurya
 VII Unexpected Consequences: Hannibal
 VIII The Wild Beast of Ch¿in: Ch¿in Shih-huang-ti
 IX Crossing the Rubicon: Julius Caesar
 X The Scourge of God: Attila the Hun
 XI The Prophet and His Disciples: Muhammad
 XII Recreating the Empire: Charlemagne
 XIII The Holy Roman Empire: Otto the Great
 XIV Enter the Turk: Tughril Beg
 XV England Enters the Mainstream: William the Conqueror
 XVI The Honor of the Faith: Saladin
 XVII ¿One God in Heaven, One Khan on Earth:¿ Genghis Khan
 XVIII The Fine Italian Hand: Enrico Dandolo
 XIX The Maid of Orleans: Joan of Arc
 XX Opening the Door to Europe: Muhammad II
 XXI Controlling the Riches of the Indies: Franciso de Almeida
 XXII The First Non-European Conquest: Hernan Cortes
 XXIII The Incredible Conquest: Francisco Pizarro
 XXIV Russia Rejoins Europe: Ivan the Terrible
 XXV The First Ironclads: Yi Sun Shin
 XXVI The Shogun: Tokugawa Ieyasu
 XXVII The Importance of Firepower: Maurice of Nassau
 XXVIII Rationalizing the ¿God of War:¿ Jean Baptiste Vacquette de Gribreauval
 XXIX Forced March to the Present: Peter the Great
 XXX Juvenile Delinquent to Empire Builder: Robert Clive
 XXXI ¿The Old Fox:¿ George Washington
 XXXII General Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Benedict Arnold
 XXXIII The Tyrant as Liberator: Napoleon I
 XXXIV The Triumph of the Whale: Horatio Nelson
 XXXV The Philosopher of War: Karl Maria von Clausewitz
 XXXVI The Liberator of the North: Simon Bolivar
 XXXVII The Liberator of the South: Jose de San Martin
 XXXVIII Retreat to Victory: Sam Houston
 XXXIX ¿Old Fuss and Feathers:¿ Winfield Scott
 XXXX The Art of Mobilization: Helmut von Moltke the Elder
 XXXXI All-Out War for Survival: U.S. Grant
 XXXXII The Clausewitz of the Ocean: Alfred Thayer Mahan
 XXXXIII Samurai on the Sea: Togo Heihachiro
 XXXXIV The Father of Air Power: Giulio Douhet
 XXXXV The Monster: Adolf Hitler
 XXXXVI Achtung! Panzer: Heinz Guderian
 XXXXVII The Father of the Carrier Task Force: Yamamoto Isoroku
 XXXXVIII Japan¿s Fatal Six Minutes: Raymond A. Spruance
 XXXXIX Protracted War: Mao Zedong
 XXXXX ¿Old Iron Tits:¿ Matthew B. Ridgway
 Other Leaders, Other Times: Where¿s Osama?
 Other Leaders, Other Times: Confederates and a Baker¿s Dozen of Honorable Mentions

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