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Contributions of Gideon A. Rodan, MD to Human Health
Jack Martin and Dwight Towler
Part I: Skeletal Development:
1. PTHrP and Skeletal Development: Henry Kronenberg
2. Regulating Bone Growth with BMPs: Phoebe Leboy
3. BMP and BMP Inhibitors in Bone: Vicki Rosen
4. BMP Signaling and Skeletalogensis: Xu Cao
5. Function of BMP and BMP Antagonist in Adult Bone: Etsuko Abe
6. Dysregulation of the BMP4 Signaling Pathway in Fibrodysplasia Ossificans 
Progressiva: Frederick Kaplan
7. Hypoxia, HIF-1¿- and VHL in Chondrogenesis: Ernestina Schipani
8. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Synovial Joint and Articular Cartilage 
Formation: Maurizio Pacifici
9. Multiple Roles of Hoxc8 in Skeletal Development: Aster Juan et al.
Part II: Skeletal Remodeling:
10. Osteoclasts and Integrins: Steven Teitelbaum
11. Regulation of Osteoclast Differentiation: David Roodman
12. Signaling in Osteoclast and their Precursors: Patrick Ross
13. Canonical Wnt Signaling in Osteoblasts is Required for Osteoclast Differentiation: 
Gerard Karsenty
14. Inhibition of ATF4 Transcriptional Activity by TIAT/¿?-Taxilin Modulates Bone 
Mass: Rene St. Arnaud
15. Paget's Disease of Bone and Genetic Disorders of RANK/OPG/RANK/NF-¿?B 
signaling: Michael Whyte
16. The Regulation of Cathepsin K Gene Expression: Bruce Troen
17. Direct and Indirect Estrogen Actions on Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts: Alberta Zallone
18. Molecular Mechanism of the Life and Death of the Osteoclast: Sakae Tanaka
19. Understanding Parathyroid Hormone Action: Nicola Partridge
20. New Insights Into the Mechanisms Involved in The Pleiotropic Actions of 
1,25dihydroxyvitamin D3: Sylvia Christakos
21. Mechanisms of Vitamin D Receptor Action: Marie Demay
22. Role of Connexin 43 in Osteoblast Response to Physical Load: Roberto Civitelli
23. Interactive Effect of Interleukin-6 and Prostaglandin E2 on Osteoclastogenesis via the 
OPG/RANK-L/RANK System: Xin-Hua Liu
24. Does TNF Have Anti-Osteoclastogenic Actions?: Jameel Iqbal
25. Eosinophil Chemotactic Factor-L (ECF-L) Enhances Osteoclast Formation by 
Increasing ICAM-1 Expression: Garcia Palacios and David Roodman
Part III: Mechanisms Of Bone Loss:
26. Bone Cell Precursors and the Pathophysiology of Bone Loss: Harry Blair and Jill 
27. Autosomal Dominant Pseudohypoparathyroidism Type 1b is Caused by Different 
Microdeletions Within or Upstream of the GNAS Locus: Harold Jueppner
28. Estrogen Regulation of Immune Cells Bone Interactions: Roberto Pacifici
29. Autoimmunity and Bone: Edward Schwarz
30. Non-Steroid Immune Modulators and Bone Disease: Solomon Epstein
31. Pathogenesis of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis Induced by Highly Active Anti-Retroviral 
Therapy for AIDS: Jay McDonald
32. Pituitary Hormones and Bone Loss: Mone Zaidi
33. Bone Destruction in Multiple Myeloma: Toshio Matsumoto
34. Osteogenic Regulation of Vascular Calcification: Dwight Towler
35. The OPG/TRAIL Complex in an In Vitro Osteoclastogenesis Model Dervied From 
Human Multiple Myeloma Bone Disease: Maria Grano et al. 
36. Restoration of Bone Mass in hpg Mouse by Preoptic Area Grafting: Gopalan 
37. IL-7 Drives T Cell-Medicated Bone Loss Following Ovariectomy: Michaela Robbie-
Ryan and M. Neale Weitzmann
Part IV: Restoring Skeletal Strength:
38. Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering: Past, Present and Future: Julia Polak
39. Bisphosphonates: From Bench to Bedside: Graham Russell
40. Novel Targets and Therapeutics for Bone Loss: Ronald N. Margolis and Sunil J. 
41. Advanced Imaging Assessment of Bone Quality: Harry Genant
42. Bone Strength: Current Concepts: Charles Turner
43. Anti-Catabolic Therapeutic Target in Bone Disease: Brendan Boyce
44. Mechanisms Involved in Skeleton Anabolic Therapies: Jack Martin
45. Misconceptions About Calcimimetics: Edward Nemeth
46. Osteoblastic Activation in the Hematopoetic Stem Cell Niche: Laura Calvi
47. Circulating Cells with Osteogenic Potential: Sundeep Khosla
48. The Pericellular Matrix as a Transducer of Biomechanical Signals in Auricular 
Cartilage: Farshid Guilak
49. Clinical Biophysics: The Promotion of Skeletal Repair by Physical Force: Roy Aaron
50. COX-2 has a Critical Role During Incorporation of Structural Bone Allografts: Regis 
51. The Effect of Anti-TNF Therapy on Spinal Bone Mineral Density in Crohn¡?s 
Disease: Michael Pazianas
52. Bone Remodeling in Health and Disease: Lessons from Mathematical Modeling: 
Svetlana V Komarova 
53. Modeling of Serum C-Telopeptide Levels with Daily and Monthly Oral Ibandronate: 
Mone Zaidi 
54. NFATc1: A Novel Anabolic Therapeutic Target for Osteoporosis: Majd Zayzafoon
55. Mechanical Loading Differentially Regulates Membrane Bound and Soluble RANKL 
Availability in MC3T3-E1 Cells: Dae Won Kim and Francis Y. Lee

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