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Craig Bartholomew
Introduction: Canon, Community and Theological Construction
Anthony C. Thiselton
The Controversial Status of a ?Canonical? Approach
Towards a Clarification of what Canonical Approaches Involve
Canon and Interpretation in the Essays (mainly in Part 1) of this Volume
The Canonical Context of Specific Texts or Books: The Essays of Part 2
A Concluding Comment: Polyphonic Voices, Canon and Theological Construction
Part 1
The Concept of Canon, its Formation
and the Hermeneutical Implication
1. The Canon in Recent Biblical Studies Reflections on an Era
Brevard S. Childs
A New Interpretation of Canon Within the English-speaking World
Characteristics of the New Approach to Canon
The German Debate Over Canon
Details of the Debate
Retrospective Reflections on the Canon Debate
2. The Canonical Approach and Theological Interpretation
Christopher R Seitz
Canonical Approach: Features and Challenges
Canon as Witness
3. The Apostolic Gospels in the Early Church: The Concept of Canon and the Formation of the Four-Gospel Canon
Denis Farkasfalvy
4. The Gospels Within the New Testament Canon
Eugene E. Lemcio
The Gospel Corpus as a Whole
The Gospels and Representative Themes
5. Canonicity, Apostolicity, and Biblical Authority: Some Kierkegaardian Reflections
C. Stephen Evans
Apostolicity and the Authority of the New Testament
Canonicity and Pseudonymity
Some Skeptical Reflections about Historical Skepticism
A Final Word About Epistemic Perspectives
6. Reclaiming Inspiration for the Bible
Stephen B. Chapman
Canon as a Historical Process
The Evangelical Tradition and Inspiration
From Inspired Author to Inspired Text
Inspiration, Accommodation and Incarnation
From Propositions to Narrative Art
7. Canon, Cult and Covenant: The Promise of Liturgical Hermeneutics
Scott W. Hahn
The Liturgical Content and Context of Scripture
Reading Scripture Liturgically: The Old Covenant Witness
Reading Scripture Liturgically: The New Covenant Witness
Towards a Liturgical Hermeneutic
8. Towards Transformational Reading of Scripture
Jean Vanier and Frances Young
The Gospel of John and Life in the Community of l?Arche (Jean Vanier)
Methodological Reflection on Jean on John (Frances Young)
Part 2
Reading the Old Testament Canonically
9. Old Testament Laws and Canonical Intentionality
Gordon McConville
Diversity in Pentateuchal Laws
Critical Responses
Canonical Dimensions
Canonical Intentionality
The Laws in the Canon
The Laws in Themselves
10. Response to Gordon McConville
Christopher J.H. Wright
11. The Prophets, the Canon and a Canonical Approach: No Empty Word
Stephen G. Dempster
The Prophets and the Canons of Judaism and Christianity
The Prophetic Message: A Canonical Message ? No Empty Word
The Relationship Between the Torah and the Prophets: Continuity and Overflow
The Prophets and the New Testament: Continuity and Rupture
The Impact of a Canonical Approach in Studying the Prophets: No Empty Word
12. Towards a Canonical Reading of the Psalms
Gordon Wenham
Gerald Wilson, The Editing of the Hebrew Psalter (1985)
Whybray: Reading the Psalms as a Book
The Titles
Hossfeld and Zenger?s Commentary
13. Reading Wisdom Canonically
Tremper Longman III
The Book of Proverbs
Qohelet?s Questioning
The Book of Job
Returning to Proverbs
Reading the Wisdom Books in the Light of the New Testament
Reading Wisdom in the Light of Christ
14. Wisdom as Canonical Imagination: Pleasant words for Tremper Longman
Ryan P. O?Dowd
Wisdom as Hermeneutical Imagination
Challenges to Longman?s Old Testament Wisdom Interpretation
Wisdom in the New Testament
15. Prolegomena to Christian Theological Interpretations of Lamentations
Robin Parry
Lamentations Within its Own Horizons
Lamentations Within the Canon of the Church
University of Gloucestershire
The British and Foreign Bible Society
Baylor University
Redeemer University College
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