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Preface	000
	Acknowledgments	000
Chapter 1	What are apples? 	000
	Apple relatives	000
	Apple fruits, flowers, and seeds	000
	Apple dispersal	000
	Apple country	000
		The Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau	000
		The monsoon region	000
		The Tian Shan	000
Chapter 2	Origin of the apple	000
	Malus pumila and its relatives	000
		DNA evidence	000
		Evidence from cultivars	000
	The origin of the apple: A tentative conclusion	000
	The fruit forest	000
	The three phases of the apple crop	000
	Enter the bear	000
	Enter the horse	000
	Camels	000
	And dung beetles?	000
Chapter 3	Archaeology and the apple	000
	The Turkic Corridor	000
		Pack animals	000
	Ancient apple names	000
Chapter 4	Apples and grafting	000
	Grafting and the apple¿s move westward	000
	Archaeological evidence for grafting	000
	Grafting in the Middle Ages and after	000
	Grafting in China	000
	Apple rootstocks	000
Chapter 5	Westward migration of the apple	000
	Chinese names for apples	000
	Silk Roads	000
	Lapis Lazuli Road	000
	Apples in Europe	000
		Celtic place-names and the apple	000
		Romans in Britain	000
		The empire of Charlemagne	000
		Berbers and Moors	000
		Post-Roman place-names and the apple	000
		The Battle of Hastings	000
	Reception of the apple in the West	000
		The image of the apple	000
		The apple in Germany	000
		That puzzling word reinette	000
		The textbook and the apple	000
	The apple in folklore and other stories	000
		Newton¿s apple	000
		 ¿Norfolk Beefin¿	000
		 ¿Bramley¿s Seedling¿	000
		 ¿Ribston Pippin¿	000
		 ¿Blenheim Orange¿	000
		And some non-apples	000
Chapter 6	Apple migration across the seas	000
	Scurvy	000
	Colonies	000
Chapter 7	Beyond dessert: Cyder and ornamentals	000
	Cyder and cider	000
	Early Europe	000
	Britain	000
		Scudamore¿s ¿Redstreak¿	000
		Vinetum Britannicum	000
	France	000
	North America	000
		Johnny Appleseed	000
	Virtues of cyder	000
	Other methods of apple preservation	000
	Apple growing	000
		Apple wood	000
	Apple hybrids	000
	Ornamental crabs	000
		 ¿Niedzwetzkyana¿	000
Chapter 8	A dénouement	000
	The future of the apple	000
Appendix	Classification and distribution of apple species	000
References	000
Index	000
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Apples -- History.