Table of contents for The monkey and the monk : a revised abridgment of the journey to the west / translated and edited by Anthony C. Yu.

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1	The divine root being conceived, the origin appears;
	The moral nature cultivated, the Great Dao is born.
2	Having fully awakened to Bodhi¿s wondrous truths,
	Cut M<a-macron>ra, return to the root, and fuse the primal 
3	The Four Seas and the Thousand Mountains all bow to submit;
	From Ninefold Darkness ten species¿ names are removed.
4	Appointed as a Bima, how could he be content?;
	Named Equal to Heaven, he¿s still unpacified.
5	Disrupting the Peach Festival, the Great Sage steals elixir;
	With revolt in Heaven, many gods try to seize the fiend.
6	Guanyin, attending the banquet, inquires into the affair;
	The Little Sage, exerting his power, subdues the Great Sage.
7	From the Eight Trigrams Brazier the Great Sage escapes;
	Beneath the Five Phases Mountain, Mind Monkey is stilled.
8	Our Sovereign Buddha makes scriptures to impart ultimate bliss;
	Guanyin receives the decree to go up to Chang¿an.
9	Chen Guangrui, going to his post, meets disaster;
	Monk River Float, avenging his parents, repays their kindness.
10	The Old Dragon King, in foolish schemes, transgresses Heaven¿s 
	Prime Minister Wei sends a letter to an official of the dead.
11	Having toured the Underworld, Taizong returns to life;
	Having presented melons and fruits, Liu Quan marries again.
12	The Tang emperor, firm in sincerity, convenes the Grand Mass;
	Guanyin, revealing herself, converts Gold Cicada.
13	In the Den of Tigers, the Gold Star brings deliverance;
	At Double-Fork Ridge, Boqin detains the monk.
14	Mind Monkey returns to the Right;
	The Six Robbers vanish from sight.
15	At Serpent Coil Mountain, the gods give secret protection;
	At Eagle Grief Stream, the Horse of the Will is reined.
16	At the Guanyin Hall the Tang monk escapes his ordeal;
	At the Gao Village the Great Sage disposes of the monster.
17	At Cloudy Paths Cave, Wukong takes in Bajie;
	At Pagoda Mountain, Tripitaka receives the Heart S<u-macron>tra.
18	Bajie fights fiercely at the Flowing-Sand River;
	Mok<s-subdot>a by order receives Wujing¿s submission.
19	Tripitaka does not forget his origin;
	The Four Sages test the priestly mind.
20	The dharma-body in primary cycle meets the force of the cart;
	The mind, righting monstrous deviates, crosses the spine-ridge 
21	At the Three Pure Ones Temple the Great Sage leaves his name;
	At the Car Slow Kingdom the Monkey King reveals his power.
22	Heresy flaunts its strength to mock orthodoxy;
	Mind Monkey shows his saintliness to slay the deviates.
23	The Chan Master, taking food, is demonically conceived;
	Yellow Hag brings water to dissolve the perverse pregnancy.
24	Dharma-nature, going west, reaches the Women Nation;
 Mind Monkey devises a plan to flee the fair sex.
25	Deviant form makes lustful play for Tripitaka Tang;
	Upright nature safeguards the uncorrupted self.
26	The true Pilgrim lays bare his woes at Mount Potalaka;
	The false Monkey King transcribes documents at Water-Curtain 
27	Two Minds cause disturbance in the great cosmos;
	It¿s hard for one substance to reach Perfect Rest.
28	Priests are hard to destroy¿that¿s great awakening;
	The Dharma-king perfects the right, his body¿s naturalized.
29	Only when ape and horse are tamed will shells be cast;
	With merit and work perfected, they see the Real.
30	Nine times nine ends the count and M<a-macron>ra¿s all destroyed;
	The work of three times three done, the Dao reverts to its root.
31	They return to the Land of the East;
	The Five Sages attain immortality.

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