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Chapter 1 Physical Activity, Health and Chronic Diseases
Physical Activity, Health, and Disease: An Overview
Cardiovascular Disease
Hypercholesterolemia and Dyslipidemia
Cigarette Smoking
Diabetes Mellitis
Obesity and Overweight
Metabolic Syndrome
Musculoskeletal Diseases and Disorders
Review Material
Chapter 2 Preliminary Health Screening and Risk Classification
Health Evaluation
Testing Procedures for Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Electrocardiogram
Sources for Equipment
Review Material
Chapter 3 Principles of Assessment, Prescription, and Exercise Program Adherence
Physical Fitness Testing
Basic Principles for Exercise Program Design
Exercise Program Adherence
Certification and Licensure
Review Material
Chapter 4 Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness
Definition of Terms
Graded Exercise Testing: Guidelines and Procedures
Maximal Exercise Test Protocols
Submaximal Exercise Test Protocols
Field Tests for Assessing Aerobic Fitness
Exercise Testing of Children and Older Adults
Sources for Equipment
Review Material
Chapter 5 Designing Cardiorespiratory Exercise Programs
The Exercise Prescription
Aerobic Training Methods and Modes
Personalized Exercise Programs
Review Material
Chapter 6 Assessing Muscular Fitness
Definition of Terms
Strength and Muscular Endurance Assessment
Sources of Measurement Error in Muscular Fitness Testing
Additional Considerations for Muscular Fitness Testing
Muscular Fitness Testing of Older Adults
Muscular Fitness Testing of Children
Sources for Equipment
Review Material
Chapter 7 Designing Resistance Training Programs
Types of Resistance Training
Developing the Resistance Training Programs
Effects of Resistance Training Programs
Muscular Soreness
Review Material
Chapter 8 Assessing Body Composition
Classification and Uses of Body Composition Measures
Body Composition Models
Reference Methods for Assessing Body Composition
Field Methods for Assessing Body Composition
Sources for Equipment
Review Material
Chapter 9 Designing Weight Management and Body Composition Programs
Obesity, Overweight, and Underweight: Definitions and Trends
Obesity: Types and Causes
Weight Management Principles and Practices
Designing Weight Management Programs: Preliminary Steps
Designing Weight-Loss Programs
Quick Weight-Loss Diets and Precautions
Designing Weight-Gain Programs
Designing Programs to Improve Body Composition
Review Material
Chapter 10 Assessing Flexibility
Basics of Flexibility
Assessment of Flexibility
Flexibility Testing of Older Adults
Sources for Equipment
Review Material
Chapter 11 Designing Programs for Flexibility and Low Back Care
Training Principles
Stretching Methods
Designing Flexibility Programs: Exercise Prescription
Designing Low Back Care Exercise Programs
Review Material
Appendix A Health and Fitness Appraisal
A.1 Physical Activity Readiness Questionnarie (PAR-Q)
A.2 Medical History Questionnaire
A.3 Checklist for Signs and Symptoms of Disease
A.4 Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (PARmed-X)
A.5 Lifestyle Evaluation
A.6 Informed Consent
A.7 Sample ECG Tracings
A.8 Analysis of Sample Case Study in Chapter 5
A.9 Web Sites for Selected Professional Organizations and Institutes
Appendix B Cardiorespiratory Assessments
B.1 Summary of GXT and Cardiorespiratory Field Test Protocols
B.2 Rockport Fitness Charts
B.3 Step Test Protocols
Appendix C Muscular Fitness Exercise and Norms
C.1 Average Strength, Endurance, and Power Values for Isokinetic (Omni-Tron) Tests
C.2 Basic Static (Isometric) Exercises
C.3 Dynamic Resistance Training Exercises
Appendix D Body Composition Assessments
D.1 Prediction Equations for Residual Volume
D.2 Standardized Sites for Skinfold Measurements
D.3 Skinfold Sites for Jackson's Generalized Skinfold Equations
D.4 Standardized Sites for Circumference Measurements
D.5 Standardized Sites for Bony Breadth Measurements
Appendix E Energy Intake and Expenditure
E.1 Food Record and RDA Profile
E.2 Sample Computerized Analysis of Food Intake
E.3 Physical Activity Log
E.4 Gross Energy Expenditure for Conditioning Exercises, Sports, and Recreational Activities
E.5 Healthy Eating Pyramids
Appendix F Flexibility Exercises, Low Back Care Exercises and Stress Assessment
F.1 Selected Flexibility Exercises
F.2 Exercise Do's and Don¿t's
F.3 Exercises for Low Back Care
List of Abbreviations
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