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Table of Cases xi
Table of Conventions xii
Table of Legislation xiii
 criminal justice and the criminal law 1
 The Contours of Criminal Liability 
 The Machinery of English Criminal Law 
 The Sources of English Criminal Law 
 The Criminal Law in Action 
 Outline of the Aims and Functions of the Criminal Law 
 The Criminal Law and Sentencing 
 criminalization 22
 The Politics of Lawmaking 
 The Principle of Individual Autonomy 
 The Principle of Welfare 
 Harm and Minimalism 
 Assessing the Seriousness of Offences 
 Morally Wrong Behaviour 
 Criminalizing Omissions 
 Minor Harms 
 Remote Harms 
 Victimless Crime 
 principles and policies 56
 Rules and Principles 
 Constitutionality and Codification 
 Human Rights and Criminal Law 
 The Range of the Criminal Law 
 The Rule of Law and Fair Procedures 
 Principles Relating to the Conditions of Liability 
 criminal conduct 95
 The General Part of the Criminal Law 
 Involuntary Conduct 
 Acts, States of Affairs, and Possession 
 Justifiable Conduct 
 Chastisement of Children 
 Justifications, Necessity, and the Choice of Evils 
 positive fault requirements 157
 The Issues 
 Some General Principles 
 Varieties of Fault 
 The Variety of Fault Terms 
 The Referential Point of Fault 
 negative fault requirements 202
 Excuses and Denials of Responsibility 
 Agency, Capacity, and Mental Disorder 
 Duress and Necessity 
 Reasonable Mistake and Putative Defences 
 Ignorance or Mistake of Law 
 Reviewing the Non-Justificatory Defences 
 homicide 249
 Death and Finality 
 The Conduct Element: Causing Death 
 Defining Murder: The Inclusionary Question 
 Defining Murder: The Exclusionary Question 
 `Involuntary Manslaughter' 
 Endangerment on the Roads 
 Endangerment in Other Situations 
 non-fatal violations of the person 306
 Varieties of Physical Violation 
 Reported Physical Violations 
 Offences of Non-Fatal Physical Violation 
 Reported Sexual Assaults 
 Non-Consensual Sexual Penetration 
 Offences Against the Vulnerable 
 Other New Sexual Offences 
 Re-Assessing Sexual Offences Law 
 offences of dishonesty 361
 The Offence of Theft 
 Taking a Conveyance Without Consent 
 Handling Stolen Goods 
 Deception Offences 
 Fraud Offences 
 Dishonesty, Discretion, and `Desert' 
 complicity 410
 Distinguishing Principals from Accessories 
 The Conduct Element in Complicity 
 The Fault Elements in Complicity 
 Accessorial Liability for Different Results 
 Derivative Liability and the Missing Link 
 Special Defences to Complicity 
 inchoate offences 444
 The Concept of an Inchoate Offence 
 The Justifications for Penalizing Attempts at Crimes 
 The Elements of Criminal Attempt 
 The Justifications for an Offence of Conspiracy 
 The Elements of Criminal Conspiracy 
 Voluntary Renunciation of Criminal Purpose 
 The Relationship between Substantive and Inchoate Crimes 
 The Place of Inchoate Liability 
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