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List of Tables and Illustrations
A Note about Romanization
Chronology: Ch'in-Han Rulers and Reigns, 221 B.C.---A.D. 220
Equivalents of Weights and Measures
General Abbreviations and Translations of Technical Terms
Basic Terms: Ancient and Han Era Definitions and Usage and Modern Equivalents
Introduction: Scope, Sources, and Approaches
Prologue--From Tribes to Empire: An Anthropological Macrohistory of the State in Early China
Part 1. From Rebels to Imperialists: The Origins, Foundations, and Process of Han Expansion
1. Han Wu-ti's New Empire: The Political, Social, Economic, and Ideological Foundations
 of Han Expansion and Frontier Development
2. War and Peace with the Hsiung-nu in Early Han China: The Hsiung-nu Challenge and the
 Origins of Han Wu-ti's Military Expansion
3. The Northern and Northwestern Campaigns under Han Wu-ti: Cavalry, Professional
 Army, and the Military Revolution
Part 2. From the Moving Frontiers to the Settled Colonies: The Chinese Empire Expands
4. China Moves West: The Colonization of the Ho-hsi Region in the Former Han Period
5. The Han March to Inner Asia: The Colonization of the Western Regions in Former Han
Conclusion: Expansion, Frontier, and Empire
Appendix 1. A Note on the Tu-wei Institution on the Han Frontier
Appendix 2. The Military Leadership in the Former Han Period: A Cultural and Sociological
Appendix 3. On the Formation of the "Chinese" National Identity: Chung-kuo, Chung-kuo Jen,
and Han-jen
Major Dynasties and Periods of China
About the Author

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China -- History -- To 221 B.C.
China -- History -- Qin dynasty, 221-207 B.C.
China -- History -- Han dynasty, 202 B.C.-220 A.D.