Table of contents for Unmaking the West : "what-if" scenarios that rewrite world history / Philip E. Tetlock, Richard Ned Lebow, and Geoffrey Parker, editors.

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Preface: Unmaking the Middle Kingdom
 Philip E. Tetlock, Richard Ned Lebow, and Geoffrey Parker
Chapter 1. Counterfactual Thought Experiments: Why We Can't Live without Them and How
We Must Learn to Live with Them
 Philip E. Tetlock and Geoffrey Parker
Part 1. Creating the West
Chapter 2. A Stillborn West? Themistocles at Salamis, 480 BC
 Victor Davis Hanson
Chapter 3. The Resilient West: Salamis without Themistocles, Classical Greece without Salamis,
and the West without Classical Greece
 Barry S. Strauss
Chapter 4. The Quest for a Counterfactual Jesus: Imagining the West without the Cross
 Carlos M. N. Eire
Part 2. The Rise of the West
Chapter 5. Religious Kitsch or Industrial Revolution: What Difference Would a Catholic
England Make?
 Carlos M. N. Eire
Chapter 6. Europe's Peculiar Path: Would the World Be "Modern" if William III's Invasion of
England in 1688 Had Failed?
 Jack A. Goldstone
Chapter 7. Nineteenth-Century British Imperialism Undone with a Single Shell Fragment: A
Response to Jack Goldstone's "Europe's Peculiar Path"
 Carla Gardina Pestana
Part 3. The West Undone?
Chapter 8. The Song Empire: The World's First Superpower?
 Robin D. S. Yates
Chapter 9. Without Coal? Colonies? Calculus? Counterfactuals and Industrialization in Europe
and China
 Kenneth W. Pomeranz
Chapter 10. King Kong and Cold Fusion: Counterfactual Analysis and the History of
 Joel Mokyr
Chapter 11. Hitler Wins in the East but Germany Still Loses World War II
 Holger H. Herwig
Part 4. Conclusions
Chapter 12. Counterfactual History: Its Advocates, Its Critics, and Its Uses
 Geoffrey Parker and Philip E. Tetlock

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World history.