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Part 1: Approaching Rhetoric
1	Confronting Roman Rhetoric	1	William Dominik and Jon Hall
2	Modern Critical Approaches to Roman Rhetoric	000
	John Dugan
3	Greek Rhetoric Meets Rome: Expansion, Resistance, and Acculturation	000
	Sarah Culpepper Stroup
4	Native Roman Rhetoric: Plautus and Terence	000
	John Barsby
5	The Elder Cato and Gaius Gracchus: Roman Oratory Before Cicero	000
	Enrica Sciarrino
Part 2: Rhetoric and Its Social Context 
6	Rhetorical Education and Social Reproduction in the Late Republic 
and Early Empire 	 000
	Anthony Corbeill
7	Virile Tongues: Rhetoric and Masculinity	000
	Joy Connolly
8	Oratory, Rhetoric, and Politics in the Republic	000
	Michael C. Alexander
9	Oratory and Politics in the Empire	000
	Steven H. Rutledge
10	Roman Senatorial Oratory	000
	John Ramsey
11	Roman Forensic Oratory	000
	Robert Cape jr.	
12	Panegyric	000
	Roger Rees
13	Roman Oratorical Invective	000
	Valentina Arena
Part 3: Systematizing Rhetoric
14	Roman Rhetorical Handbooks	000
	Robert N. Gaines
15	Elocutio: Latin Prose Style	000
	Roderich Kirchner
16	Memory and the Roman Orator	000
	Jocelyn Penny Small
17	Wit and Humor in Roman Rhetoric	000
	Edwin Rabbie	
18	Oratorical Delivery and the Emotions: Theory and Practice	000
	Jon Hall
Part 4: Rhetoricians and Orators
19	Lost Orators of Rome	000
	Catherine Steel
20	Cicero as Rhetorician	000
	James M. May
21	Cicero as Orator	000
	Christopher P. Craig
22	Grammarians and Rhetoricians	000
	Charles McNelis
23	Roman Declamation According to the Elder Seneca and Quintilian	000
	W. Martin Bloomer
24	Quintilian as Rhetorician and Teacher	000
	Jorge Fern ndez Lopez
25	Tacitus and Pliny on Oratory	000
	William Dominik
26	Rhetoric and the Second Sophistic	000
	Graham Anderson
27	Roman Rhetoric and its Afterlife	000
	John O. Ward
Part 5: Rhetoric and Roman Literature
28	Rhetoric and Literature at Rome	000
	Matthew Fox
29	Rhetoric and Epic: Vergil¿s Aeneid and Lucan¿s Bellum Civile	000
	Emanuele Narducci
30	Rhetoric and Satire: Horace, Persius, and Juvenal 	000
	Dan Hooley
31	Rhetoric and Ovid	000
	Ulrike Auhagen
32	Rhetoric and the Younger Seneca	000
	Marcus Wilson
33	Rhetoric and Historiography	000
	Cynthia Damon
	Bibliography	000
	Glossary of Technical Terms
	General Index	000
	Index Locorum	000

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