Table of contents for Romans : a commentary / by Robert Jewett ; assisted by Roy Kotansky ; volume editor, Eldon Jay Epp.

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Foreword to the Hermeneia Series	0
Author's Preface	00
Sources and Abbreviations	00
List of Works Cited	000
	1.	The Approach of the Commentary	000
	2.	Text-Critical Issues in a Sixteen Chapter Letter	000
	3.	Chronological and Compositional Circumstances	000
	4.	The Rhetoric of Romans: Evangelical Persuasion	000
	5.	The Cultural Situation in Rome: The Pyramid of Honor	000
	6.	The History and Orientation of the Christian Communities in Rome	000
	7.	The Cultural Situation in Spain: Subjugated Barbarians	000
	8	The Purpose of Romans in the Plan for the Spanish Mission	000
1:1-12	Part I. 	The Exordium ("Introduction"): 
		A.	The Inauguration of Paul's Communication with the Christians in 
Rome: Sender, Apostolic Credentials, Confession, Address, and 
Greeting	000
1:8-12		B.	Thanksgiving and Causa ("Issue"): The Announcement and Rationale
			of Paul's Forthcoming Visit	000
1:13-15 Part II.	The Narratio ("Statement of Facts"): The Background of Paul's Missionary 
Project	000
1:16-17 Part III.	The Propositio ("Thesis, Basic Contention"): The Thesis About the Gospel as 
the Powerful Embodiment of the Righteousness of God	000
1:18-	Part IV.	The Probatio ("Proof"): Four Proofs of the Thesis and Its Implications
 15:13		for the Roman Congregations	00
1:18-	 Part IVA.	The First Proof: The Gospel Expresses the Impartial Righteousness of God 
 4:25			by Overturning Claims of Cultural Superiority and by Rightwising Jews and 
Greeks through Grace Alone	000
1:18-32			1.	The Revelation of Divine Wrath	000
1:18-23				a.	Thesis and Rationale: The Exposure of Human Suppression of the 
Truth about God	000
1:24-32				b.	Elaboration: Human Distortion as a Current 
Indication of Divine Wrath	000
2:1-29			2.	The Righteous Judgment of Gentiles and Jews	
2:1-16				a.	Diatribe concerning Impartial Judgment according to 
Works	000
2:17-29				b.	A Diatribe concerning the Non-Exemption of Jews 
from Impartial Judgment	000
3:1-20			3.	The Evidence of Universal Sin	
3:1-8				a.	Diatribe Refuting Objections to Impartial Judgment	000
3:9-20				b.	Diatribe and Catena of Quotations Demonstrating 
Universal Sin	000
3:21-31			4.	The Righteousness of God and Setting Right of All by Faith Alone
3:21-26				a.	The Manifestation of God's Righteousness in Christ	000
3:27-31				b.	Diatribe Affirming the One God of Jews and Gentiles	000
4:1-25			5.	Abraham and the Righteousness that Comes through Faith	
4:1-12				a.	A Diatribe and the First Part of a Midrash Showing that 
Abraham Received Righteousness by Faith before he was 
Circumcised 	000
4:13-25				b.	Expansion of the Midrash Showing that Abraham's 
Promise Comes to those who are Righteous through 
Faith	000
5:1-	 Part IV	B.	The Second Proof: Life in Christ as a New System of Honor that Replaces
 8:39			the Quest for Status through Conformity to the Law	000
5:1-11			1.	Introduction: Righteousness in Christ Requires a New System 
of Boasting	000
5:12-21			2.	Abundant Grace in Christ Overwhelms Adam's Reign of Death	000
6:1-14			3.	Diatribe and Enthymemes concerning the Death of the Sinful 
Self and the New Life in Christ	000
6:15-23			4.	Diatribe concerning Living in God under the Grace and the Lordship of 
Christ	000
7:1-6			5.	Syllogism concerning Life in Christ as Freedom from the Law	000
7:7-12			6.	Speech-in-Character concerning the Moral Status of the Law	000
7:13-25			7.	Speech-in-Character concerning the Effect of the Law	000
8:1-17			8.	Thesis and Rationale concerning the Cosmic Struggle 
Between Flesh and Spirit	000
8:18-30			9.	Thesis and Rationale concerning the Hopeful Suffering of the Children 
of God	000
8:31-39			10.	Conclusion: The Status of the Elect Based on Divine Love	000
9:1-	 Part IV	C. 	The Third Proof: The Triumph of Divine Righteousness in the 
 11:36			Gospel's Mission to Israel and the Gentiles	000
9:1-5			1.	Introduction: The Tragic Riddle of Israel's Unbelief	000
9:6-18			2.	Thesis and the First Part of a Midrash on Israel and the 
Righteousness of Divine Election	000
9:19-29			3.	Diatribe and the Second Half of a Midrash Refuting Objections	000
9:30-10:4		4.	Diatribe on the Failure to Submit to Divine Righteousness, 
which Is Caused by Misguided Zeal	000
10:5-13			5.	Pesher Confirming Righteousness by Faith	000
10:14-21		6.	Syllogism and Citation-Chain Concerning the Gospel 
Preached but Rejected	000
11:1-10			7.	Diatribe and Midrash Concerning the Status of Israel	000
11:11-24		8.	Diatribe and Allegorical Enthymeme dealing with the 
Missional Purpose of Israel's Trespass	000
11:25-32		9.	Oracular Disclosure and Enthymeme on the Mystery of Global 
Salvation	000
11:33-36		10.	Conclusion: A Hymn on the Majesty of God as Revealed in 
the Mysterious Plan of Global Salvation	000
12:1-	 Part IV	D. 	The Fourth Proof: Living Together according to the Gospel so as to
 15:13			Sustain the Hope of Global Transformation	000
12:1-2			1.	Introduction: The Thesis concerning the Motivation and Assessment of 
Praiseworthy Behavior	000
12:3-8			2.	The Elaboration of Sober Self Assessment and the Exercise of 
Charismatic Gifts	000
12:9-21			3.	The Elaboration of Guidelines for Genuine Love	000
13:1-7			4.	Diatribe concerning Fulfilling Obligations to the Governing 
Authorities	000
13:8-10			5.	The Admonition to Fulfill Law through the Agape Meal	000
13:11-14		6.	The Admonition to Moral Alertness in the Last Days	000
14:1-12			7.	Exemplary Guidelines for the Weak and the Strong	000
14:13-23		8.	Exemplary Guidelines for Mutual Upbuilding in Pluralistic 
Congregations	000
15:1-6			9.	The Obligation to Follow Christ's Example in Edifying Each Other	000
15:7-13			10.	Conclusion: Recapitulating the Inclusive Ethic that will 
Contibute to the Mission of Global Transformation	000
15:14-	 Part V.	The Peroratio ("Conclusion") An Appeal for Cooperation in Missionary
 16:23		Activities in Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain	000
15:14-21	A.	Recapitulation of Paul's Missionary Calling and Strategy	000
15:22-33	B.	The Report on Travel Pans and an Appeal to Participate in Present and Future 
Missionary Activities	000
16:1-2		C.	The Recommendation of Phoebe as Missionary Patroness	000
16:3-16,		D.	Greetings and Commendations between Ministerial 
 21-23			Leaders	000
16:3-16a		1.	Greetings to Congregational Leaders in Rome	000
16:16b,			2.	Greetings from Congregational Leaders in Corinth and 
 21-23				Elsewhere	000
16: 24, 20b	E.	The Epistolary Benediction	000
16:17-20a	The First Interpolation: The Church's Campaign against Heretics	000
16:25-27	The Second Interpolation: The Supersessionist Doxology	000
(Glossary of Rhetorical and Exegetical Terms NECESSARY?)	000
Indices	000 
 1. Passsages	000
 2. Greek and Latin Words	000
 3. Subjects	000
 4. Modern Authors	000 
Designer's Notes	000

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