Table of contents for Reprogramming the cerebral cortex plasticity following central and peripheral lesions / edited by Stephen G. Lomber, Jos J. Eggermont.

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Part I Vision
1 Reprogramming of striate and extrstriate visual cortices following retinal lesions 1
B. Dreher
2 Visual cortex reprogramming following retinal lesions or artificial scotomas: perceptual effects and neural circuitry 45
W. Burke
3 Remodeling of cortical connections and enhanced long-term potentiation after lesions of the visual cortex 59
Ulf T. Eysel and Thomas Mittmann
4 Reorganization of cerebral functions following primary visual cortex damage during infancy 71
Stephen G. Lomber and Bertram R. Payne
5 Behavioral and neural alterations following V1 damage in immature primates 89
Hillary R. Rodman
6 Neurological changes underlying motion perception plasticity after lesions of extrastriate visual cortex in adult cats 113
Krystel R. Huxlin
Part II Audition
7 A time-line of auditory cortical reorganization after noise-induced hearing loss 141
Jos J. Eggermont
8 Development, maintenance and plasticity of tonotopic projections from cochlea to auditory cortex 157
Robert V. Harrison
9 Central auditory plasticity in mouse models of progressive sensorineural hearing loss 179
James F. Willott
10 Recruitment of the auditory cortex in congenitally deaf cats 191
Andrej Kral, Rainer Hartmann and Rainer Klinke
11 Critical periods for human cortical development: an ERP study in children with cochlear implant 211
Curtis W. Ponton
Part III Somatomotor
12 Nueronal plasticity after stroke: evidence from animal models of postinjury recovery 229
Randolph J. Nudo and Ines Eisner-Janowicz
13 Reprogramming surviving motor cortex after stroke 255
Wolf Muellbacher and Mark Hallett
14 Cerebral reprogramming underlying functional recovery following stroke 271
Nicks Ward and Richard S. J. Frackowiak
15 Reorganization of somatosensory and motor cortex following peripheral nerve or spinal cord injury in primates 283
Jon H. Kaas and Yvonne Rothemund
16 Critical periods for functional recovery after cortical injury during development 295
Bryan Kolb and Robbin Gibb
17 Reprogramming the motor cortex for functional recovery after neonatal or adult unilateral lesion of the corticospinal system in the macaque monkey 307
E. M. Rouiller, T. Wannier, E. Schmidlin and Y. Liu
18 Adaptive functional changes in the cerebral cortex during multiple sclerosis 323
Hasini Reddy
19 Cortical reprogramming: significance for phantom phenomena and clinical implications 331
Herta Flor and Caroline Koeppe
Part IV Cross-modal
20 Reprogramming cortex: the consequences of cross-modal plasticity during development 347
Jessica R. Newton, Ania K. Majewska, Charlene Ellsworth and Mriganka Sur
21 Adaptive plasticity and sensory substitution in the cerebral cortex 359
Josef P. Rauschecker
22 Activation of the visual cortex by Braille reading in blind subjects 375
Lotfi B. Merabet, Amir Amedi and Alvaro Pascual-Leone
23 Sound localization in early-blind human subjects: evidence for adaptive cortical plasticity 393
Dave Saint-Amour, Jean-Paul Guillemot, Maryse Lassonde and Franco Lepore
Part V Cognition
24 The longitudinal study of spatial cognitive development in children with pre- or perinatal focal brain injury: evidence for cognitive compensation and for the emergence of alternative profiles of brain orginazation 413
Joan Stiles, Pamela Moses and Brianna M. Paul
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Cerebral cortex.
Cerebral Cortex -- physiology.
Neuronal Plasticity -- physiology.
Brain Injuries -- physiopathology.
Central Nervous System -- injuries.
Peripheral Nervous System -- injuries.