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Introduction	000
Chapter One: Literature of the Menominee Nation
1. Oneida Thanksgiving/Opening	000
2. Creation Story¿Verna Fowler, Menominee	000
3. The People Who Live With the Seasons¿Verna Fowler, Menominee	000
4. From Native Copper to the Fur Trade¿Waioskasit, Menominee	000
5. Manabozho and the Wolves¿Louis Pigeon, Menominee	000
6. Trickster Tales¿John V. Satterlee, Menominee	000
7. Manabozho Plays Lacrosse¿John V. Satterlee, Menominee	000
8. Me'napus and the Buzzard¿Jerome Lawe, Menominee	000
9. Menominee Medicine Bundle¿Anonymous, Menominee	000
10. Struggle for Land and Timber¿Verna Fowler, Menominee	000
11. You Do Not Seem to Know Us¿Kaushkannaniew or Grizzly Bear, Menominee	000
12. Resistance to the Timber Barons¿Neopit, Menominee	000
13. Termination and Restoration¿Verna Fowler, Menominee	000
14. The Power Came from the People¿Ada Deer, Menominee	000
15. Menominee Termination¿DRUMS Committee, Menominee	000
16. Current Resource Extraction¿John Teller, Menominee	000
17. The Power Comes From Within¿Ingrid Washinawatok, Menominee	000
Chapter Two: Literature of the Ho-Chunk Nation
1. Sovereignty in a Spiritual Landscape¿Lyle Greendeer, Ho-Chunk	000
2. Not an Ordinary Place¿Tom Hopinkah, Ho-Chunk	000
3. Gottschall Rockshelter and the Epic of Red Horn¿Sam Blowsnake, Ho-Chunk	000
4. Origin Story of Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin¿Waukon G. Smith, Ho-Chunk	000
5. Frenchmen Arrive¿Anonymous, Ho-Chunk	000
6. It Was Not a Sale; It Was a Loan¿Four Legs, Ho-Chunk	000
7. Theft of the Lead Mining District¿Nawkaw Caramani, Ho-Chunk	000
8. Red Bird Surrenders¿Red Bird, Ho-Chunk	000
9. The Treaty of 1829¿Waukon Decora, Ho-Chunk	000
10. Do You Want Our Wigwams? You Live in Palaces!¿Little Elk Caramani, Ho-Chunk	000
11. Where in the Name of God Shall We Live?¿Little Elk Caramani, Ho-Chunk	000
12. The Black Hawk War¿Little Elk Caramani, Ho-Chunk	000
13. If They Did Not Sign, He Would Kill Them¿Dandy, Ho-Chunk	000
14. Forced Removals: The Ho-Chunk Trail of Tears¿Winneshiek, Shaking Earth Caramani, Big Hawk, Black Hawk, Ho-Chunk	000
15. Mountain Wolf Woman: The Autobiography of a Winnebago Indian¿Mountain Wolf Woman, Ho-Chunk	000
16. A Ho-Chunk Autobiography¿Sam Blowsnake a.k.a. Crashing Thunder, Ho-Chunk	000
17. Trickster Tales¿Waukon G. Smith, Ho-Chunk	000
18. Wak'djunk'aga and the Car¿Dawn Makes Strong Move, Ho-Chunk	000
19. How It Is Today¿Jim Funmaker, Ho-Chunk	000
Chapter Three: Literature of the Ojibwe Nation
1. The Anishinabe¿Patty Loew, Bad River Band Ojibwe	000
2. Anishinabe Migration and a Woman's Dream¿Edward Benton-Banai, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe	000
3. Where Food Grows on Water¿Patty Loew, Bad River Band Ojibwe	000
4. The Indian Always Talks to the Spirit	000¿Archie Mosay or Niibaa-giizhig, St. Croix Ojibwe	000
5. Creation Story¿Edward Benton-Banai, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
6. Spearfishing¿Walt Bresette, Red Cliff Ojibwe	000
7. It Gives Me a Strong Feeling¿Nick Hockings, Lac Du Flambeau Ojibwe	000
8. The Flooding of Pahquaywong¿William Wolf, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
9. Abrogating the Treaty¿Pimosegejig, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
10. Cultural Genocide¿Patty Loew, Bad River Band Ojibwe	000
11. Elders Refuse to Move¿Eddie Benton-Banai, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
12. Dealing with Mooskadoojiigan [The Place That Was Flooded]¿gaiashkibos, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
13. Drum of the People¿gaiashkibos, Lac Courte Oreille Ojibwe	000
14. Mole Lake Sokaogon Chippewa¿Fred Ackly, Sokaogon Chippewa	000
15. From Aboard the Night Train¿Kimberly Blaeser, White Earth Ojibwe	000
16. Avian Messiah and Mistress Media¿Andrew Connors, Bad River Band Ojibwe	000
17. My Mother and I Had a Discussion One Day¿Denise Sweet, White Earth Ojibwe	000
18. Sage Dreams¿Danielle Hornett, Bad River Chippewa	000
19. The Importance of Madeline Island¿William Whipple Warren, Madeline Island Ojibwe	000
Chapter Four: Literature of the Potawatomi Nation
1. The Creation of the World¿Wapuka, Potawatomi	000
2. We All Sing¿Anonymous, Potawatomi	000
3. Now We All Move¿Anonymous, Potawatomi	000
4. The Trail of Death: Potawatomi Diaspora¿Susan Campbell, Citizen Potawatomi Nation	000
5. Chief Menominee's Petition¿Menominee, Potawatomi	000
6. I Am Not Going to Leave My Lands¿Menominee, Potawatomi	000
7. The Story of a Faithful Wife¿John Nuwi, Wisconsin Potawatomi	000
8. Counciling Peace to Black Hawk¿Senachwine, Potawatomi	000
9. How Mko Lost His Tail¿Lee White, Forest County Potawatomi	000
10. Now I Raise My Hand¿Anonymous, Potawatomi	000
11. Dance with Our Mother Earth¿Anonymous, Potawatomi	000
12. One People: the Ojibwe, Ottawa, and Potawatomi¿Oral Tradition, Potawatomi	000
13. The Origin of Tobacco¿Oral Tradition, Potawatomi	000
14. The Adventure of a Poor Man¿Oral Tradition, Potawatomi	000
15. They Will Sometime Find Their Mistakes¿Shawequet, Potawatomi	000
16. Queen of the Woods¿Simon Pokagon, Potawatomi	000
Chapter Five: Literature of the Oneida Nation
1. The Thanksgiving Address¿The Oneida Nation	000
2. The Oneida Creation Story¿Demus Elm and Harvey Antone, Oneida	000
3. People of the Standing Stone¿Thelma Cornelius McLester, Oneida	000
4. Jikohnsaseh, Mother of Nations¿John C. Mohawk, Seneca	000
5. The Peacemaker¿Mohawk People, Haudenosaunee Oral Tradition	000
6. The Great Law of Peace¿Degonawida, Huron	000
7. Matriarchy¿Degonawida, Huron	000
8. Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name: An Oneida Song of Spring¿Sandra De Coteau Orie, Oneida	000
9. Oneida Counsel Peace Between Two Brothers¿Oneida Headmen	000
10. From New York to Wisconsin¿Oneida Headmen	000
11. Forced from New York in the 1820s¿Daniel Bread, Oneida	000
12. No! You Will Not Drive Us From Our Lands¿Onon-gwat-go or Reverend Cornelius Hill, Oneida	000
13. The Way They Used To Get Married¿Katie Cornelius, Oneida	000
14. Broken Spine and His Wife¿Sarah Summers, Oneida	000
15. Philadelphia Flowers¿Roberta Hill, Oneida	000
16. The Long Parentheses¿Roberta Hill, Oneida	000
17. Evening at the Warbonnet	¿Bruce King, Haudenosaunee-Oneida Nation Wisconsin	000
18. Interview with a Midwife¿Carol Cornelius, Oneida/Mahican and Katsi Cook, Mohawk	000
Chapter Six: Literature of the Mohican Nation, Stockbridge-Munsee Band
1. Traditional Teachings¿Hendrick Aupaumut, Mohican	000
2. Mama's Little One¿Kristina Heath Potrykus, Mohican and Menominee	000
3. Ancestral Voices¿Cathy Caldwell, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
4. Historical Overview¿Dorothy Davids, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
5. We Have No More Land¿Mohican Headmen	000
6. That Our Children Not Be Taken Away From Us For Debt¿Konkapot, Housatonic Tribe of Mohicans	000
7. Watching My Daughter Sleep¿Cathy Caldwell, Mohican, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
8. Not Tyrants Over Any Nation¿Hendrick Aupaumut, Mohican	000
9. Hunting Now Is Grown Very Scarce¿Stockbridge Headmen	000
10. Return to Me That Land That Is Justly Mine¿Johannis Mtohksin, Jacob Naunauphtaunk, and Solomon Uhhaunauwaunmut, Stockbridge Mohican	000
11. Former Concentration Camp and Cemetery: Now a Recreation Area?¿Muhheconneuk Intertribal Committee on Deer Island	000
12. Thanksgiving¿Dorothy Davids, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
13. Mohican Diplomat¿Hendrick Aupaumut, Mohican	000
14. Daniel Nimham, Mohican Sachem¿Dorothy Davids, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
15. Chief Nimham, Hero of Van Cortlandt's Woods¿Eva Jean Bowman, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
16. Conversion¿Dorothy Davids, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
17. Matrilineage and Democracy¿Hendrick Aupaumut, Mohican	000
18. Grandmother Moon¿Cathy Caldwell, Mohican, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
19. Eunice Stick¿Nicole Hirthe and Brad Pecore, Stockbridge-Munsee	000
Chapter Seven: Literature of the Brothertown Nation
1. Brothertown Indian Nation of Wisconsin¿Brothertown Indian Nation	000
2. Mission Statement¿Brothertown Indian Nation	000
3. First of the Mohegans¿Uncas, Mohegan	000
4. To Settle My Posterity to Walk in the Straight Path¿Uncas, Mohegan	000
5. Massacre of Pequot at Mystic in 1637¿Miantonomi, Narragansett	000
6. Narragansett Act of Submission¿Canonicus, Pessicus, and Mixam, Narragansett	000
7. Our Forefathers Had Everything in Great Plenty¿Henry Quaquaquid and Robert Ashpo, Mohegan	000
8. A Mohegan Minister's Autobiography¿Samson Occom, Mohegan	000
9. The Diary of Samson Occum¿Jim Ottery, Brothertown	000
10. An Execution Sermon¿Samson Occom, Mohegan	000
11. Nation Building and Cultural Adaptation¿Joseph Johnson, Mohegan	000
12. Second Speech to the Oneida¿Joseph Johnson, Mohegan	000
13. Eulogy on King Philip¿William Apess, Pequot	000
14. Protectors of Mary Rowlandson¿Sam Sachem, Kutquen, Quassohit, Peter Jethro, Algonquians	000
15. Out-Skating the Devil¿Carolyn K. Andler, Brothertown	000
16. Makia'wisag or "Little People"¿Fidelia Fielding, Mohegan	000
17. A Son of the Forest¿William Apess, Pequot	000
18. Sketch of the Brothertown Indians¿Thomas Commuck, Brothertown	000
19. Rhetorical Sovereignty¿Jim Ottery, Brothertown	000
20. Petition for Federal Acknowledgement as an American Indian Tribe¿Brothertown Nation of Wisconsin	000
Index	000

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