Table of contents for Rights, groups, and self-invention : group-differentiated rights in liberal theory / by Eric J. Mitnick.

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Preface		vii
1.	Introduction: Group-Differentiated Rights	1
		Group-Differentiated Rights as a Distinct Form of Right	1
		The Contemporary Debate Over Group-Differentiated Rights	4
		The Approach of this Book	9
		An Overview of the Book	19
2.	Collective Aspects of Legal Rights	25
		Rights and Individualism	25
		The Language of Rights and Groups	27
		Collective Aspects of Rights	31
3.	Law and Social Categories	49		
		Formal Justice and Legal Generality	49
		Legal Rights and Categorization	55
		Law and Social Cognition	59
		The Nature of Social Categories	63
		Fuzzy Sets and Legal Indeterminacy	68
		Social Labeling and Law as an Agent of Socialization	71
4.	Rights and Social Groups	83
		Rights and Identity	83
		The Nature of Social Identity	85
		Social Groups: Some Definitions and Ambiguities	89
		Social Salience and Identity Types	94
		Legal Rights and the Constitution of Social Groups	103
5.	Liberal Membership	117
		The Concept of Membership	118
		Liberal Multiculturalism: Autonomy and Toleration	132
		The Liberal Self: Constitutive Autonomy	140
		Constitutive Autonomy and Value Pluralism	145
		Liberalism, Membership, and Exclusion	148
6.	The Universalist Critique	159
		Universalistic Liberalism	160
		Universalism and Difference	165
		Formal Equality and Constitutive Autonomy	172			
7.	Three Models of Group-Differentiated Rights	179
		The Constitution of Social Groups: Ascriptive Exclusion	179
		The Constitution of Social Groups: Affirmation	188
		The Constitution of Cultural Groups: Self-Exclusion	194
		Group-Differentiated Rights and Self-Invention	209
Index			211

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Social groups.
Civil rights.