Table of contents for Uniting Africa : building regional peace and security systems / by David J. Francis.

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List of Tables and Map	ix
Acknowledgements	x
List of Acronyms	xii
Introduction	1
1	Struggle for Unity in Africa: The Dream and the Realism	17
			Introduction	17
			Pan-Africanism and African Unity	17
			Kwame Nkrumah and the ¿United States of Africa¿: The Dream and Realism	21
			Establishment of the Organisation of African Unity: A Concrete Symbol of Pan-African Unity	26
			From Addis Ababa to Lusaka: The Realism of the African Union	29
			Conclusion	35
			Note and References	36
2	African State System: The Bane of Disunity	39
			Introduction	39
			Defining and Theorising the State in Africa	40
			Characteristics of the State System: Crisis and Mythology of the African State	43
			Failure, Collapse and Reconstruction of the African State: Implications for Building Regional Peace and Security Systems	57
			Conclusion	59
			Note and References	62
3	Africa at War Against Itself: Civil Wars and New Security Threats	67
			Introduction	67
			Wars and Armed Conflicts in Africa: Mapping the Conflict Scenario	68
			Conflict Analysis and the Generations of Wars and Armed Conflicts in Africa	71
			New Security Threats in Africa	91
			Conclusion	94
			Note and References	95
4	Regional Organisations and Humanitarian Intervention in Complex Political Emergencies in Africa	101
			Introduction	101
			Regional Organisation and the United Nations Charter on Peace and Security in Africa	102
			Typology of Interventions and External Peace and Conflict Stabilisation Mechanisms Prescribed for Africa	107
			Fire Next Door: Regional Security Complex and the Challenges of Complex Political Emergencies in Africa	111
			Humanitarian Intervention in Complex Political Emergencies in Africa	116
			Security Regionalism and the Emerging Regional ¿Responsibility to Protect¿ in Complex Political Emergencies	122
			Conclusion	124
			Note and References	126
5	OAU ¿ African Union: Experiment in Regional Security, Peacekeeping and Peace Support Operations	129
			Introduction	129
			The OAU and Regionalism in Africa: A Framework for Regional Order, Peace and Security	130
			OAU Architecture for Peace and Security: The Adventure into Peace Support Operations	133
			OAU-United Nations and Sub-regional Organisations Co-operative Security for Peace and Security	136
			From Inherited Failure to the New African Union.: Emerging Structure and Norm for Peace and Security	139
			Regional Hegemons and the Maintenance of Peace and Security in Africa	142
			Conclusion	146
			Note and References 	148
6	New Theatre of Wars and Civil Conflicts: Evolution of Security Regionalism and Peacekeeping Capacity in West Africa	151
			Introduction	151
			Political Economy of West Africa	152
			ECOWAS Economic Integration and Coping with Regional Security Threat	157
			ECOMOG Experiment in Peacekeeping and Conflict Management in West Africa	162
	Building a Regional Peace and Security System: ECOMOG as a Permanent Mechanism for Regional Peacekeeping and Conflict Management	182
			Conclusion	184
			Note and References	190
7	Promise and Disappointment: Building Regional Peace and Security System in Southern Africa	195
			Introduction	195
			Political Economy of Southern Africa	197
			Regional Security Threats: Building Regional Architecture for Peace and Security	202
			Institutionalising Regional Systems for Peace and Security: SADC Organ for Politics, Defence and Security	206
			SADC Coalition of Willing States Peacekeeping and Conflict Management in the Democratic Republic of Congo	210
			SADC¿s Regional Conflict Management and Resolution: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities	217
			UN-OAU / AU-SADC Co-operative Peacemaking and Peacebuilding in the DRC	222
			Conclusion	225
			Note and References	227
8	From Famine to Sustainable Peace: Building Regional Peace and Preventive Diplomacy System in the Horn of Africa	231
			Introduction	231
			Political Economy of the Horn of Africa	232
			From Famine to Regional Peace and Security Architecture: Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD)	239
			IGAD and Preventive Diplomacy in the Horn of Africa: Peacemaking in Sudan and Somalia	241
			Lessons From IGAD¿s Civil War Peace Settlements and Preventive Diplomacy	248
			United Nations, African Union and External Actors in IGAD-led Peace Processes in the Horn of Africa	251
			Conclusion	253
			Note and References	255
Conclusion	257
Bibliography	263
Index			283

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