Table of contents for How do you know you're not wrong? : responding to objections that leave Christians speechless / Paul Copan.

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		Introduction 000
	Part I:	Slogans Related to Truth and Reality
	1.	How Do You Know You're Not Wrong? 000
	2.	Whatever Works for You 000
	Part II: Slogans Related to Worldviews
	3.	Naturalism Is a Simpler Explanation Than Theism 000
	4.	Unless You Can Scientifically Verify or Falsify Your Belief, It's 
Meaningless 000
	5.	You Can't Prove That Scientifically 000
	6.	The Soul Is Nothing More Than the Brain 000
	7.	Why Think Immaterial Things Like Souls Exist? 000
	8.	How Can an Immaterial Soul Influence a Material Body? 000
	9.	You're a Speciesist If You Think Humans Are Superior to Nonhuman 
Animals 000
	10.	Animals Have Rights Just Like Humans Do 000
	Part III: Slogans Related to Christianity
	11.	How Could God Command Abraham to Sacrifice Isaac? 000
	12.	Many Old Testament Laws Are Strange and Arbitrary 000
	13.	Why Are Some Old Testament Laws Harsh and Oppressive? 000
	14.	It's Unfair That Humans Are Punished for Adam's Sin (Part 1) 000
	15.	It's Unfair That Humans Are Punished for Adam's Sin (Part 2) 000
	16.	Why Were Certain Texts Arbitrarily Excluded from the New 
Testament Canon? 000
	17.	Isn't the Gospel of Thomas a Legitimate Source about the Historical 
Jesus? 000
		Notes 000

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