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Table of Contents
Acknowledgements									 i
Introduction										 1
Part One: Hermeneutics							 	 15
	1. The Qur??n as the ocean of all knowledge				 16
		The ?ad?th of Ibn Mas??d					 19
		Sayings from ?Al? and Ja?far al-??diq				 31
	2. The Qur??nic text and ambiguity					 42
		The clear and ambiguous verses (mu?kam?t wa mutash?bih?t)	 43
	Those in whose hearts is a turning away and those who are firmly 
 rooted in knowledge (r?sikh?n f??l-?ilm)	 		 52	
	3. Uncovering meaning: knowledge and spiritual practice			 94
		Reading the Qur??n with presence of the heart (?u??r al-qalb)	 98
	4. Methods of interpretation 						 115
	Ab? Na?r al-Sarr?j and the methods of understanding (fahm) and 
 allusion (ish?ra)					 115
		Al-Ghaz?l? and the method of striking similitudes (?arb al-mith?l) 120 
		Ibn ?Arab? and the method of allusion (ish?ra)			 128
		Al-N?s?b?r? and al-K?sh?n? and the method of esoteric interpretation
			(ta?w?l)							 135
		Al-Simn?n? and commentary on the seven inner senses 
 (tafs?r al-bu??n al-sab?a)					 142
	5. Attacking and defending ??f? Qur??nic interpretation			 155
		The problem of distinguishing sound exegesis from exegesis by mere
			personal opinion (tafs?r bi?l-ra?y)				 155
		Al-Ghaz?l? on tafs?r bi?l-ra?y					 157
		Ibn al-Jawz? and Ibn Taymiyya on the importance of transmitted
			information						 165
		Ibn Taymiyya on sound interpretation of the Qur??n		 179
		Al-Ghaz?l??s defense of ta?w?l					 182
		Problems with al-Ghaz?l??s defense of ta?w?l			 191
		Al-Ghaz?l??s final defense of ??f? interpretation			 195
Part Two: Commentary								 215
	6. ??f? commentators on the Qur??n					 216
		Al-Tustar? (d.896)						 219
		Al-Sulam? (d.1021)						 221
		Al-Qushayr? (d.1074)						 227
		Ab? ??mid al-Ghaz?l? (d.1111)				 230
		Rash?d al-D?n al-Maybud? (fl.1135)				 234
		R?zbih?n al-Baql? (d.1209)					 238
		Al-K?sh?n? (d.1329)						 242
		Al-N?s?b?r? (d.1327)					 	 246 
	7. Qur??nic verses 18:60-82: The story of M?s? and al-Kha?ir 262
		?Ilm ladun?							 272
		The Journeys of M?s?					 288
		?I wanted,? ?we wanted,? and ?your Lord wanted?	 308
	8. Qur??nic verses on Maryam				 334
		Mu?arrar							 335
		Prayer								 344
		The Virgin Maryam						 357
	9. Verse 24:35 (The Light Verse)					 375
		God is the light of the heavens and the earth		 375
		??f? interpretations of God is the light of the heavens and 
			the earth 						 386
		The similitude of His/his light is as a niche			 396
		??f? interpretations of the similitude of His/his light is as a 
			niche	 						 403
	Conclusion								 457
	Appendix: Other Commentators on the Qur??n		 466
		Al-?abar? (d.923)						 466
		Al-Zamakhshar? (d.1144)					 468
		Fakhr al-D?n al-R?z? (d.1210)				 	 470
		Al-Qur?ub? (d.1272)						 474
		Ibn Taymiyya (d.1328)					 476
	Glossary of terms							 486
	Works Cited								 490

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