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Chapter 1 - Defining Quality Improvement
Curtis P. McLaughlin and Arnold D. Kaluzny
Institutional Improvement
Societal Learning
Professional Responsibility
Rationale and Distinguishing Characteristics
Elements of CQI
The Past and Future of Health Care Quality Management
Emergence of TQM
Application to Health Care Organizations
Comparing Industrial and Health Care Quality
Problems, Challenges, and Quality Issues in Health Care
Chapter 2 - Does TQM/CQI Work in Health Care?
Curtis P. McLaughlin and Kit N. Simpson
Early Lessons from the National Demonstration Project
Early Empirical Evidence
Other Specific Effects
Advantages of CQI Application in Health Care
The Big Bang - The Quality Chasm
Third Party Measurement Systems
Chapter 3 - The Outcome Model of Quality
Susan I. DesHarnais and Curtis McLaughlin
A Conceptual Framework and Definitions of Quality
History and Politics in the U.S. of Doing Quality Assessment
	Using Outcomes Data
Risk Adjustment and Benchmarking of Outcome Data
Uses of Risk-Adjusted Data
Problems with the Aggregation of Different Measures of Adverse Events
Professional/Institutional Responses for Addressing Quality Issues 
Chapter 4 - Measurement and Statistical Analysis in CQI 
Diane L. Kelly and Susan Paul Johnson
The Role of Variation in Quality Improvement
Measurement and Statistical Analysis
Quality Improvement Tools
Chapter 5 - Measuring Consumer Satisfaction
Shulamit L.Bernard and Lucy A. Savitz
Defining Consumer Satisfaction
Who Is the Consumer?
Why Measure Consumer Satisfaction?
Measuring Satisfaction
Chapter 6 - Understanding and Improving Team Effectiveness 
in Quality Improvement
Bruce Fried and William Carpenter
Teams in Health Care
High-Performance Teams and Quality Improvement
Understanding and Improving the Performance of Quality
	Improvement Teams
Resources and Support
Team Processes
Chapter 7 - CQI, Transformation and the "Learning" Organization
Vaughn M. Upshaw, Arnold D. Kaluzny and Curtis P. McLaughlin
Transforming Health Care
Accepting Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement and Managed Care
Getting to Mass Customization
The Task Ahead
Managing Transformation and Learning
Physician Leaders and Transformation
Strategies for Learning
Chapter 8 - Measuring & Assessing Adverse Medical Events to 
Promote Patient Safety
Lucy A. Savitz and Shulamit L. Bernard
Defining Safety and Adverse Events
Evidence for Safe Practice
Adverse Medical Event Monitoring and Detection
Tools for Driving Evidence-Based Quality Improvement: The AHRQ
Chapter 9 - The Human Face of Medical Error: Classification and Reduction
Joseph Van Matre, Donna Slovensky and Curtis McLaughlin
Medical Error
Why a Classification System?
Representing the Suggested Approach
Matching Countermeasures to Error Types
Multi-Causation and Cross-Sectional Focus
Chapter 10 - Information Management and Technology for CQI
Curtis P. McLaughlin and David C. Kibbe
Historical Underinvestment in Health Information Technology
Information for Organizational Improvements
 Data Quality Concepts, Issues, and Technologies 
Information Technology for Interorganizational Quality Efforts
	and Policies
Future Directions and Trends for Information Technologies
	for CQI
Chapter 11 - Integrating Approaches to Health Professional Development
With Approaches to Improving Patient Care
Julie J. Mohr and Paul Batalden
The Process of Professional Preparation and Development
Organizing, Delivering, and Improving Patient Care: Organization-
Centered Strategies, Issue-Centered Strategies, and
Microsystems-Centered Strategies
Chapter 12 - Quality Improvement in Primary Care: The Role of Organization, 
Collaboratives, and Managed Care
Leif I. Solberg, Thomas E. Kottke, and Milo L. Brekke
Internal Factors: The Care Delivery Organization and QI
External Factors: The Care Delivery Organization and QI
Quality Improvement Collaboratives
IMPROVE: A Test of a Managed Care-Sponsored QIC for 
Improving Primary Care Preventive Services Delivery
Conclusions and Recommendations
Chapter 13 - CQI in Contract Research Organizations
William A. Sollecito and Kaye H. Fendt
Growth of CROs
CQI Customer Focus
Training and Empowerment
Statistical Process Control/Statistical Thinking
Chapter 14 - Continuous Quality Improvement in Public Health Organizations
Glen P. Mays and Paul K. Halverson
Public Health and Quality Improvement
		Critical Dimensions of Public Health Quality Improvement Initiatives
Implementation of Quality Improvement Initiatives in Public Health
Quality Improvement and Public Health: Key Implementation Issues
Chapter 15 - Inquiring into the Quality and Safety of Care 
in the Academic Clinical Microsystem
Julie J. Mohr, Paul Batalden and Paul Barach
Microsystem Theory
Improving Quality and Safety Within the Academic Clinical Microsystem
Chapter 16 - Quality: From Professional Responsibility to Public Policy 
and Back Again
Curtis P. McLaughlin and Arnold D. Kaluzny
Political Initiatives
Health Care Disintermediation: An Expanding Force
The Future: Shifting Roles
Appendix A - Malcolm Baldrige Award 2004 Health Care Criteria for
 Performance Excellence
Case 1 -	Intermountain Health Care
Richard M.J. Bohmer, Amy C. Edmondson and Laura R. Feldman
Intermountain Health Care Structure
Brent James, MD, M.Stat
History of Clinical Care Management at IHC
Change Infrastructure
Clinical Care Management: Operations
Realizing the Benefits of Clinical Management
The Long-Term Plan
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 2 - Quality in Pediatric Subspecialty Care 
William Sollecito, Peter Margolis, Paul Miles, Robert Perelman, and Richard Colletti
Organizational Structure
Collaborative Improvement
An Incremental Approach
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 3 - Community-Based Quality Improvement Efforts in Kingsport, Tennessee
Curtis P. McLaughlin and Kit N. Simpson
Quality First
Community Competition
Community Cooperation
Other Events Take Over
Getting Outside Help
Mature Projects
The 1999 Situation
Lessons Learned
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 4 -	West Florida Regional Medical Center
		Curtis P. McLaughlin
		The HCA CQI Process
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 5 -	Rex Healthcare and Service Line Teams
Curtis P. McLaughlin and Linda C. Jordan
Quality at Rex
Competition in the Research Triangle
History of Quality and Performance Improvement Efforts at Rex
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 6 - Dr. Johnson, Network Medical Director
		William Q. Judge and Curtis P. McLaughlin
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 7 - North Carolina Science to Service Project
Beth Melcher and Christina Rausch
Historical Background
The North Carolina Situation
North Carolina's Response
Project Startup
Project Activities
General Issues and Observations 
Staff Conclusions
Future Direction
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
Case 8 - Transforming Health Care: The President's Health Information Technology Plan
The Problem: Challenges to the U.S. Health Care System
The Solution: Health Information Technology
Strategic Framework
Key Actions
Private Public Partnership
Role of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology
Reports from OPM, DOD, and VA
Case Analysis
Assignment Questions
List of Sources
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