Table of contents for How to sell to an idiot : 12 steps to winning over your toughest customer / John Hoover, Bill "The Coach" Sparkman.

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How to Sell to an Idiot: 
12 Steps to Winning Over Your Toughest Customer
Table of Contents
Introduction	i
Step One: Be Prepared or Be the Idiot	1
Need & Intent	2
Mental Preparation Made Simple	3
Choosing In: The Cure for Cluelessness	3
Simple vs. Easy: The inner idiot rears its ugly head	4
Preparation and Passion	6
Preparation and Product Knowledge	8
Preparation and the Written Plan	8
Planning is not Procrastination	9
Preparation and Motivation	10
Preparation and Personality	10
Prepare for the Machiavellian	11
Prepare for the Sadist	11
Prepare for the Masochist	12
Prepare for the Paranoid	12
Prepare for the Greek God or Goddess	13
Prepare for Your Best Buddy	13
Prepare for the Decent Soul	14
Chapter One Summary	14
Step Two: Connect with the Clueless	16
Idiotspeak	17
Your Story	18
Your i-customer's Story	19
Who vs. What	19
Personality is Job One	20
Connect with the Machiavellian	21
Connect with the Sadist	21
Connect with the Masochist	22
Connect with the Paranoid	22
Connect with the Greek God or Goddess	23
Connect with Your Best Buddy	23
Connect with the Decent Soul	24
Components of Connection	24
A New Skill Called Connecting	25
The Great Balancing Act	25
Takers vs. Exchangers	26
Chapter Two Summary	27
Step Three: Confuse to Clarify	29
Confusion as a Tool	30
Surgical Questions	30
The Right Questions Trump the Right Answers	31
Set the Stage & Play the Part	33	
From the Mouths of Babes	34
Personality-Based Questions	35
Ask the Machavellian	35
Ask the Sadisit	35
Ask the Masochist	36
Ask the Paranoid	36
Ask the Greek Gods	36
Ask Your Best Buddy	37
Ask a Decent Soul	37
Big Success comes from Small Steps	37
Critical Area One: Clarity of Purpose	38
Critical Area Two: Written Plan of Action	38
Critical Area Three: Participate	39
Critical Area Four: Track and Review	39
Critical Area Five: Make Adjustments Swiftly	40
Chapter Three Summary	40	
Step Four: Play the Match Game	42
Put it in Reverse	43
The First 30 Seconds	43	
The Second 30 Seconds	43
The Third 30 Seconds	44
The Fourth 30 Seconds	44
Bring it Home	45
Matching Means More Selling, Less Talking	47	
The Next Step	47
More Lessons from Children	48
The Match Game and Personalities	48
A Machiavellian Match Up	48
A Sadistic Match Up	49
A Masochistic Match Up	49
A Paranoid Match Up	50
A Small-g god Match Up	50
A Best Buddy Match Up	51
A Truly Decent Match Up	51
Chapter Four Summary	52
Step Five: Showtime	54
Entertainment vs. Boredom	55
Entertainment vs. Filling Needs	56
Physiological Needs	57
Safety Needs	57
Love Needs	57
Esteem Needs	58
Self-Actualization Needs	59
Be Energized	59
Pace Yourself	60
Telephone Energy	60
Razzle-Dazzle Them	60
Be More than Bold & Outrageous	61
Engage Them	62
Presenting in "Style"	62
Presenting with Structure	62
Presenting with Technology	63
Rehearsals	63
More Lessons from Children	64
Personality-Based Entertainment	64
Showtime for the Machiavellian	65
Showtime for the Sadist	65
Showtime for the Masochist	65
Showtime for the Paranoid	66
Showtime and the Greek God or Goddess	67
Showtime and Your Best Buddy	67
Showtime and the Decent Soul	67
Chapter Five Summary	68
Step Six: Ask for the Business	70
Asking is Action	72
Ask with Confidence	73
Some Steps to Confidence	74
Let Go of the Outcome	75
The Secret to Closing	76
The A-B-Cs of Listening	78
More Lessons from Children	79
Personality-Based Asking	80
Ask the Machiavellian	80
Ask the Sadist	81
Ask the Masochist	81
Ask the Paranoid	81
Ask the Greek God or Goddess	82
Ask Your Best Buddy	82
Ask a Decent Soul	82
Chapter Six Summary	83
Step Seven: Circle Around/Make Another Pass	85
Get Out There and Fail	86
Learn to Love the Lessons	87
Turn Around Questions	87
Objections	90
What Objections Really Are	91
Why Sales People Dodge Objections	91
How to Resolve Objections	92
Don't Be the Monkey	93
More Lessons from Children	94
Personality-Based Objections	94
The Machiavellian Objects	95
The Sadist Objects	95
The Masochist Objects	95
The Paranoid Objects	95
The Greek God or Goddess Objects	96
Your Best Buddy Objects	96
A Decent Soul Objects	96
Chapter Seven Summary	97
Step Eight: Annoy Them a Little and Ask for the Business, Again	99
Teaching the Customer How to Buy	100
Failure is Your Friend	101
Pesky Persistence	102
Stalling	103
Why They Stall	103
Handling a Staller	105
Step One: Identifying the Objection	106
Step Two: Isolate and Address the Objection	106
Step Three: Stimulate Urgency	106
Step Four: Ask Again	107
It's in the Cards	107
More Lessons from Neverland	108	
Personality-Based Annoyance	109
Annoying the Machiavellian	109
Annoying the Sadist	109
Annoying the Masochist	110
Annoying the Paranoid	110	
Annoying the Greek God or Goddess	110
Annoying your Best Buddy	110		
Annoying a Decent Soul	111
Chapter Eight Summary	111
Step Nine: Appreciate	113
The Selling Cycle	114
The Beginning - Prospecting	114
The Middle - The Appointment	115
The Ending - The Presentation	115
Make it Memorable	116
The Battle for Mind Share	117
The Present	118
More Lessons from Children	118
Personality-Based Appreciation	119
Appreciating the Machiavellian	119
Appreciating the Sadist	119
Appreciating the Masochist	119
Appreciating the Paranoid	120
Appreciating the Greek God or Goddess	120
Appreciating your Best Buddy	120
Appreciating a Decent Soul	121
Chapter Nine Summary	121
Step Ten: Get a Referral	123
Fear Not	124
Build Champions	124
Get Some Help	125
Get Them Talking	126
Get an "A" for Asking	126
Ask How it Went	127
Ask with Appreciation	128
More Lessons from Children	128
Personality-Based Referrals	129
Referrals from Machiavellians	129
Referrals from Sadists	129
Referrals from Masochists	130	
Referrals from Paranoids	130
Referrals from Greek Gods or Goddesses	130
Referrals from your Best Buddy	131
Referrals from Decent Souls	131
Chapter Ten Summary	131
Step Eleven: The Fine Art of Following Up to Stay Off of Your Laurels	133
No Competition	133
We Have Seen the Competition and it is Us	134
Put Follow Up into your Mix	135
Time Has Nothing to do with It	135
Pre-Sale, Pre-Delivery, Post Delivery Follow Up	136
It's Research	137
When?	137
More Lessons from Children	138
Personality-Based Follow Up	138
Following Up with Machiavellians	139
Following Up with Sadists	139
Following Up with Masochists	139
Following Up with Paranoids	140
Following Up with Greek Gods or Goddesses	140
Following Up with your Best Buddy	140
Following Up with Decent Souls	141
Chapter Eleven Summary	141
Step Twelve: Practice	143
Don't Succeed at being Average	144
Be Impatient	145
Perfect Practice	146
Dangers of Perfection	146
Caring Equals Change	147
Flat Tires Need Changing	148
What are Friends For?	149
Final Lessons from Children	150
Personality-Based Practice	151
Practice for Machiavellians	151
Practice for Sadists	151
Practice for Masochists	152
Practice for Paranoids	152
Practice for Greek Gods or Goddesses	152
Practice for your Best Buddy	152
Practice for Decent Souls	153
Chapter Twelve Summary	153

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