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Acknowledgments	ix
Introduction	1
Prologue: The Chronicle of the Constitutional Contradiction	22
Chapter 1: Economic Determinism and Interest Convergence	34
White Superiority in America: Its Legal Legacy, Its Economic Costs	35
Brown v. Board Of Education and the Interest-Convergence Dilemma	43
The Role of Fortuity in Racial Policy-Making	52
The Racial Preference Licensing Act		60
Chapter 2: Racial Realism	72
The Chronicle of the Space Traders		73
Racial Realism	96
Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory?	103
Racism Is Here To Stay: Now What?	112
Paul Robeson: Doing The State Some Service	121
Chapter 3: Ethics of Lawyering	129
Serving Two Masters: Integration Ideals and Client Interests in School Desegregation Litigation	130
Professor Bell Discusses How to Live an Ethical Life	146
Chapter 4: Revisionist History	151
An American Fairy Tale: The Income-Related Neutralization of Race Law Precedent 152
Reconstruction's Racial Realities	160
Black Faith in a Racist Land	166
Chapter 5: Sexuality and Romance	175
The Entitlement	176
The Last Black Hero	189
Shadow Song	214
The Southern Romance Temptation	224
Early Bloomers	230
Chapter 6: Politics of the Academy	232
The Chronicle of the Devine Gift	233
Strangers in Academic Paradise: Law Teachers of Color in Still White Schools 249
Application of the "Tipping Point" Principle to Law Faculty Hiring Policies 257
Memorandum to Harvard Law School Appointments Committee	263
Letter to Robert Clark, Dean, Harvard Law School 		268
The Final Report: Harvard's Affirmative Action Allegory	272
Chapter 7: Nationalism, Separatism, and Self Help	285
Brown v. Board Of Education And The Black History Month Syndrome	286
The Real Cost of Racial Equality	291
Time for the Teachers: Putting Educators Back Into the Brown Remedy	294
The Chronicle of the Slave Scrolls	302
Shadowboxing: Blacks, Jews and Games Scapegoats Play	309
Chapter 8: Price of Racial Remedies	321
The Freedom of Employment Act	322
Diversity's Distractions	328
A Tragedy of Timing	335
Minority Admissions and the Usual Price of Racial Remedies	338
The Chronicle of the Sacrificed Black Schoolchildren	347
Chapter 9: Pedagogy	354
Humanity in Legal Education	355
The Law Student as Slave	359
Pedagogical Process: Active Classroom and Text as Resource	367
Victims as Heroes	375
Chapter 10: Racial Standing	383
The Law of Racial Standing	389
Thurgood Marshall	393
The Racism is Permanent Thesis: Courageous Revelation or Unconscious Denial of Racial Genocide 	398
Getting Beyond a Property in Race	405
The Black Sedition Papers	413
Wanted: A White Leader Able to Free Whites of Racism	423
Chapter 11: Racism as Meanness	435
Meanness as Racial Ideology: The Port Chicago Mutiny	436
Racial Libel as American Ritual	444
Fear of Black Crime is Political Tool		454
Chapter 12: Popular Democracy	457
The Referendum: Democracy's Barrier to Racial Equality	458
California's Proposition 209: A Temporary Diversion on the Road to Racial Disaster 466
Chapter 13: Race and Class	474
Racism: A Major Source of Property and Wealth Inequality in America	475
A Holiday for Dr. King: The Significance of Symbols in the Black Freedom Struggle 484
Trying to Teach the White Folks	493
Chapter 14: Survival Strategies	509
Redemption Deferred: Back to the Space Trader	510
The Chronicle of the Amber Cloud	520
The Chronicle of the Black Reparations Foundation	526
Beyond Despair	535
The Afrolantica Awakening	540
Chapter 15: Critiques	553
George Taylor, Racism As Original Sin: Derrick Bell and Reinhold Niebuhr's Theology	554
Richard Delgado, Derrick Bell's Toolkit--Fit to Dismantle That Famous House? 572
Eric Ilhyung Lee, Nomination of Derrick A. Bell, Jr. to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 590
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