Table of contents for 101 reasons why I'm a vegetarian / Pamela Rice.

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Table of Contents
Frequently asked questions
1. Gratifying consumers: Packages of woe
2. Vegetarian heart: Sound advice for your ticker
3. Extreme manure: The excrement files
4. Troubled waters: Oceans in peril
5. Legal disconnect: Farmed animals forgotten
6. Contaminant magnetism: Meat-microbe attraction
7. Oink!: Modern pig life
8. World water III: Tapping out
9. Epidemiologically speaking: The Chinese vindicator
10. Low rungs: Meat's laborers
11. Hunger/meat connection: It cuts like a scythe
12. Almost human: Animal intelligence and emotion
13. Nitrogen elixir: Petrochemical treadmill
14. Genetic integrity: The animals' ultimate sacrifice
15. Overkill: The cull of the innocent
16. Cancer connection: The "Big C" and meat
17. Prescription contamination: Animals on drugs
18. Pandemic in the making: Farmed animal/influenza connection
19. Indispensable fiber: Only found in plants
20. Fossil fuel alchemy: The oil in your meat
21. Fatal Entanglements: Dredgers, longlines and driftnets
22. Swallow this: Marketing to the minions
23. Nagging conditions: Above the belt
24. Nagging conditions: Below the belt
25. Modern mutant: E. coli O157:H7
26. A big problem: The vegetarian solution
27. Desertification: How dry we're getting
28. Habit forming: Antibiotics on the farm
29. Toxic trickle: Killing us softly
30. Cluck: Modern broiler life
31. Biosecurity: A-scrubbing and a-scraping we will go
32. BSE: The cows are mad as hell
33. Number's up: Cholesterol and blood pressure readings
34. Row crops: Amber waves of feed
35. Meat and poultry inspection: Where are we now?
36. Franken-farmyard: The freaks are here
37. Roots to nuts: New Four Food Groups
38. Feces fiasco: Operation contaminated chicken
39. Blue pastures: Aquaculture's floating feedlots
40. The slurry slope: The cow in your asphalt
41. Large-mammal slaughter: Inexact at any speed
42. CAFO in town: Gagging for sanity
43. Dairy, be wary: Losing tolerance for milk
44. Meat, fish, and dairy: Industries on the dole
45. Operation ocean plunder: Jellyfish rules
46. Slumgullion stew: Unfit for man or beast
47. Passage to extinction: Hunting and fishing for "sport"
48. Fruits, nuts 'n' other morsels: Phyto-health aplenty
49. Vegetable kingdom: Of cabbages, roots, stems, and leaves
50. Conveyor of tears: Modern chicken slaughter
51. Disaster developing: Poor nations clamor for meat
52. Harm on the range: Extinct is forever
53. Life of the hen: Cruelty in the eggs-treme
54. Antidotes to filth: High-tech battle of the bugs
55. Heavy petting: Let's talk about sex
56. Chemical castration: Manure downstream menace
57. Industrial-size farm: Big and inflexible
58. Moo! Modern dairy cow life
59. Biotech and cloning: Technology in our food
60. Death by algae: Shafting fish and grasses
61. Mining the aquifers: Thirsting for meat
62. Predator control: Operation extermination
63. Animal transport: Accidental travelers' byway to hell
64. Illegal fishing: That final nihilistic grab
65. Boosting output: This is your cow on hormones
66. Exotic meat: Heralding extinction, disease
67. Protein, iron, zinc: Yes, we have no deficiencies
68. Marine refuges: The virtues of abstinence
69. Gastro-enteric methane emissions: Burping cows heat the planet
70. Pick your poisson: Dioxin, mercury, or PCBs
71. Links, lost and found: Eco-systems in turmoil
72. The adulterants: Contaminants by the pound
73. Aghast from the past: Venomous coastal cell
74. Living laboratories: To be or not to be vegetarian
75. Carnivore conflicts: Meat militates against peace.
76. Slaughterhouse sludge: Happy entrails to you
77. Health claims: The catch about fish
78. Mutilating animals: A very bad habit
79. Recalling meat: Overdue and incomplete
80. Storm stories: Torrents of tragedy
81. Endocrine pump: Hormonal cancers and meat
82. Clinical consensus: Fish feel pain
83. Apocalypse then: Foot and mouth disease
84. Ammonia rain: Fumes of destruction
85. Colorectal Cancer: Opting for prevention
86. Concentrated and centralized: The big-meat steamroller
87. Greed before mercy: Agriculture's walking wounded
88. Meat, the sequel: Heart failure, stroke, and bypass
89. Mephitic emissions: The air of decomposing waste
90. Vegetarianism: Official dicta
91. Listeria: The pathogen that came in from the cold
92. Cyanide and dynamite: Reefs on the edge
93. Seafood surprise: Platter of poisons
94. Veal calves: Incarceration of the innocent
95. Kandid Kitchen: Pathogens where we eat
96. Necessarily soy: The moo-less wonder
97. Contracts of betrayal: Grower be damned
98. Off the hook: Fishers as their own regulators
99. Foie gras: Pâté without pity
100. Longevity matters: Taking our diet for all it's worth
101. Planet lifeboat: The earth's inexorable verdict 

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