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Table of Contents
Foreword to 4th edition
Introduction	 ix
Section One: Before writing your plan
chapter 1	Business Plan Basics
	What is a business plan?
	How long should it be?
	When should I write it?
	Who needs a business plan?
Why should I write a business plan? 
What a business plan can't do
	Business planning risks
	Expert Advice
chapter 2	Using your plan to raise capital
		Direct funding sources
	Your own assets
	Friends and family
	Small Business Administration
	Angel investors
	Venture Capitalists
	Going public: Initial Public Offerings
	Q & A with a Financial Expert
		Indirect Funding
	Trade credit
	Expert Advice
chapter 3	Uses for your business plan
Evaluate a new venture
Find funding
	Sell with your business plan
	Inform suppliers and customers
	Manage with a business plan
	Monitor your performance
	Attract good people
	Plan for the possibility of failure
	Update your plan
	Expert Advice
chapter 4	Preplanning Questions
	Determine your goals and objectives
	Assess your company's potential
	Expert Advice
chapter 5	What kind of a business plan do you need?
	Differences among industries
	Present yourself in the best light
	Types of plans
	Why you may want more than one plan
	Expert Advice
Section Two: Writing your business plan
chapter 6	The Executive Summary
	The summary is the most critical part
	Purposes of the Executive Summary
	How much cash - and in what form - are you seeking?
	Explain how you'll use the financing
	What financiers look for
	Who will own what
	Put your best foot forward
	Company description
	Optional information 
	Key to the summary: Extract the Essence
	Expert Advice
chapter 7	Describe your management team
	Who are your managers?
	What does each do?
	Expanding your team
	Making hiring projections
	Adding and retaining key employees
	Board of Advisors or Board of Directors
	Outside professionals
	Expert Advice
chapter 8	Describe your product or service
	What is your product or service?
	What makes it worthwhile?
	Liability concerns
	Expert Advice
chapter 9	Describe industry background, trends and information
	The state of your industry
	Market research
	Barriers to entry
	Identifying competitors
	What makes you better?
	Expert Advice
chapter 10	Put a marketing plan in your business plan 
	Define your product
	Who is going to buy it-and why?
	Set prices
	Location and distribution
	Follow-up plan
	Expert Advice
chapter 11	Describe your operations
	Operations for retail and service Firms
Operations for manufacturers
	Information technology and operations
	Expert Advice
chapter 12	Financial Statements for your business plan
	Income Statement
	Balance Sheet
	Cash Flow Statement
	Personal Financial Statement
	Financial Ratios
	Expert Advice
Section Three:	Enhancing and using your business plan
chapter 13	Design useful appendices
	Key employee resumes
	Product samples
	Advertising samples
	Press clippings
	Other appendix content
	Need Expert Advice here
chapter 14	Create a great impression with your plan
	Cover Letters 
	Cover Sheets
Stationery, Printing, and Design
	Charts, Graphs, and Tables
	Multimedia Presentations
	Expert Advice
chapter 15	Resources for more information
	Market Research
	General Research
	Software for writing business plans
	Books and how-to manuals
	Web sites
	Trade Groups and Associations
	Business plan consultants
	Business plan competitions
	Sample Business Plans	
	Appendix A: Business Plan for a Retailer 
	 Seeking Start-Up Capital
	Appendix B: Business Plan for a High-Tech Company
	 Seeking Financing for Growth
	Appendix C: Business Plan for a Service Firm Seeking 
	 Working Capital
	Appendix D: Business Plan for a Manufacturer Seeking
	 a Partner
	Appendix E: Business Plan for a Start-Up Needing
	 an Equipment Loan
	Appendix F:	Business Plan for an Artisan/Contractor Deciding to Go Out on His 
	Appendix G: Government Listings

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